Tuesday Apr 21st 2015

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8 Things I Would Like You To Know About Introverts

A few years ago, I complained to a girl friend about how my then-boyfriend was getting on my nerves. I told her how we would be hanging out in his apartment on the weekend and I would ask for some “alone time” to read or go online....

Afghanistan Gets First Woman Police Chief

Afghanistan has just appointed a  mother of five as their first woman police chief. 50-year-old Col. Jamila Bayaz was previously a  police officer at the Ministry of Interior’s offices in Kabul. In a recent interview with NBC News, Bayaz stated that her appointment was a...

What’s With All the Talk About Michelle Obama & Plastic Surgery?

First Lady Michelle Obama graces the pages of the upcoming issue of People Magazine and for some reason all of the headlines I’ve seen about her chat center on whether or not she’ll ever have plastic surgery. In the interview Mrs. Obama talks about her...

Just A Heads Up On The Type Of Comments We’re Not Approving Any More

A few weeks ago we posted about the changes that were being made to Clutch.  Not only will there be a new design and “look” to the site, a new commenting system will also be implemented.  The comment section is what keeps the discourse going...

Former President of Mozambique Calls for Women’s & LGBT Rights in Africa

H. E. Joaquim Chissano, former president of Mozambique and the current co-chair of the High-Level Task Force for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), recently wrote an open letter to Africa’s leaders imploring them to take a stand in the fight for human...

Nigerian Singer Releases ‘Whitenicious’ Skin Lightening Cream and It’s Sold Out

Nigerian-Cameroonian pop musician Dencia is quickly becoming the talk of social media networks and Nigerian blogs with the release of her “skin care” line Whitenicious. Whitenicious promises to help users rid themselves of pesky dark spots by gradually lightening the hyper-pigmented areas of their skin....