Tuesday Aug 4th 2015

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White Girls Put On Blackface To Join “Black Twitter”

A 19-year-old girl has deleted her Twitter account after she tweeted a photo in blackface stating she’s now “apart” of “Black Twitter”.  Sara’s account was soon deleted after Twitter users basically pulled off their version of a witch hunt, which included posting personal information about...

12 Ways To Make The Most of Being Job-Free

Nothing dashes the spirits, hopes, dreams & self esteem like extended periods of unemployment. Between the (greatly) reduced income, disillusionment, feelings of worthlessness and the inordinate amount of idle time one ones hands, it’s no wonder depression and anxiety often plagues the lives of the...

Black Lesbian Couple Found Murdered In Texas

Two families are mourning the deaths of  Crystal Jackson and Britney Crosby. The Houston women were found murdered in Port Bolivar early Friday, according to the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office. The bodies of  Cosby and Jackson, both 24, were discovered by a beer deliveryman  next to...

This Can’t Be Real Life: George Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Florida Gun Show

Just when you think George Zimmerman can’t sink any lower, he showed up at the New Orlando Gun Show over the weekend to sign autographs and snap pictures with fans. Uh, fans? According to the New York Daily News, Zimmerman signed autographs for over six...

Former Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent Takes a Stand, Comes Out As ‘Queer’

Former Miss Kentucky winner Djuan Trent recently came out as “queer” after her state refused to recognize out-of-state gay marriages. The 27-year-old beauty queen told the world she was a lesbian last month, explaining that she struggled with the decision to publicly come out for...

To White Mothers Who Don’t Know How To Style Your Black Children’s Hair, I Feel You

I will never look at that brown child with the white mom and make assumptions again.