Tuesday Apr 28th 2015

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75 Little Ways To Be Romantic Every Day Of The Year

February 14th might be the official, greeting card company-sanctioned day to celebrate love, but let’s not limit our romantic gestures to one measly day. For a relationship to truly thrive, romance must be practiced on the daily. Valentine’s Day is a day for gigantic heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, expensive...

Rep. Steve Cohen Wants Marijuana Removed From The Same Category As Heroin

Tennessee Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen wants to remove marijuana from the same drug class of heroin. Marijuana and heroin are both Schedule 1 drugs, which is the classification for the most dangerous drugs that have a high potential for abuse.  During a congressional hearing on the federal...

Are Americans ‘Obsessed With Race’?

Comedian Hari Kondabolu isn’t afraid to talk about race. In his upcoming comedy album called “Waiting for 2042” the Indian-American standup confronts the topic head-on. But are Americans obsessed with the topic?

Open Thread: Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

I will admit, I occasionally dabble in tobacco. Currently I own 3 hookah pipes and  in college I smoked bidis and cloves.  Although I do have hookah pipes, they’re only brought out on social gatherings.  But I found it interesting that a few weeks ago...

Chinese New Year 2014: Are You a Wood Horse?

The Chinese New Year occurred on Friday, January 31, 2014, ushering in the year of the Horse, so if your birthday occurred in 1966, 1978, 1990 (or 2002) – it’s officially your year. The Chinese Zodiac uses 12 animals as symbols to predict people’s fortunes: Rat,...

Irish Times Predicts Lupita Nyong’o Will Take Home Oscar Because She’s Winning the ‘Red Carpet Olympics’

In today’s Oscar news, Irish Times writer Donald Clarke attempted to tackle the importance of campaigning during awards season through what he calls “the red carpet Olympics.” Clarke begins by explaining why he thinks Luptia Nyong’o should best Jennifer Lawrence for the Best Supporting Actress...