Niema's Recent Articles

Studying Black Women and Obesity

One-third of Americans are obese, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and researchers at Boston University (BU) are working to understand why and what can be done. BU has published a four-part series that discusses a special project out of Boston University’s School...

The Perfect Shields: Unavailable Men and Needy Friends

It was a Monday afternoon and I was completely off schedule. I hadn’t worked out, I hadn’t written, I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee. Instead, I was staring at a blank Word document, thinking about all the pieces. “Pieces, yes. Shambles, no. I...

Revisiting the Vision

When the clock strikes midnight, it will be June 1st. For some folks it’s just another day. For others it brings on a flood of questions like “where the hell did the year go” and “what they hell have I been doing?” Every year I...

Editing Intimacy

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. My girl and I were making our way to the local beer garden when my phone rang. I took my phone out of my pocket, looked at the screen, and put the phone back in my pocket. “I really...

Are Happiness Studies Trying to Convince Us to Have Families?

Marriage May Make You Happier. That’s what the headline said. I tried to think up a list of the latest happiness studies I’d read. I remembered reading that parents are happiest when doing things with their children. The study prompted researchers to declare that being...

An Expiration Date for Childhood Woes

“Listen, I am 32, in a monogamous relationship, and just figuring out that there’s a limit on your childhood woes,” singer Pink shared in the June issue of Cosmopolitan. Most folks would agree that your experiences as a kid and teenager inform a lot about...
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