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Rosie Perez Fired Rep Who Demanded She Get Plastic Surgery To ‘Pass For White’

Rosie Perez confessed to HuffPost Live that she was once asked by her reps to seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon to enhance her features to make her look less ethnic and more white. The 50-year-old actress who has had breakthrough roles in films...

Black Congressional Staffers Stage Massive Walk Out to Protest Ferguson and Garner Cases

The nation is undergoing a tumultuous time and the frenzy is spreading with no end in sight. The decision to not indict the officers in the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases is setting off a chain reaction that has now taken hold of Congress. Congressional...

Shonda Rhimes Calls Leaked Sony Email Exchange Sony Email Exchange “Racist” Not “Racially Insensitive”

Shonda Rhimes responded to the leaked email exchange between Sony executive Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin by calling it “racist”. The Scandal showrunner took to her Twitter account to dismiss the notion that the offensive email was “racially insensitive”, which safely undermines the gravity...

New York Café Owner Being Sued By Former Employee for Racial Discrimination

‘People with big butts don’t work fast’ — Joshua Berkowitz owner of Bleeker Kitchen & Co. and Goldbar A former employee who endured a series of racist ranting while working under the tutelage of Joshua Berkowitz, owner of Bleeker Kitchen & Co. and Goldbar in New York...

Whoopi Goldberg Farts Her Way Through The View’s Flu Segment

Whoa! Live television apparently doesn’t need a filter these days. Perhaps ABC’s The View is desperately trying to figure out innovative ways to keep their viewers; either way what transpired on the show proves that bodily functions can’t be stopped – even when the cameras...

NYPD Officer Says He Didn’t Put Eric Garner in a Chokehold

If you thought things couldn’t get worse in regards to the Eric Garner case – then think again. Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who escaped indictment for placing the fatal chokehold on Eric Garner, is claiming that despite the fact that he was clearly caught on...