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Jameis Winston & The Curious Case of “Code-Switching”

I have literally had it up to *here* (wherever here is, know that I’m pissed) with the disgusting, repulsive, rude, and on some occasions racist filth that has been spewed by so many people over the way ONE YOUNG MAN (barely) FROM THE DEEP SOUTH...

Erykah Badu is Faded

Erykah Badu unveiled a new do on Facebook with the caption “Still high and faded…” Like most of Ms. Badu’s words, the caption can be interpreted a couple different ways, but the picture features Badu sporting a Kid n’ Play-worthy high top fade while giving the camera...

Gabrielle Union Shares Her Relationships “Dos & Don’ts”

Let’s just assume this interview with Glamour was done before Dwayne Wade’s baby-momma business hit the internets.  In a recent interview with Glamour, Gabrielle Union dishes out some interesting relationship advice that may give people a bit of insight on why she chose to stay...

Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant Tackle the Light Skin/Dark Skin Issue

The idea that light skin is “better” than dark skin is something that has pervaded the psyche of certain cultures for a long time and for people of color, this color complex plays out in numerous ways everyday.  From backhanded compliments like “you’re pretty for...

Court Upholds Marissa Alexander’s Bond Release

Today, the court upheld Marissa Alexander’s bond release, which means she is allowed to continue her house arrest and remain with her children and family until her new trial begins on March 31st. State Prosecutor Angela Corey filed a motion alleging that Marissa Alexander broke...