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PREGNANT LADIES: Stop Waiting For People To Be Polite And Go Ahead And Ask For A Seat On The Subway

Once I became visibly pregnant, I quickly learned that anticipating or blithely hoping someone notices you smacks of self-entitlement and a “notice me” nadir that is futile in the subways of New York City.

Right-Wing Media Turns on George Zimmerman

It looks like the right-wing media has finally turned on George Zimmerman. The conservative media outlets and personalities that once defended Trayvon Martin’s killer appear to have changed their tune this week, after Zimmerman was arrested yet again for domestic violence. In August, Zimmerman was acquitted of...

Dear Jay-Z: I’m 14 & Won’t Be Caught Dead In Your $695 Ski-Mask

Dear Jay-Z: I’m a 14-year-old that lives in the suburbs of Maryland. Sometimes I listen to your music, but Kendrick Lamar is more my style as well as some 80’s music.  Although I applaud your efforts in donating profits from your Barney’s collection, I do...

15 Ways To Make Friends In A New City

Making friends as an adult is always a bit tricky. You can’t rely on the instant bonding powers of living in the same dorm or loathing the same chemistry teacher to create your social circle. People are super busy with jobs and relationships and kids....

NYPD Statistics Reveal Majority Of Shooting Victims And Suspects Are Black

The NYPD recently released some grim statistics about shooting victims in New York City. Black people in New York City are 25 percent more likely to be shot and more likely to be arrested for shooting a firearm, according to the latest set of statistics released...

McDonald’s Proves Its One Fry Short Of A Happy Meal For Providing Crappy McResources Advice To Employees

Although Walmart is currently public enemy number 1, many forget about public enemy number 2. McDonald’s was recently labeled the second worst company in the U.S. And the recent uncovering of a employee resource site isn’t making the company look any better. According to a...