Tuesday May 26th 2015

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Powerful: Food Stamp Recipients Document Their Life in Pictures

In our current political climate, food stamp recipients have been maligned in Right Wing circles as lazy moochers who’d rather collect government benefits than work for a living. But the truth is quite different. As our nation continues to recover from the economic meltdown of...

Estelle Is Back With NSFW Single, ‘Make Her Say’ – Is Sexing It Up the Only Way Singers Can Stay Relevant?

It’s been a few years since British singer Estelle has been in the spotlight, and when we last saw her in 2012 she was belting out ballads like “Thank You” and upbeat tunes with Janelle Monáe. But this time, Estelle has something completely different up...

We Want You! Tech Genius Invites the Diaspora to Back to Africa – The Worlds Fastest Growing Continent

Let’s start by surveying the trajectory of the U.S.A. real quick. With rudimentary education standards on the decline, soaring costs of higher education combined with the shrinking number of well-paying gigs (and the slow erasure of the middle class), scientist Uyi Stewart presents an invitation...

Open Thread: The Black Panther Party: Were Your Parents On The Other Side Of The Civil Rights Movement?

In  1966, on the heels of the U.S. Congress passing a civil rights act that outlawed racial segregation in public facilities and the start of the Vietnam War, two men from Oakland, California weren’t satisfied with the results of the Civil Rights Movement and took matters into their...

What We’re Reading: The Ellison – A Lifestyle Mag For Today’s Black Man

Have you ever wondered what a male version of Clutch would be like, if it was “for black men, by black men”?  And we’re not talking a men’s website with just half-naked women, hip-hop and sneakers. The Ellison is a new online destination for black men,...

Flawless Manicures

No fuss, no muss. These manicures don’t involve rhinestones, mini ice cream cones or puffy red hearts. Just flawlessly shaped nails, manicured cuticles and a shiny lacquer. Flip though this selection of grown-up manicures before you head to your next nail appointment.