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A & E Allows Phil Robertson Back on Duck Dynasty

Well, that was fast! A & E put the star of the Duck Dynasty reality show, Phil Robertson, on indefinite suspension less than two weeks ago for saying ridiculous things in a GQ magazine interview. Among other things, Robertson said that homosexuality is a sin that leads...

‘Hoes’ Don’t Stay Winning

Hoes stay winning” is a phrase that’s been around for a few years now, but it has been all up and through my feed this past week because Evelyn Lozada is pregnant by and has a HUMUNGOUS engagement ring from professional baseball player Carl Crawford....

A New Clutch for the New Year

Changes are coming to Clutch, largely inspired the intelligent, sophisticated and dynamic individuals we’re privileged to serve and cultivate: you. In keeping with our mission to keep it fresh and informative, we’re rolling out a few niceties for the New Year. First off, CLUTCH will...

101 New Year’s Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Smoking, Weight Loss, Or Becoming BFFs With Your Mother-In-Law

New Year’s resolutions are always painfully predictable. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Learn French. Stop making snarky remarks behind your mother-in-law’s back. These kinds of resolutions are not only cliche, they’re difficult — if not impossible — to follow through on. They’re probably going to make you...

You’ve Gotten Your Wish, Kanye Will Keep His Trap Shut In 2014 & Pigs Can Fly

In this week’s edition of “Kanye Has A Hissy Fit,” concert goers during the Toronto leg of the “Yeezus Tour” got yet another earful of  Kanye’s “stream of consciousness”. All 27 minutes of it. The highlight, or low-light, was Kanye telling the crowd that  he’ll stop...