Wednesday Jul 29th 2015

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Rihanna Made Me Want To Cut Bangs Into My Weave, So Here’s How I Did It

I had spent several hours achieving the look I was already wearing, and I hadn’t been wearing it for that long, but those bangs were calling me!

Too Fit For Planet Fitness? Gym Asks Woman to Cover Up Because Her ‘Toned Body’ Intimidated Guests

A California woman got more than she bargained for when she began her first workout at a new gym: a whole lot of hate. According to Tiffany Austin, an employee at a Richmond, Calif. Planet Fitness asked her to put on a shirt because her...

High School Students Don Suits to Prove They Aren’t Thugs, But Why Do They Have To?

The saying “Clothes make the man” is firmly entrenched in our everyday parlance, but is it true? If how we dress can alter one’s perception of us, can wearing a suit instead of a hoodie protect young Black men from being mistaken for “thugs,” even...

Naomi Campbell Covers April Issue of Shape Magazine

I remember watching Naomi Campbell strut the catwalk on screen and thinking, “Gawd—-. I wish I had those legs.” I still do, by the way. And I think the editors at Shape magazine finally realize it, too. The 43-year-old former supermodel and current host of...

GOP Lawmaker Says Businesses Should Be Allowed To Deny Services To People Based On Race

State Sen. Phil Jensen (R-S.D.) consider himself to be one of the most conservative people in South Dakota.  He also believes that too many people in the Republican party or only Republicans in name.  Recently Jensen came under fire for comments he made about a...

11 Reasons You’re Not Getting Any Blowjobs

Show us a man who doesn’t want more blowjobs, and we will show you…a man we’ve never met. Guys, we are picking up all the hints (even the ones you think are super subtle). We know that if it were realistic, you would like us to...