Saturday Dec 10th

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Doctor/Professor Under Fire For Calling Michelle Obama ‘Monkey Faced Poor Ebonics’

A Colorado doctor-professor went on a Facebook rant that proves angry white people shouldn’t be allowed on social media. Michelle Herren is a pediatric anesthesiologist who works at Denver Health Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Colorado and is listed online as an assistant professor at CU’s School...

3 People Die After Eating Church Thanksgiving Meal

3 people have died, and at least 14 others are seriously ill after eating Thanksgiving dinner at a California church. The meal was served by the American Legion Hall in conjunction with the Golden Hills Community Church. The dinner was attended by seniors, and homeless people,...

Federal Government Bans Smoking in Public Housing

If you live in public housing and smoke cigarettes, you’re about to get a lifestyle change. Smoking will be prohibited in public housing developments nationwide under a final rule announced Wednesday by HUD. In announcing the ban, administration officials emphasized the dangers of secondhand smoke...

Insane Texas Law Now Requires Cremation Or Burial Of Fetal Remains After An Abortion

Starting on Dec. 19, every Texas abortion provider will be required to bury or cremate all aborted fetal tissue at any state of gestation. This decision, made Monday by the Texas Department of State Health Services, comes after nearly a year of vocal opposition from women’s...

Historic Indiana Black Church Vandalized With Racial Slurs

Liberty Baptist Church, which was Evansville, Indiana’s first black Baptist congregation and more than 150 years old, was recently vandalized. The church, that was built by slaves, had its back doors vandalized the church’s back door and van with: “Kill all koons” on the building and “Koons inside” on the...

Delta Bans Man Who Went On Pro-Trump Rant For Life

A crazed Trump supporter went on a rant during a recent Delta Airlines flight and is now facing the consequences. Passenger Emma Baum videotaped and released online and to news organizations of the man calling people onboard “Hillary Bitches,” and stating that he voted for Trump...