Saturday Aug 1st 2015

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Watch: Actresses of Color Take Aim at Typecasting in Hilarious New Lorde Parody

Life for actresses of color ain’t no crystal stair. While their White counterparts have free reign to play a myriad of quirky, complicated, sexy, intense, comedic, or lighthearted roles, actresses of color are often relegated to a few choices: the sassy best friend, the funny...

Georgia Wants To Make Food Stamp Recipients Pay To Prove They Don’t Do Drugs

Georgia is now turning into Florida 2.0. with a new bill that was passed aimed at food stamp recipients.  Georgia essentially wants to make food stamp recipients pay to prove they don’t do drugs.  The recipients who are deemed “suspicious” will have to grab a...

Let’s Take A Look At These 10 Poverty Myths That Were Busted

Not a day goes by when you don’t read a news headline that speaks of poverty in the United States.  Even as yet another vote on a possible emergency unemployment extension draws near, and John Boehner once again threatens that it won’t pass, millions of...

New York Has The Nation’s Most Segregated School System

If you thought the educational system in the Empire State, was all post-racial and desegregated, think again. According to a report by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles, which looked at enrollment trend data from 1989 to 2010, New York state has...

Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson Become The First Black Women To Win A National Debate Championship Tournament

Congratulations to Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson for becoming the first black women to win a national debate championship!  The Towson University students beat 170 other teams during the Cross Examination Debate Association national championship held this week in Indiana. Ameena and Korey’s winning argument likened...

Kobe Bryant Needs To Have Every Seat At The Staples Center After Speaking About Miami’s Trayvon Martin Protest

If there was one person in the NBA that seems to have the proverbial chip on their shoulder, it’s Kobe Bryant.  All throughout his career, his lack of personality and smug demeanor not only played out on the court, but also during interviews. In a...