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The Straight and Narrow Is Not For Me

If there was ever a person that was destined to be ‘weird’ – racially ambiguous name, not quite bougie but not quite hood, and raised by a Bob Marley-and-incense kind of mother – it would be me. For a long time I yearned to be...

The Privilege of Being Jaded

At the age of 25, I thought I had life all figured out: I was a young, smart, newly minted graduate from one of the best graduate schools in the US. I was convinced that I would become the next marketing director for some Fortune...

Check Mate: Putting People in Check, With Class

There are all types of people in the world – blowhards, the timid, busybodies. In fact, having these traits isn’t necessarily a bad thing: a nosy Nettie might be a bomb investigative journalist, using her curiosity to get to the meat of a story, and...

I Don’t “Do” The Club

I just don’t “do” the club. I only go by force (i.e. a friend’s birthday, someone’s engagement party, homecoming). Otherwise I stay away. Something about the club just rubs me the wrong way. Lounges I can deal with, block parties are the bomb, but going...

Odd Man Out: When Everyone Else Has a Ring On It

In the past two years I have been to more weddings, baby showers, and engagement parties than I can shake a stick at. This summer alone my boyfriend and I have been invited to at least six weddings which is not surprising since most of...

Falling Out With Family: How to Deal When You Butt Heads With Relatives

You know this situation – you’re not speaking to your grandmother because she told you that you need to get married before it’s “too late”; your brother wants to strangle you because you broke his iPhone; Uncle Junebug borrowed $1,000 for medication, and you haven’t...
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