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Caribbean Leaders Consider Sanctions On Dominican Immigration Ruling

Caribbean heads of state meeting in Trinidad and Tobago agreed on Tuesday to defer an application from the Dominican Republic for membership in CARICOM, the region’s largest cooperation group, until Santo Domingo addresses a high court ruling denying citizenship to thousands of Haitian descendants. Trinidad...

Georgia Court Reportedly Lists ‘Slave’ As Occupation On Questionnaire

Imagine filling out your new online juror questionnaire and you look to input your “sales” occupation and “slave” comes up?  That’s exactly what happened to one juror in Dekalb County, Georgia. The newly designed online juror questionnaire has only been used for a month and...

Gap Ad Featuring A Sikh Gets Vandalized Because Racism

I don’t know why people expect New York City to be one huge non-racist melting pot.  It is not. And will probably never be. The Big Apple is filled with racist wormy people, and a Gap ad featuring a Sikh recently became someone’s target. PHOTO:...

Elle Editor Apologizes For Her Solange Blackface Costume

Hold, up. Elle France beauty editor, Jeanne Deroo, was supposedly dressing up as her favorite singer, Solange? So here’s her apology. Because you know, the apology always follows the “Oops did I do that?”: “I realise how much the fact of painting oneself brown is...

Girl Talk: Why I’m Grateful I Got My Heart Broken

One of the weirdest things that people say to each other about relationships is “When you know, you know.”  It means that when you’ve found the other person to be your singular life partner, you’re practically struck by a bolt of lightening. You just know. It’s...