Tuesday Mar 31st 2015

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The Colorful Canvas Files Presents Pioneer Cartoonist Jackie Ormes

  This segment is dedicated to a trailblazer to the highest degree. Born Zelda Mavin Jackson outside of Pittsburg, PA in 1911, Mrs. Ormes is recognized as the first African American woman cartoonist. Typically thought of as a (white) man’s domain, Ormes work was sharp...

Danai Gurira Speaks On How Growing Up In Zimbabwe Still Impacts Her

Danai Gurira’s time is usually spent swinging swords and fighting off zombies while filming AMC’s “The Walking Dead” in Senoia, Ga. But what many people don’t know is that Gurira’s passions not only include acting, but also playwriting and philanthropy. Although Gurira was born in Iowa, she...

CLUTCH Debates: Do Black Gay Celebrities Have an Obligation to Come Out Publicly?

For years, rumors of Queen Latifah’s sexuality have swirled around the talk show diva, but she’s continued to sidestep them with vague and neutral language, prompting many to wonder if she’ll ever answer the questions head-on and either come out as a lesbian or put...

Former Cop Indicted In Fatal Shooting Of Jonathan Ferrell

Last week, a grand jury declined  to indict Randall Kerrick on voluntary manslaughter charges, in the death of former FAMU football player, Jonathan Ferrell, The grand jury stated that there wasn’t enough evidence  for voluntary manslaughter and asked the state attorney general’s to refile the case with lesser charges....

The New York Post Doesn’t Think The Central Park 5 Should Receive A Settlement

On April 20, 1989, Trisha Meili was found in Central Park unconscious, badly beaten, raped and partially clothed.  The NYPD then rounded up several young men who happened to be in the area at that time.   Although there was a lack of DNA, no...

Why I Joined Michelle Singletary’s 21-Day Financial Fast

Fasting. Budgeting. I used to think those terms were dirty words. Made me shiver. But with maturity, I’ve realized cutting back does more good than harm. So I was moved to action when a Facebook friend shared that she joined Michelle Singletary’s 21-day fast, which...