Wednesday May 27th 2015

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Laughing While Black: What Kind of Laugh Do You Have?

Dormtainment is straight up simple & that’s why we love ’em!! Dig this National Geographic spoof titled: Black People Laughing: Lawd knows we’ve seen them all but I’d like add the following extras observed from past gut-busting experiences: The 10 Second Sound Delay: This one...

Did You Know Black Women Lead ALL Groups in College Enrollment? Watch This!

Filmmaker Janks Morton and the folks over at Black and Married With Kids are at it again. In the latest episode of the web series, Truths You Won’t Believe, Morton shares yet another startling fact about Black women the media continues to ignore. Despite the...

Sayonara Eating Disorders: NEDA & The”I Had No Idea” Initiative

As folks (particularly women) strive to reach some illusionary notion of “perfection” – often through unnatural means – one organization is dedicating this week to usher in some sanity and positive sense of self behind one of the most persistent issues affecting Americans by the...

Open Thread: Console Wars- What Game System Did You Own?

Two Hollywood producers are about to bring gaming to the big screen. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are in talks to make a movie based on Blake Harris’ book, Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo And The Battle That Defined A Generation, which tells the story of the corporate battle that...

Tamron Hall Officially Joins The Today Show

It’s official, Tamron Hall will now cohost the third hour of The Today Show! “You know how important the Today show is to people, to viewers,” Hall said. “Now I’m finally on the sofa.” Hall has most recently been a fill-in on the show, and...

5 Books That Let You Travel Without Leaving Your Couch

Let’s face it. Traveling can be expensive. No matter how many deals, travel hacks, and coupons you rack up, sometimes you just can’t afford to take the trip that you want. I should know. I’d love to hop on a plane and head to a...