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Girl Talk: Some Relationships Deserve Second Chances

So, I’m in love. This isn’t exactly unique — so many others would say the same. Love is an overused word, it’s commonplace, expected even. But to me, it couldn’t be a more novel, beautiful, fascinating thing. For most of my life, I was fiercely independent...

Dear Home Depot, Do Better

I’m not sure who at Home Depot thought this was a good idea. In any event, the company is in full apology mode on Twitter. @d_weezy  We are deeply sorry for the dumb tweet and have deleted it. — The Home Depot (@HomeDepot) November 7,...

Renisha McBride Needed Help After a Car Accident, So Why Was She Fatally Shot?

A young black woman is dead after an unidentified man shot her in the head after she approached his home in the suburbs of Detroit, multiple news outlets reported this week. Renisha McBride, 19, was looking for help after her cell phone died following a...

This Was Bound To Happen: Forever 21 Sells Gawdy “Ratchet” Necklace

We all knew it was coming. “Ratchet” has replaced “ghetto” as the go-to word for all things gawdy. And mainstream retailers are churning out accessories to match faster than you can say Trinidad James. The latest brand to cash in on the ratchet trend is...

Justice For Renisha McBride Rally Tonight In Dearborn, Michigan

Community leaders are planning to assemble Thursday evening at the Dearborn Heights Police Department to demand answers in the slaying of Southfield teen Renisha McBride. According to the Detroit Free Press, members of  her family said, “they believe the African-American woman was racially profiled by the homeowner....