Tuesday Mar 3rd 2015

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Erica Campbell Responds To Dress Controversy

Last week Erica Campbell’s infamous white dress caused a little bit of controversy throughout the Christian community.  Some felt as if her form-fitting dress was a little too provocative for a church lady.  But other people felt she looked beautiful, and Erica is one of...

Let’s Make a Pact to Stop Complaining About Everything

I came to a harsh realization the other day. I complain a lot. Like a lot.  Not only do I complain a lot but my complaints cause me a heavy amount of stress. The tiniest things that other people do can irk me — especially if they...

V.O.T.D: The Daily Show, The Real Hunger Games

I’m not sure who at Forbes thought it was a good idea to send columnist John Tamny to the “Daily Show”. According to Tamny, he would totally abolish the food stamp program because “food stamps are cruel.” “I don’t think anyone is happy if they are...

Open Thread: Is It The White Savior Complex That Turns People Away From Slavery Movies?

There’s certain things about history that you can’t change.  It’s a historical fact that Brad Pitt’s character, Samuel Bass, in “12 Years A Slave,” helped Solomon Northrup get a letter to Saratoga, which in return helped secure his freedom. That’s a fact that can’t be changed....

Turned off by R. Kelly? Support These Organizations Working to End Sexual Violence Instead

The Village Voice’s recent article exposing all of the heartbreaking and gory details of the multitude of rape allegations against R. Kelly has once again reignited the conversation around whether or not people should support the singer. While R. Kelly has seemed to linger on the...

Let Me Ask You A Question?: Anal Sex (NSFW)

Welcome to “Let Me Ask You a Question,” Clutch’s new weekly series dedicated to exploring the multifaceted experiences of Black girl life in a fun, irreverent way. RELATED: Let Me Ask You A Question?: Smoking Weed Let Me Ask You a Question?: Sex Talks With Mom So...
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