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White Supremacist Finds Out He’s 14% Sub Saharan African

Remember Craig Cobb? Cobb is the white supremacist who’s trying to turn a small North Dakota town into “whiteyville”? Remember that skit from The Chappelle show?  Clayton Bigsby? Well as irony would have it, Cobb recently discovered he’s actually 14% Sub Saharan African. Does that...

Poverty Tourism: South African Hotel Offers “Authentic” Shanty Town Experience

You know,  nothing brings a team together during team building exercises like slumming it in a fake slum. Or maybe you’d like to have an authentic slum wedding.  Imagine being able to go slumming in an “authentic” Shanty Town without actually having to experience poverty....

Life After Dating: An Open Letter To Our Single Friends

Dear Single Friends, We haven’t seen a lot of you lately. And when we have, there have been strained exchanges and tense subtext. We can see you stifling an eye roll when we bring up our S.O.’s name. So we stopped bringing up his name...

5 Ways To Approach A Guy

It’s 2013 and you can’t expect a man to do all the work. In the age of “Shevalry” (as opposed to chivalry) it’s time for women to take action to get things done. By things, I mean approaching a man who has caught your eye....

Three Reasons Why We’re Confused About Kerry Washington’s Lucky Magazine Cover

Kerry Washington is basking in the spotlight. She’s fronting the cover of magazines, flexing her acting muscles as the Emmy-nominated star of the popular TV show, “Scandal,” and taking a comedic turn as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” Her personal life is blossoming just...