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5 Sites To Check For Deals Before Shopping For The Holiday

While most stores and websites are offering holiday deals and sales, you don’t have to suffer through Black Friday to get great deals on your Christmas presents for loved ones and friends. Actually, there are 5 websites that you should check before you shop to...

Why I Decided to Do A Reality Show

Monday morning, entertainment trade magazine the Hollywood Reporter broke the news of an upcoming reality show, Blood, Sweat & Heels, which will debut on Bravo on Jan. 5. Since taping began in the spring, I’d been biting my tongue for months, alternately excited to reveal the news to...

I’m Fed Up With the Appropriation of Black Women’s Bodies

Black women will not stand for you making yourself feel better at our expense.

Walmart Store Holding Thanksgiving Charity Food Drive — For Its Own Employees!

Everything that is wrong in the world, WalMart seems to have a way of emphasizing it. Low wages, not being able to provide for a family, lack of proper health insurance, that pretty much describes some of the people working at WalMart. So what does...