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Astronomer Claims Earth II Could Be Located Less Than 20 Years from Now

It’s interesting to peep the massive amount of resources and energy funneled into finding the next planet Earth given the condition of the present one struggling to sustain our existence. Editorializing aside, these recent findings remain quite remarkable.  Mother Jones’ discussion with SETI Institute astronomer...

V.O.T.D: “The Devil’s Due” Viral Marketing Campaign’s Devil’s Baby Terrorizes The Streets Of NYC

What better way to market your new horror film that centers around the anti-christ being born, than to have a devil baby scare people on the streets of New York City. An animatronic baby, aka the “devil baby” was pushed around the streets of NYC...

Anti-Immigrant Group With White Nationalist Ties Invokes MLK In New Ad

Californians for Population Stabilization, a California anti-immigrant group, released a new ad invoking Martin Luther King Jr. in an attempt to appeal to minorities. The 30-second ad began airing this week, right in time for the MLK holiday. “The TV ads are running on several...

Nigeria’s Queens Of Africa Dolls Are Stealing Barbie’s Shine

Taofick Okoya had a problem, so he ended up solving it himself.  Okoya was upset when he couldn’t find a black doll for his niece, so the 43-year-old Nigerian business man decided to take matters into his own hands and started his own doll making business....

Obama Nominates Latina To Lead Small Business Administration

President Obama plans to nominate a California bank owner as the new head of the Small Business Administration. Maria Contreras-Sweet, 58, who is to be introduced at an event Wednesday, founded and chairs the board of a Latino-owned community bank in Los Angeles. If confirmed...