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Think Twice Before Cutting In Front Of Someone In The Drive-Thru

Apparently people take their Chick-Fil-A food serious. Never-mind the fact that the chicken tastes like dish water and homophobia. Earlier this week, the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported shooting at a Chick-Fil-A parking. No, someone wasn’t trying to rob the restaurant. The...

Morehouse College Releases Its Own ‘Body Issue’

The students of Morehouse College did something bold this week by releasing their first-ever “Body Issue”. Modeled after ESPN’s “Body Issue”, the student newspaper The Maroon Tiger takes a more analytical approach to examining the human body. The newspaper features nude images from 30 Morehouse, Spelman, and...

Open Thread: At What Age Did You Start Using Tampons?

A funny thing happened on the way to my 18th year of life and freshman year of college. Technically, it was bound to happen eventually.  But it was the absolute worst day of my life. I woke up in a what looked like a murder...

Release Date of the New GED Has Test Takers Scrambling

A new version of the GED will be released next January that will invalidate past scores. This change and the fear of a more challenging exam have pushed more test takers to sign up for the test before the December 31 deadline, AP reports. The new...

Pretty In The Front, Ugly In The Back: Paris Restaurant Hides Aesthetically Challenged Patrons

A fancy schmancy restaurant in Paris is being accused of doing the despicable. A former employee of the Georges is accusing the restaurant of sitting patrons according to aesthetics. Ugly in the back, pretty in the front. “There are beautiful people, you put them here; there...