Thursday Jul 30th 2015

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What We’re Watching: An African City

Last week we highlighted the new reality webseries Nigerians Abroad, a show focusing on Nigerians living in Los Angeles and working in various aspects of the entertainment business. Over the weekend as I was knee-deep in YouTube watching various shows that are set in African...

Open Thread: Should Hip-Hop Be Allowed In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

In 2007, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were the first hip-hop artists to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but one “rockstar” doesn’t think hip-hop has a place in the organization. In a recent interview with, Gene Simmons, singer...

Dear Black Men: No, You Don’t Get Props For Doing the Basics

A funny thing happened on Twitter this morning. As I scrolled through my timeline, I came across a conversation between one of my tweeps, a very outspoken advocate for Black women (and boys too), and a young man who was apparently patting himself on the...

Rwandan Reality Show on Entrepreneurship Enters Second Season

If anyone thinks reality TV can’t survive without raunch and ratchetness, try again. Zamuka, which means “rise up,” is Rwanda’s first reality show, and it’s heading into its second season without any brawls and interventions. Instead the show’s focus is on youth entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and...

Zimbabwean Novelist Wins Prestigious Literary Awards

Looking for a new book to read? Then check out “We Need New Names,” penned by Zimbabwean novelist NoViolet Bulawayo, who has won the 2014 Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award for a distinguished first book of fiction. “New Names” tells the tale of 10-year-old Darling, who leaves...

Tyler Perry Is Searching For His Biological Father After Learning Mother Lied

During a recent speech at the Women’s Empowerment 2014 event in Raleigh, North Carolina, Tyler Perry spoke about his mission to find his biological father after discovering a lie that was told to him by his mother. The 44-year-old director confessed that he was disappointed when...