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I Know This Much is True

Will my hair cooperate today?  How many hours will I waste this week watching random YouTube videos? Is Beyoncé drinking watermelon right now? The answers to these questions vary, but there are certain things in life I know as sure as I know my name....

Sasheer Zamata Makes ‘SNL’ Debut

Sasheer Zamata, “Saturday Night Live’s” first black female cast member in 6 years, made her debut on the show over the weekend.  Zamata kicked off the show during Drake’s monologue with just three words, “Mazel Tov”. As with most “SNL” newcomers, Zamata’s debut was low...

Lupita Nyong’o Wins At The SAG Awards

Lupita Nyong’o’s winning streak keeps on going. Over the weekend, the actress won a SAG award for Best Supporting Actress, beating out Jennifer Lawrence from “American Hustle”. During her acceptance speech, Nyong’o joked about her father not knowing who Brad Pitt was personally, but “glad...

Open Thread: What are You Doing for MLK Day?

Monday is the official national holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.  MLK was such a powerful and important figure that certain parts of his legacy have become cliché.  The most minimal of acknowledgments of Black History Month include his “I Have a Dream” speech.  But,...

MC Serch Debuts Daytime Talk Show

MC Serch from the 90s hip hop group 3rd Bass has a new career as a daytime talk show host. The “Gas Face” lyricist has the expected topics on his eponymous show like men with multiple children by just as many women, wayward teenagers, extreme...