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BBC Chronicles Black Teen Who Saved White Supremacist From Mob

We often celebrate acts of kindness between strangers, but here’s one that’s getting a lot of interest due to who the two strangers were: a black teenager and a suspected white supremacist. It was 1996 and a Ku Klux Klan rally was being held in Ann...

California School Is Latest to “Ban” Twerking

Since Miley Cyrus is the only person who has or will of any import to ever not-really-twerk in the history of not-twerking, it only makes sense that our institutions of learning are trying to keep future Miley “Non-Twerking Properly” Cyruses from happening. How do you stop this...

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Has Some Advice for Chris Brown

And it’s PULL UP YOUR PANTS. No seriously. It was slightly better advice than that, although Don “Pull Up Your Pants” Lemon of CNN has sort of chucked that whole “impartiality” thing most reporters and news anchors live by and has been giving his unsolicited...

No, Seriously, Why Are People So Into Halloween?

It’s that time of year again, folks. Time to don those sexy nurse, sexy zombie, sexy Cleopatra, sexy *insert random costume here* or the incredibly offensive, racially insensitive outfits and hit the streets . It’s candy time!

V.O.T.D.: PSA: Stay Away From White People On Halloween

We all know that black people are the first to die in movies, so watch this hilarious PSA urging all minorities to stay away from white people if they want to make it through Halloween night alive!