Monday Apr 27th 2015

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Gay Blogger Says Nene Leakes Needs to be Held Accountable For Gay Slurs

The Real Housewives of Atlanta had fists flying on Sunday’s night episode. But along with fists, there were some slurs as well coming from the mouth of Nene Leakes. During the episode, Leakes repeatedly called Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShay, a queen and woman. I...

Rwandan Teen Overcomes Obstacles and Will Graduate With Honors

Leonard Kwitonda’s life definitely hasn’t been a crystal stair. In 1994, his father was killed in the Rwanda genocide and he was left with just his mother and siblings. At 12-years-old, he traveled with the Rwanda Jr. Basketball Team, but while traveling in California. with...

Gabrielle Union: ‘We Want Prenup”

On a recent Arsenio Hall Show appearance, Gabrielle Union discussed her upcoming nuptials to Dwayne Wade.  Union was quite candid when it came to her wedding plans, as well as protecting her assets. “For this marriage, the biggest difference between this and the last marriage...

George Zimmerman Fight Not Actually Canceled, Says Damon Feldman

  Dear Damon Feldman (@hollywoodbox11), You sir, are an asshole. In an interview with The Source, Feldman said he had an “emotional” moment, which led him to posting the cancellation tweets, but technically it’s not cancelled: I sent those tweets because I went through an...

Did You Know More Black Women Are Enrolled in College Than Ever Before? Watch This!

To honor Black History Month, filmmaker Janks Morton teamed up with the folks over at Black and Married With Kids to dispel some of the myths that continue to plague Black America. In the first episode of the Truths You Won’t Believe, Morton broke down the...

Ithaca College Students Launch Social Media Campaign to Dispel Myths About Africa

When it comes to Africa, the perception of the continent doesn’t quite match up with reality. While many of us know the Motherland boasts a wealth of history, a diverse collection of countries, a beautiful cross-section people, and some of the world’s most valuable resources,...