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Good and Bad Hair: Little Black Girl Blues

What does it mean to have “presentable” hair for a little black girl?  For many little black baby girls, having presentable hair means having whatever little locks are growing out of their heads shellacked with products, twisted and pulled into the smoothest possible configurations. Gotta...

Tia and Tamera Mowry Open Up about Racist Bullying

Try telling the Mowry twins that we are living in a “post racial” society. The two actresses, who normally give fun lighthearted interviews, broke down into tears on OWN’s Where Are They Now show while racist remarks they have endured. The twins are themselves products of an...

25 Times Women Have No Problem Initiating Sex

Women get a bad rap when it comes to initiating sex, and while it’s true that being assertive about asking for what we want can be tough for some of us, there are about a million different situations that might inspire us to throw a man...

2014 is the Year Black Women Take Over Hollywood

Okay, the headline is putting a lot on it, but 2014 is shaping up to at least be a year of significant gains by black women in Hollywood.  Let’s just do a little refresher on what black women have going on this year: -Producer Shonda...

That Time I Found Out I Was Some Guy’s Trophy Date

This is going to sound ridiculous and downright unwomanist/feminist, but when I was in high school, I thought it would be cool to be a trophy wife. I mean, come on: smart, beautiful, a model mom, and on top of it all, kept? Seemed like...