Wednesday Aug 24th

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Black Women Dating Older Men: Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Them “Pay My Bills, Thanks”

While dating, there is one (often left unstated) rule that gives men far too much freedom and power: Men are entitled to seek out younger women, but have no obligation to date older women. As a 26-year-old single Black woman who frequents dating websites, I...

Black Man Is Shot After Reporting Robbery at His Home

An Indianapolis man is fighting for his life after calling police to report his home was being broken into, and the police “accidentally” shooting him. Carl Williams called the police to say his wife had been assaulted by a black suspect with a rifle – but he...

#BuyBlack: The Problem With Supporting Black-Owned Businesses (And How We Can Fix It)

There is a growing movement to support Black owned businesses that has inspired many a Black folk to jump on the Black-business-only-bandwagon. From reports that a Black woman sold out of school supplies specifically geared towards black children, to the creation of a Google Chrome...

Harry Belafonte Speaks Out In Support of Nate Parker: ‘What Has He Done That Requires This Kind of Animus?’

‘What Has He Done That Requires This Kind of Animus?’ — Harry Belafonte It seems as though Harry Belafonte is in Nate Parker’s corner. The veteran actor/activist spoke out in support of Parker and wonders why his past is being brought up now. Belafonte says...

On Daniel Harris’s Death: It’s Time For White Folks To Tell Police “White Lives Matter”

Daniel Harris, a 29-year-old deaf man, was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop. A North Carolina state trooper killed Harris, just feet away from his house, after the young man did not pull over. It is unclear whether he was able to...

Justice Department To Stop Using Private Prisons

The Justice Department announced that it will stop contracting private prisons, after damaging reports surfaced which revealed the facilities are both less safe and generally more ineffective at providing correctional services compared to their government-run counterparts. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates made the announcement in...