Saturday Jan 31st 2015

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NASA Says Beyoncé Trivialized The Challenger Disaster

In 1986, I remember sitting in my elementary school’s assembly program and witnessing the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.  Upon listening to Beyonce’s “XO”, I immediately recognized the sample in the beginning and was somewhat shocked to hear it being used. “Flight controllers here looking very carefully...

Melissa Harris-Perry Apologizes For Romney Grandchild Comments

  Melissa Harris-Perry apologized this week for the recent segment on her show about Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson, Kieran, who is black. Harris-Perry recently came under fire when she was involved in a joke about a Romney family photo. In the photo, Romney was holding...

Hello Future Love

Yo, yo yo! Ok, ok…let me try that again. What’s poppin’?! Nah…ok, one more time. Hi. My name is Danielle. You might not know me yet, but I’m the love of your life and you’re the love of mine. Wait, wait! Don’t freak out. I’m...

7 Tips to Enhance Your Sexuality in the New Year

With the rush of the New Year comes new promises, goals, and changes to fulfill. It’s easy to chart your career, financial, and relationship aspirations. But many people struggle to find ways to enhance their sexual and sensual selves. As sexuality is bigger than sex,...

New Year, New You: Getting Beautiful From Within

We’ve all heard the saying that beauty is only skin deep. As cliché as it sounds, there’s certainly some truth to it. It’s a new year, so why not bring a new, more positive attitude? Our attitudes are projected to the world through our body...

14 Wishes for 2014

2013 is over, and unfortunately, many of the requests I sent to Jesus, Mohammad, Santa Clause, Yahweh and Beyoncé were left unanswered. However, I remain hopeful. To wit, I present to you my wishes for the New Year. Much of it has no chance of...