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Uganda Passes an Extremely Punishable Anti-Gay Bill Into Law

Many African nations have openly expressed their distaste of homosexuality, however Uganda has allowed their legislation to take an even more drastic turn against gays. Although homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda, lawmakers have decided to pass a long-disputed law that creates harsher penalties for...

Mississippi State University Senior Named Rhodes Scholar

Donald “Field” Brown, a senior at Mississippi State University, was named a Rhodes Scholar by The Rhodes Trust on Sunday. Brown, an English and philosophy major, was among 32 people in the U.S. selected to study at Oxford University next October. Brown’s scholarship will cover...

Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical: 8 Signs You Are in an Abusive Relationship

Real love between two healthy people respects boundaries, shares the burden of blame when things go wrong, and works to find a way to work things out without verbal abuse or rage.

Alabama Town Residents Shocked After Gay Black Dancers Performed During Annual Christmas Parade

The residents of Semmes, Alabama had a Christmas parade on Saturday that they’ll never forget, although some would probably like to scratch the images out of their memory. When the organizers of the Semmes parade booked “The Prancing Elite,” they thought the townies would enjoy...

Macy’s Is Accused Of Racial Profiling…Again

A third person has accused Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square of racial profiling after he purchased a $2,400 Louis Vuitton bag, according to his lawyer. Halim Sharif, a club promoter in New York City, claims the department store stopped him and unnecessarily searched his...

Teen Girls Get Exploited Because They’re Teens, Not Because They Secretly Want It

When R. Kelly’s history as a sexual predator reemerged this month the outrage that followed had a strong whiff of “It’s about time” to it. It was especially “about time” for those who felt Kelly had escaped justice and was now, with yet another sexually-charged...