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V.O.T.D: Michelle Obama Shows Off Her “Dunking” Skills

During a recent visit to the White House, the Miami Heat shared their thoughts on eating healthy for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.  It’s also not every day where you see Mrs. Obama showing off her dunking skills. And here’s the gif!

Numb To Racism?

When I read the ridiculous racist sludge that was slung at Richard Sherman after his adrenaline-fueled post-win interview on the football field, I didn’t feel much of anything.  Lots of “regular Joes” on social media called the Stanford-educated NFL cornerback the n-word, questioned his intelligence, called him...

Victoria’s Secret Model Lyndsey Scott Has Beauty & Brains

Victoria’s Secret model Lyndsey Scott isn’t just another pretty face.  She has the looks and the brains to make her the complete package. At 29-years-old, Scott not only has walked for VS, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Calvin Klein, but the Amherst grad is also...

Obama Acknowledges That Some People Don’t Like Him Just Because He’s Black

This week marks the  fifth anniversary of  President Barack Obama as the nation’s first black commander in chief.  From the time he’s stepped foot in office, many people realized that he’d have it rough, not only because of his political stances, but because of the color...

Central African Republic Elects First Female President

Catherine Samba-Panza became the first female president of the Central African Republic (CAR) on Monday when she was voted into office by the interim parliament. Ms. Samba-Panza previously served as the mayor of Bangui and became the embattled nation’s interim president after beating rival Desire...