Friday Mar 6th 2015

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Nigerian Singer Releases ‘Whitenicious’ Skin Lightening Cream and It’s Sold Out

Nigerian-Cameroonian pop musician Dencia is quickly becoming the talk of social media networks and Nigerian blogs with the release of her “skin care” line Whitenicious. Whitenicious promises to help users rid themselves of pesky dark spots by gradually lightening the hyper-pigmented areas of their skin....

The Pros and Cons of Living Alone

Living alone is awesome…until it’s not. But seriously, having a home to yourself is for the most part, a spectacular thing. Of course, it is not always that way though.  Here is an honest list of pros and cons for living alone as a single...

Open Thread: If You Had To Delete One Person From Your Phone, Who Would It Be?

As I scrolled through my phone over the weekend, I just started deleting people. The guy I met last year in Hawaii. The chick who said she wanted to hire me to build her website, but never heard back after several meetings and phone tag...

To Hell With Online Dating There’s Too Many Options Out There & It’s Exhausting

I’m not a newbie when it comes to online dating.  If I had to think back to my first online date, it happened my freshman year in college in 1994.  Back then online dating consisted of IRC chatrooms.  I remember sitting in the computer lab...

Drunk in Love

Sometimes that “Drunk in Love” feeling is one-sided and leads to illegal activities. Ever seen Fatal Attraction? It gets real out here.  The Date Report put together a list of real-life events where folks took that whole love jones thing a tad too far. Here are a...

Where’s The Study That States You Choose To Be Happy Whether You Have Kids Or Not?

This week two major studies came out dealing with couples with kids and couples who don’t have kids. Both studies offered different opinions on who’s happy and who’s not. One study conducted by United Kingdom’s Open University concluded that the happiest couples are those without children. Titled...