Risa's Recent Articles

One Day at a Time

Why rush when true strength and wisdom come to those who can endure through any situation.  It comes to those who can endure even the worst of times with a faithful spirit and positive outlook on life.  Too many of us are looking for the...

What’s in a Name?

Queen, Empress, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Beautiful…all names that mean so many different things to different people, but why is a name so important? A long time ago I started calling people names according to what I saw when I looked at them or what I perceived...

Exhale…for real

We all say we are waiting to exhale; to release all tension, stress, worry and emotional contamination that tend to make the task of waking up a little harder each day. My question is that once you exhale all of these things, what do you...

Disowning Your Family for Love: Is It Ever Ok?

How much does your family’s approval of your mate matter? For some people it’s a deal breaker. For others they could care less how their family feels about the person they love. Finding true love is something that some people value so much that they...

Weight Gain is SEXY! Embrace those Curves

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about pictures of Lady Gaga where she is more curvaceous than the public is used to her being. Critics are calling her fat, lazy and urging her to lose weight. The thing is that...

Strength Was My Weakness

Strength – moral power, firmness, or courage; power of resisting force, strain, wear, etc. (As defined by dictionary.com) This word has been synonymous with African-Americans for years. It is our strength that got us through slavery, civil rights, and even some atrocities that we still...
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