Saturday May 30th 2015

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Jerry Seinfeld Says It’s “Anti-Comedy” To Impose Gender or Race-Based Quotas

Some people may consider Jerry Seinfeld one of the most popular comedians of our time. Some may also consider Jerry Seinfeld one of the most unfunny, popular comedians of our time. But chances are, he doesn’t care either way.  What else doesn’t Seinfeld care about?...

Trader Joe’s Drops Black Neighborhood Store Plan

Trader Joe’s has dropped plans to develop in a black Portland neighborhood after community activists complained that they  do not want a Trader Joe’s in their neighborhood. “We open a limited number of stores each year, in communities across the country,” it said in a statement....

Conservative Mom Group Not Happy With Lesbian Couple On Disney Channel’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’

In an effort to show that there are different versions of families in the world, the Disney Channel added a lesbian couple to it’s popular sitcom “Good Luck Charlie”. In the storyline, parents Amy and Bob Duncan set up a playdate for their preschooler Charlie with one...

Six Things I’m Loving About Paris, So Far

The eating on the subway bit is probably my most favorite thing, honestly.

50 Things You Will Absolutely, Positively, Never, Ever Regret

In the past few weeks, Facebook and Twitter have been overflowing with “inspiring” articles focusing on regrets.  We’ve seen “The Top 10 Things Elderly People Regret,” “20 Most Common Regrets People Have On Their Deathbed,” and more. We found all of these articles interesting, if a bit...

A Sponsored Celebrity Birth With Live Tweets?

By now we’re all used to seeing the first pictures of celebrities’ babies on the covers of magazines. Publications like People and US Weekly pay hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars for exclusive rights to publish the first pics of Hollywood’s newest heirs. But Kevin Jonas of the...