Glennisha's Recent Articles

The Feminist Your Mother Warned You About

I’ve always been a “stand up” kind of girl. My mother once told me, “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything.” Well I happen to believe that quote wholeheartedly. There are numerous causes that I’ll proudly stand up for and one...

Be Careful With What You Call Coonery

I am not a television person at all. In fact I miss my favorite shows unless I’m reminded that they’re on. Since my ultimate favorite show, “Girlfriends” left The CW, television has been almost nonexistent in my life. Well, except for Tuesday nights at 10...

An Ode to Female Emcee

On behalf of “Women’s History Month” someone is taking time out to pay homage to women who are very seldom acknowledged. Some of these women have stood in the shadows of all male crews and rap groups without being noticed or properly promoted. On the...

Chester French: World Domination And Tighter Pants

With a comparison to The Beatles, they must be bound for success. Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach meshed during college to form the group Chester French. It was at Harvard University where the two musicians met. Instead of pursuing careers in the fields of which...

A Breath of Fresh Air: An Interview With Noelle

Born in Nebraska but raised in Las Vegas, the charismatic, athletic, beautiful and talented Noelle knew that music was her passion. She used to sing in casinos and hotels six nights a week. In addition to that, her voice has been featured on several mix...

Out of the Limelight Yet Still Shining: An Interview with Deborah Cox

She’s been around for over ten years and has gone from the recording studio to Broadway. In addition to singing on wax and on stage, she’s also graced the film industry. Her hit song “Nobody’s Supposed to be Here” was released ten years ago and...
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