Monday Apr 27th 2015

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Nicki Minaj Ditches the Colorful Wigs & Shows Off Her Natural Hair

Nicki Minaj is known for her over-the-top, cartoonish looks, but the rapper recently gave her Instagram followers a peek at her real self. While preparing for a shoot (or a show?) Minaj ditched her blonde weave and candy-colored wigs and let her natural hair shine....

All Hail SWV

Over the years, the members of SWV themselves have admittedly felt underrated. They have right to considering that despite more than 15 million albums and racking up numerous hit singles on both the Hot 100 and R&B charts, SWV has never won a Grammy nor...

Tennessee Judge Who Ordered Name Change For Baby Messiah Fired

Last August, Child Support Judge Lu Ann Ballew took matters into her own hands when two parents with a dispute over their child’s last name appeared in her Cocke County Tennessee court. Not only did she change the child’s last name, Ballew decided to change the first...

Being Selfish: Having Control and Being Selfish With Our Bodies

There is nothing selfish about self care. Yes, numerous ads for spas and fancy lotions and rich chocolates make it seem that doing for self is an indulgence — some sort of naughtiness. It isn’t. In fact, for women especially –disproportionately charged with being the...

Should the Term ‘Black Film’ Be Erased? Kevin Hart Thinks So

During a press junket for his upcoming rom-com About Last Night, comedian Kevin Hart said he’s hopeful the term “Black film” will no longer be used to marginalize movies with predominately Black casts. “The phrase ‘Black movie’ is slowly getting erased and I love it...

Mom Arrested At Supermarket After Spanking Son

A Brockton, Mass. mother was arrested this week after customers phoned police officers when they saw her spanking her son in the grocery store. Marie Lyssa Mars spanked her 5-year-old son as she stood in the checkout  line. Other shoppers urged her to stop, but she...