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V.O.T.D: It’s A Dance Off!

    How good are your dancing skills? During the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons game at the Palace of Auburn Hills, one lucky fan and an arena usher got into a dance off. Find out who won by watching the video of footage...

Dating Don’ts: You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

There is no secret to dating success.There is no incantation to whisper over a pile of personal effects under the light of a new moon, no candles to burn, no rituals performed under a veil of Spanish moss in bare feet. Dating is one of the least magical...

I Look Pretty Awesome In These WTF Lip Colors (And So Does My Friend)

From blue to silver and everything in between. I even wore one to church!

Guess Who’s Not Coming To Holiday Dinner? Overcoming Racism In An Interracial Relationship

The holiday season approaches and I want to share with him my family. Yet, after two years of dating, I already know that my family considers him a trespasser, too.

If You Were A Witness To Bullying Or Fighting, What Would You Do?

Over the last couple of years, bullying has been brought to the attention of mainstream media, sadly because of the suicides of the bullied. Bullying isn’t a new phenomenon, but to see it played out on social media is.  Take for example, the now infamous...