Thursday Jul 2nd 2015

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8 Things I Want to Teach My Sons About Women

Marie Roker-Jones realizes that there is a lot to teach her sons about women and she hopes she’s doing her best to raise men of character. As the mom of two boys,  I often have to remind them (and myself) that I’m a woman first,...

Pregnant Woman Assaulted on the Train by Her Boyfriend & Bystanders Step In – Would You?

UPDATE: Many of Clutch’s astute readers have pointed out that the video posted below may actually be a prank by Zaida Pugh aka Zaida Waters, who has staged other controversial stunts in the past. If this is true, it’s a horrible prank  (even if it was meant...

Love & Hip Hop Producers Sued For Stealing Show Concept

Two producers are now involved in a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the creator of Love & Hip-Hop. According to TMZ, Trisha Lum and Nickie Lum-Davis filed the lawsuit against Viacom’s VH1 and MTV, claiming they pitched the idea in 2009, and thought they had a deal to make...

Bobbi Kristina Defends Skinny Pic

I still remember Bobbi Kristina Brown as the cute and plump little girl on her parent’s hit reality series “Being Bobby Brown.” But Bobbi Kristina ain’t so chunky now. Bobbi Kristina recently tweeted a skinny in a bikini pic talking about she “made this happen.”...

Nigerian Court Ruled 4 Men Will Receive Beatings For Being Homosexual

An Islamic court in northern Nigeria  ordered four men to be flogged with horsewhips after being found guilty of homosexuality. In addition to being flogged, the men, who are between the ages of 22 and 28, were fined 20,000 naira ($125)a after a secret trial...

White Girl In Blackface @sareeezyy Responds To Twitter Fiasco

We’re not sure if we’re the only site to receive an email from “Sara”, the white girl who was chased off of Twitter after posing in blackface, but we know we weren’t the only site to post about the fiasco. In an attempt to clear...