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Mathew Knowles Implies Beyoncé & Jay Z Used Divorce Rumors to Boost ‘On the Run’ Ticket Sales

Just last month,  it was announced that Mathew Knowles would teach a college course on navigating the ropes of the music industry, but before the class can even convene, he’s giving a little preview and dropping some insider knowledge for free. According to Radar Online, Knowles did an interview...

7 Statement Graphic Tees To Rock

In you are in the market for a new fly t-shirt to add to your collection and at the same time support a Black entrepreneur and/or business then this is post for you.  Check out 7 of our favorite tees right now and make sure...

Deep Conditioners That Help Bring Your Hair Back to Health

Conditioners are a huge part of our natural hair routines. They are necessary…no essential to ensure our hair stays healthy. Let’s face it, we put a serious beating on our hair daily! From dying, to straightening to curling and detangling, we are forever manipulating our...

Rastafarian Teen Barred From Entering School Building Due to Dreadlocks

A student who attends South Plaquemines High School in Port Sulphur, Louisiana has been restricted from returning to the junior high school. On Aug 8, the student entered the school building for the commencement of the 2014-2015 school year and was instructed to return home....

Bon Qui Qui Character Used to Market Benefits Cosmetics: Racist or Not?

Is using Anjelah Johnson’s MADTv Bon Qui Qui character an appropriate means to marketing makeup? According to Benefits Cosmetics, the answer is a definite yes.  Their new “Wing Women” campaign video features Johnson as Bon Qui Qui, along with two other popular Vine comedians, in a remake of...