Thursday Jan 19th

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Kanye Wasn’t Asked To Perform At Trump Inauguration Because He’s Not ‘Traditionally American’

Despite Kanye pledging his allegiance to Donald Trump and even posing for a photo opp late last year, he wasn’t asked to perform at the inauguration on the ground that he is not traditionally American. “We haven’t asked him. He’s been great. He considers himself...

Woman Who Created #BlackGirlMagic Says Round The Way Girls Are Being Left Out

Cashawn Thompson is a large part of the reason why the term ‘Black Girl Magic’ is a mainstream expression. In a 2015 LA Times interview, she explained why she started using the #BlackGirlMagic hashtag on Twitter. “I say ‘magic’ because it’s something that people don’t...

Is This The End Of Alicia Keys’ #NoMakeup Revolution?

Since Alicia Keys declared she would be going makeup free, there have no shortage of public appearances, performances and magazine cover shoots. There have also been no shortage of opinions on her no makeup revolution, with many people commending the songstress for rocking a fresh...

Woman From Lance Gross’ Infamous Colorism Holiday Photo Speaks Out

Over the holiday, a couples photo of Lance Gross, his wife Rebecca and their friends went viral, sparking a widespread debate on colorism. In the photo, Lance and Rebecca sit with three other couples whose mates were light-skinned or non-Black women. Off in the corner,...

Azealia Banks Says She Wants To Perform At Inauguration

A photo posted by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on Nov 5, 2016 at 3:03pm PDT “The line-up made me upset” — Azealia Banks If there’s one person who can’t get enough attention, it’s Azealia Banks. And now the rapper says she wants to perform at the...

Chrisette Michele Responds to Inauguration Performance Backlash

A photo posted by chrisettemichele (@chrisettemichele) on Jan 5, 2017 at 7:21pm PST I seriously want to ask Chrisette Michele one simple question. You ok, sis? The former Motown singer must really need this paycheck because she’s performing at this week’s inauguration. Once the news...