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Armani Accused of Racism for Confusing Alfre Woodard with Idris Elba

After last night, the staff at Armani may pay a bit more attention to the content they post on social media. During the Governors Awards Monday evening, an image was posted on Armani’s Instagram account of actress Alfre Woodard wearing an Armani gown. The caption...

Kanye West “Bound 2″

The latest video from Kanye West entitled "Bound."

Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal Defend Matt Barnes’ Use of N-Word

Former NBA player and current analyst Charles Barkley came to the defense of Clippers forward Matt Barnes for his use of the n-word in a tweet after being ejected from a game last week. Barnes was ejected from Thursday night’s game for shoving the Thunder’s...

Don Lemon Is Getting His Own Daily Primetime Show

Ok Don, you did it! CNN is finally giving you a primetime show, five days a week on the network. For those that are interested, Lemon’s show will start airing next month at 11pm, and will be a  “one-topic show tackling important issues of the day,...

I Secretly Hated My “Addy” American Girl Doll — Why Did The First Black Doll This Company Made Have To Be A Slave?

On television, in movies, in books and now with my dolls, black girls were always having to overcome crazy amounts of adversity with a quick wit and an even temper. These fictitious black girls seemed to be models of perfection without the requisite vulnerability to make them human.