Monday Mar 2nd 2015

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It Was All a Dream

What are your dreams? No, I’m not talking about your dream career or your dream car and all that stuff. What are your actual dreams? What do you encounter in those complicated worlds your subconscious creates for you at night? I ask because I have...

Mommie Dearest: On Postpartum Depression

It’s no secret that becoming a new parent can be one of the most trying times in a person’s life. Seven years later, I can still vividly remember those first few hours and days together, despite the foggy haze of sleeplessness I was in. A...

Bobbi Kristina Says She’s ‘Happily Married’

Bobbi Kristina has been keeping a somewhat low profile these past few months, but the 20-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown recently took to her Twitter page to announce that she is now “happily married” to her longtime boo/sorta play-brother, Nick Gordon. The couple...

Are Mainstream Women’s Magazines Actually Starting to Embrace Diversity In Their Cover Choices?

The unfurling diversity in mainstream magazines, on full display with Lupita, Zoe, Oprah and Kerry, says to White America: “Not anymore.”

Must Read: On the Complicated Relationship Between Africans and African-Americans

Ever since I wrote about Amy ‘Tiger Mom’ Chua’s new book The Triple Package, I’ve been feeling some type of way about the comments. While I expected readers to either agree or disagree with Chua’s premise that some cultures are just better and more successful...

Top Spots for Those Considering Living & Working in Africa

Deciding to relocate takes a lot of research, resourcefulness, optimism, and sheer nerve. Times that by 3 (or more depending on your level of wanderlust) when considering a move to a whole new continent. The desire to emigrate varies from person to person, but unless...