Sunday Sep 25th

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I (Barely) Survived America’s Separate & Unequal Education System

When I am acquainted with strangers, they are not surprised to learn that I navigated America’s school system. They see a professional: nails manicured, clothes ironed, leather bag, matching shoes. They hear an intellect: Kant, neuroplasticity, theories of social psychology. What they do not sense,...

North Carolina Teacher Suspended After Stomping On American Flag During First Amendment Lesson

A Cumberland County, North Carolina high school teacher was suspended after a lesson involving the First Amendment. Lee Francis, a teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, stood over an American flag and stopped it, according to ABC News. Students said Francis tried to burn and...

T.I. Calls Don King A “Spineless, Soul-Selling Coon” And He’s Kinda Right

We know, we know, these critiques would have come off much better had they been said by anyone but T.I. But this is literally one of those times where you cannot shoot the messenger (because he likely has an arsenal of machine weaponry to shoot back...

Black Teen Sent Home From Kroger For Wearing Kaepernick Jersey on Jersey Day

All football jerseys are apparently not created equal, when it comes to Kroger and their Jersey Day employee event. A black teen from Ohio says he was sent home when he wore his Colin Kaepernick jersey. Elijah Scott said he was bagging groceries as usual,...

Can We Officially Cancel Cam Newton Now?

We know we sort of already canceled Cam Newton last month when he claimed the nation was “beyond” racism, but being the forgiving creatures we are, we can admit we were holding out a little bit of hope that the NFL player would come back to...

#KeithLamontScott: State of Emergency Declared After Man Shot in Charlotte, N.C. Protests

One person was shot Wednesday night and four officers were injured as protests continued in North Carolina after the police-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Early Wednesday night, Charlotte police tweeted that the protestor had died, but then corrected themselves and said he was on life support....