Saturday Oct 10th 2015

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Serena Williams and Drake Are Not Engaged (But the Tweets From Folks Freaking Out Are Hilarious)

Looks like the whole of the Internet has been playing the telephone game again, and this time the press got involved. Ok! Magazine seems to have started the Serake (um, Drena?) engagement rumors after claiming to know “exactly” how Drizzy popped the question to Queen...

Watch: Saul Williams ‘Horn Of The Clock-Bike’

Check out the video for Saul Williams’ “Horn Of The Clock-Bike” off his forthcoming 'Martyr Loser King' LP, slated for a 2016 release.

Racist Who Mocked Co-worker’s ‘Feral’ Black Son Has a GoFundMe Page & People Are Pissed!

Looks like Gerod Roth, the guy who posted a picture of his Black co-worker’s ‘feral’ son, is trying to cash in on his 15-minutes of Internet shame. Roth was fired from his gig at Polaris Marketing Group after posting a picture of 3-year-old Cayden Jenkins...

The One Time Ben Carson Had a Chance to Take Out a Man With A Gun He Told Him to Rob Someone Else

Remember when Ben Carson said he’d take out a gunman if he ever found himself in the same situation as the victims of the recent shooting in Oregon? Well, according to a recent interview, he once had the chance. A few years ago , Carson was waiting in line at...