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Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Perfect Lashes

When eyelashes are intensified it makes a big difference! Sexy lashes add depth to yours eyes and can glamorize any makeup look. But, sometimes our lashes are the hair we pay least attention to. They need love and care, too, so here are 5 tips...

Have We Gone Too Far With Online Petitions Against TV Shows?

There’s no denying the power of an online petition. In 2012, over 750,000 people started petitions on, over 25 million people signed their names and there were thousands of success stories across the globe. If you have a cause or a complaint anyone with...

Kirk Franklin Joins Bible Game Show as Co-Host

Gospel musician and producer Kirk Franklin is already the host of BET’s Sunday Best, and now he’s picking up a new gig as the co-host of the Game Show Network’s The American Bible Challenge. According to Deadline, Kirk Franklin joins The American Bible Challenge for...

Kenneth Faried Becomes 1st NBA Player to Join Gay Rights Sports Group

NBA Player Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets has just made history, becoming the first NBA player to join gay rights group, Athlete Ally, an organization devoted to fighting homophobia in sports. “Becoming an Athlete Ally gives me the opportunity to spread a message of...

Are You Willing To Compromise Your Internet Privacy Rights for National Security?

An earlier version of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act was killed in the House of Represeitves last April. The act, which would allow the U.S. government and certain technology companies to share Internet traffic information, was killed because of protests by Internet activists...

Shonda Rhimes Gives V-Day Advice: “F*ck Valentine’s Day”

Shonda Rhimes has given special advice to any single girls moping around on February 14th: “F*ck Valentine’s Day. Go do something with your life!” Her message, and somewhat of a rant, came after a fan asked her advice for single girls this love day. “Here...
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