Sunday Oct 23rd

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To Lift Your Spirits & Get You Ready For Fall: A Porcupine Eating Pumpkin

As a Black woman writer constantly engrossed in discussions about social justice, police brutality, racial inequality and misogyny I know, far too well, the toll it can take on the mind, body and soul. Surviving and fighting inequality and oppression is both taxing and daunting....

#WhatBlackDoctorsLookLike: Hashtag Erupts After Delta Airlines Didn’t Believe Black Woman Was a Doctor

Imagine being a black woman on a plane, and a medical emergency happens. Everyone is asking if there’s a doctor available. You raise your hand, but Delta Airlines doesn’t believe you. Yeah, that’s exactly what happened during Dr. Tamika Cross’ Detroit flight. Last Sunday, Cross attempted...

Y’all Tripping, Solange’s New Album Isn’t Magical At All

Before I get to the reasons why Solange’s new creative effort, A Seat at the Table, is absolutely mediocre (at best), I have an important question that may very well prove my point for me: Who is still even listening to that album? I know...

Former Miss Teen USA Says She Was Warned About Donald Trump’s Racism

Kamie Crawford was crowned Miss Teen USA 2010 and used her Twitter account this week to air out Donald Trump and his racism. “As the first WOC to win the title in almost a decade, I was forewarned prior to meeting him that, ‘Mr. Trump...

Open Thread: What’s Your Favorite Tommy Moment From “Martin”?

Yesterday we were extremely saddened to learn that Tommy Mikal Ford, better known as Tommy  Strong from Martin, passed away at the age of 52. Tommy was admitted to a hospital in Atlanta Sunday for a ruptured abdominal aneurysm and his health declined from that day on,...

Dear Black Men & Roland Martin: You Failed Nate Parker & Birth of a Nation

I'm sick & tired of reading sisters on my social media accounts say that they won't see @NatTurnerFilm because @NateParker's wife is white. — rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) October 12, 2016 Your browser does not support iframes.Your browser does not support iframes. Black women are tired. We’re...