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Barneys: We Didn’t Stop Black Shoppers

In the on-going Barneys shop-and-frisk saga, Mark Lee, Barneys New York Chief Executive, met with the Reverend Al Sharpton and issued an apology to Trayon Christian, Kayla Philips and Jay-Z. Lee also insisted the store has a “zero tolerance” discrimination policy. “No one, and I...

Open Thread: Yes, Men Ogle Bodies, But Ladies What Do You Ogle?

Here’s a study that really  didn’t need a study. A study published today in the journal Sex Roles “discovered” men really do look at women’s bodies more than their faces. The study, conducted at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, under the director of lead author and social psychologist Sarah Gervais, used eye...

Gay Couple: Cab Driver Kicked Us Out For Kissing

Two men who kissed in a Chicago cab are suing the cab company for discrimination after they alleged the driver kicked them out along the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. Steven White and Matthew McCrea had been dating for several months and were on their way...

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Should men take more responsibility for ending domestic violence?

When I was 15 years old, my best friend’s sister Eve* was home alone with her little brother one day after school. Across the street, her ex-boyfriend sat on a bicycle he’d ridden twenty miles across town. Eve called the police to report that she...

She’s So Ambitious: Janet A. Dickerson

Janet A. Dickerson is a branding and media relations specialist with far-reaching experience in political, campaign, non-profit, grassroots and corporate communications. Her particular interests lie in human and civil rights advocacy, and she is a passionate believer in using the media to create change and support...