Tuesday Aug 4th 2015

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UNC Athlete Writes Elementary-Level Essay for Final, Earned A- for Semester

I used to hate when one of my professors repeatedly called on a particular football player to answer accounting problems because he constantly stumbled over numbers above 999. In other words, any numerals with commas in them. I was convinced he was on campus for...

Alek Wek Celebrates Her Beauty: ‘I Never Thought I Was Ugly’

Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek never lacked confidence or doubted her value or beauty. When The Guardian asked her if she always knew she was beautiful, she replied, “Oh, yes, of course.” “Our confidence came from my mother,” she says. “She told us it was about celebrating...

Memphis ‘Kool’ Kidpreneurs Run Food Truck Biz, Talk Franchise

Tell a child to go get a job for those expensive toys and games, and he just might do it. Or at least that’s what Katrina Robinson’s kids did. Robinson’s 13-year-old son, Jaden, and 12-year-old daughter, Amaya, decided to pad their own entertainment fund by...

7 Pinterest Boards to Follow for Hair Inspiration

Pinterest isn’t just the place for food porn,  fashion trends and wedding plans, there are also a number of boards there that offer plenty of hair inspiration for a wide variety of hair types. Here are seven pinterest boards that could help you figure out what...

Ford Ad Parodies GM Ad Using Black-Owned, Mutual Partner Detroit Dirt

It seems Ford is trying to throw a little shade at GM with its scene-by-scene, satirical replica of a recent Cadillac commercial. The GM commercial features a corporate man – played by actor Neal McDonough – whose only focus is material things, namely a 2014...

Black Excellence: 5 Ivy League Schools Compete for DC Teen

Avery Coffey describes himself as a “determined” student, and if the universities vying for his attention are any indication, he’s right. While many students are crossing their fingers and hoping to get into their school of choice, Coffey, a 17-year-old Washington D.C. native, has his...