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Rosa Acosta Responds To Criticism About Volunteering In Tanzania

Former “urban model”, turned entrepreneur, Rosa Acosta recently made a 10-day trip to Tanzania to volunteer with the Living Water Children’s Centre (LWCC). LWCC was founded in 2003 after founder, Anza Kimaro, took one orphan into his home.  Ten years later, LWCC is  home to more...

The Motor City Is Officially Out Of Gas: Detroit Becomes Largest U.S City To Enter Bankruptcy

Yesterday, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said there is “going to be a lot of pain” for people following a judge’s ruling that the city is eligible to fix its finances in bankruptcy court. The city of Detroit officially became the largest municipality in U.S. history Tuesday to...

CNN Shows Jewish People How To Defend Themselves From Black People In ‘Animal Kingdom’

Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, a black-belt rabbi, visited CNN yesterday afternoon to speak about the “knock-out” game and how it is allegedly affecting the Jewish community in New York City.  Moskowitz, a former cop turned self-defense instructor, says he’s now teaching Jewish people how  to defend...

The Melissa Harris-Perry Black Feminism Syllabus

Last week, Melissa Harris-Perry laid the smackdown on Michelle Cottle’s  “Michelle Obama is a feminist nightmare” article during the “Open Letters” segment of her MSNBC show: “Dear Michelle Cottle, are you serious? You and your handful of ‘feminist sources’ claim that First Lady Obama is not...

New Research Says There’s No Such Thing As Fit Fatties

Forget the fact that you may be a size 12 or 14 and can run laps around the smallest person, or can leg press over 300 lbs, or bench press half your body weight, or you don’t have any signs of pre-diabetes,  there’s new research...