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Wise Words: Let Go of Your Timeline

I dreamt of snakes last night. In both a disturbing, and very vivid dream, I sat on my bathroom sink talking casually to my mother. Without warning, I was surrounded by snakes, all huge, menacing, and threatening to strike. Scared and unsure of what to...

Does It Matter Who Political Figures Date?

In a recent article at The Root, columnist Keli Goff discusses newly minted Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan’s past history. Among candidates’ talk of political aspirations for the country, it’s become commonplace to dig into their pasts in hopes of finding something incriminating, or at...

Black Women, Black Men, & Solidarity

Generally, when people begin dissertations or articles about black women and our relationships with black men, they preface it by giving disclaimers such as, “Let me start by saying I love black men,” or “Let me first say that as a black woman I stand...

Frank Ocean Admits to Being Bisexual

I don’t know anything, & neither do you.” – Frank Ocean These are the words that sit on singer Frank Ocean’s twitter masthead. These are also the words that unintentionally created the framework for a massive unveiling via his tumblr page, where the Odd Future member unashamedly writes...

Will We See Our First Black Bachelor?

ABC’S popular dating show, The Bachelor, is heating up for Season 17, with this season’s first African American bachelor from Portland, Oregon, Lamar Hurd. The creator of the show, Mike Fleiss, began an effort last year to add more diversity to the show, but claimed...

Black Women Facing Devastating HIV Rates

An alarming new report is adding black women to the high number of HIV cases in African-American community. According to the Los Angeles Times, “African American women in six U.S. cities are becoming infected with HIV at a rate five times the national average for...