Sunday Jan 25th 2015

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Rap Lyrics Sound 10xs Worse When Rapped By Kids

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the music on my iPhone isn’t suitable for minors. I’ve rapped along with the likes of Rick Ross, Mobb Deep and countless other profane filled verses, but I’ve also yelled at the top of my lungs...

Updated: Renisha McBride’s Killer Will Face Murder Trial

Today marks the second day of hearings in the Renisha McBride murder case. Theodore Wafer, 54, was charged with second-degree murder in McBride’s killing. McBride banged on the door of his Dearborn Heights, Mich. home on Nov. 2, shortly after being in a car accident....

[INTERNATIONAL PLAYER] Bayyina Black: Global Citizen

Travel is about more than just a quick break from the boredom of everyday life.  It’s often about stepping outside of the “norm” and immersing yourself in a world completely different from your own. It’s about learning, growing and blazing a path of change along...

Without A Trace

“I’ve had girls before where I just, you know, disappeared. I know, it’s bogus. But I just stopped calling, stopped returning her calls. Just ended all contact without a word.” I wish I could have been more disgusted when one of my homeboys shared this...

How Honest Are You With Your Doctor?

Visits to the doctor can be awkward. Depending on the type of doctor and purpose of your visit, the awkwardness can range from having to step on the scale to having to throw your feet into stirrups. As if these moments aren’t awkward enough doctors...

Do You DooBop? A Beauty Website For Women Of Color

There’s a new kid on the internet block and its name is DooBop.  The newly launched beauty e-commerce site,, has a variety of products specifically for women of color as well as women with various textures of hair. DooBop’s was founded by  Jodie Patterson, who...