Saturday Jul 4th 2015

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Jennifer Hudson Leaves Weight Watchers

>Wait, did Jennifer Hudson just quit Weight Watchers? That’s what it looked like Friday afternoon when the svelte, Oscar-winning, singer-actress dropped a few “step back,” “walk away,” and “good luck” tweets in the weight loss brand’s mentions. Later in the day, J. Hud’s rep confirmed...

State Attorney Sends More to Death Row Than Any Other Florida Prosecutor

One may say State Prosecutor Angela Corey has quite the conviction record, responsible for 32% of Florida’s death row sentences between 2009 and 2012. But one may also need to look closely at that cases she’s tried. We’re familiar with her failed prosecution of George...

Teen Posts Gruesome Pictures of Her Injuries to Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

Mori Gabriella Montgomery made international news this week when media outlets caught wind that the 19-year-old had recently posted pictures of injuries she says were caused by a violent encounter with her former boyfriend. Montgomery, an aspiring model, alleges the man pushed her out of...

Frisky Rant: You Are Not Sooo Busy

“I’m sooo busy!” I’m soooo over this phrase. So over it I want to throw something when a person says it. Usually at them. I’msooo busy is code for, “I don’t care enough about you to remember to text or call or see you.” Telling someone you’re sooo busy isn’t an excuse....

If Ever There Were An Official Chairwoman Of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee, It Would Be Me

I'm now tirelessly matter-of-fact when it comes to my breast size because for so long I just wasn’t.

“Nigerians Abroad” – A Reality Show Focused on the Lives of Nigerians Living in LA

Check out the pilot episode of “Nigerians Abroad.” Described as “a thrilling peek into the everyday lives of young Nigerians living in Los Angeles. It is a known fact that Nigerians, wherever they are, have an inborn sense of entertainment, class, and extravagance. “Nigerians Abroad”...