Nadra Kareem's Recent Articles

I’m the Rare Thin Person in My Family

The youth of today could be the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. Anyone who’s seen a news report about the childhood obesity epidemic has heard this statistic. In my family, this isn’t just a grim prediction. It’s already happened. My...

What Makes a Man a Good Catch?

A man I know insists that he’s a good catch. Why does he think so? He’s gainfully employed, comes home to his wife every night and has never raised a hand to her. Given this, his wife has nothing to complain about, he says. But...

My Black Friend Hates Being Black

I first suspected that my friend “Michelle” didn’t like being black a few years ago when she was telling me about her cousins. I can’t remember the particulars of the story she was telling me about them. They lived out-of-town, and she planned to visit...