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7 Ways I’m Learning to Love Myself More This Holiday Season

Lately, my mantra is "I am made of love." Yeah, it's kind of dumb, but that's OK. BECAUSE I'M MADE OF LOVE.

5 Tips To Remember On Your Next Interview

The interview process nearly always includes a sit down with human resources as well as your potential future boss and colleagues. The folks in HR don’t have to do your job everyday so they know the bare minimum about the day-to-day requirements of the position...

Do You Want to Date a White Guy or a Guy Who Just Happens to be White?

A while back a friend of mine suddenly announced that she was going to start dating white guys—which, you know? Sounds dandy. Sure. Go forth and be down with the swirl. But (and there was a but) I was skeptical of whether or not she...

One Love, Two Religions

For as many years as there are scriptures, Black women have lined the altars of churches to send up one specific prayer: ‘Lord, please send me a husband.’ Because most sisters are born-and-bred Christians, our search for love has been restricted to the handful of...

How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle?

Many of us agonize over our waistlines, our skin and the condition of our hair without acknowledging the obvious: if we aren’t taking good care of ourselves, our bodies and our well-being will suffer. Even if you’re the rail thin girl with the hyperactive metabolism,...

For Better Or For Worse: Would You Stay Or Stray On A Sick Mate?

Peter Thomas always rubbed me the wrong. Forget the fact that he reminds me of  Jefferey from “The Fresh Prince”, Benson and Uncle Ben, there’s just something about him that makes my skin crawl.  In a recent interview with  Life & Style, the “Real Housewives of...