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Drunk in Love

Sometimes that “Drunk in Love” feeling is one-sided and leads to illegal activities. Ever seen Fatal Attraction? It gets real out here.  The Date Report put together a list of real-life events where folks took that whole love jones thing a tad too far. Here are a...

Where’s The Study That States You Choose To Be Happy Whether You Have Kids Or Not?

This week two major studies came out dealing with couples with kids and couples who don’t have kids. Both studies offered different opinions on who’s happy and who’s not. One study conducted by United Kingdom’s Open University concluded that the happiest couples are those without children. Titled...

No African-Americans, Hispanics or Girls Took The AP Computer Science Exam In Some States

If you were counting on Montana or Mississippi to provide diversity in the tech field in the near future, you can probably count them out. According to data compiled by Georgia Tech, not a single girl, African-American or Hispanic student took the computer science Advanced Placement test...

Omaha Cursing Toddler Will Remain With His Mother

The 2-year-old Omaha toddler who’s cursing video went viral will remain with his teenage mother, a judge ruled this week. The Omaha juvenille court judge ruled that the toddler and his mother would be placed with the same foster family. The infamous video shows the...

Dating Don’ts: Why Dating Younger Is Not For Me

I am the oldest of four girls, a pack of sisters who descend in age like uneven stair steps, from 31 to 29 to 26 to 23. As the eldest of this pack, I am a consummate older sister — bossy, with a tendency towards lecturing, and...