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Joe Paterno, Herman Cain, Men, Sex, and Power

Joe Paterno. Herman Cain. Penn State football. Presidential campaigns. Men. Sex. Power. Women. Harassed. Children. Abused. These are some of the hash tags that have tweeted through my mind nonstop, these past several days, as multiple sexual harassment charges have been hurled at Republican presidential...

Why Are We Killing Troy Davis?

“To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.” — DESMOND TUTU Unless something God-like and miraculous happens, Troy Davis, 42, is going to be executed tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at 7pm, by lethal injection at a state prison...

Don’t Abandon Barack

Can America really afford to abandon Barack Obama and his presidency now? That is the very basic question that awaits us on Tuesday, November 2 as we Americans go to the polls from New Jersey and Florida, from Nevada and Hawaii, and points in between,...

Black Leadership Is Dead

Black leadership is dead. There, I said it. We have people in leadership positions, but far too many of them are operating as if it were the 1960s or even the 1980s instead of the twenty-first century. As I’ve traveled from state to state over...

Kevin Powell’s Open Letter to Black America

Kevin Powell's "Open Letter to Black America" appears in the April issue of Ebony Magazine.

Guest Editor – Kevin Powell: Rihanna/Chris Brown: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (The Remix)

Writer’s note: Given all the hype and controversy around Chris Brown’s alleged beating of Rihanna, I feel compelled to post this essay I originally wrote in late 2007, so that some of us can have an honest jump off point to discuss male violence against...
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