Saturday Jan 31st 2015

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Tireless, Unsung & Uncommon Champion for Justice : Grace Lee Boggs

And all the good that the Occupy Wall Street movement has done- I don’t think their language their ideas are profound enough.  They are against the corporations, rightly, they are against the greed and the avarice that corrupts our society. But the need to imagine...

What We’re Watching: “Yellow”

Admittedly some of us are really partial to dark-skinned men, so I cracked up on Yellow, the newest addition to the Blackandsexytv’s lineup that includes the That Guy, roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid web series. Written, directed and created by Numa Perrier, Yellow is a docu-series...

Give Them Flowers While They Can Smell Them

These first days of 2014 unfortunately came with the news of a few prominent celebrity deaths.  Among them were James Avery who was best known as Uncle Phil on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore who starred in the brilliant 1959 remake of Imitation of Life....

For Women Only: Orgasm School

As an adult, have you thoroughly explored your sexuality? I don’t mean exploring as in getting with new partners, but exploring as in making a conscious decision to educate yourself about what gets you off. That could mean trying out new toys, positions, techniques, edible...

Jahi McMath pushes the envelope on end of life issues

In Oakland, California, the tragic case of Jahi McMath has resurrected the debate over end of life issues, the circumstances under which hospital patients should be removed from life support, and the definition of life—or death— itself. McMath, 13, was declared brain dead on December 12, three days following...

I’m Not Qualified To Speak For Gabrielle and Eudoxie And Neither Are You

So many of us often know exactly what we’d do in a situation we haven’t actually been in and are always so amped to shout out that unrequested. Like many by now, I’ve read about both Dwyane Wade and Ludacris having children with women not...