Sunday Aug 2nd 2015

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New Orleans Investigators Say Darren Sharper Admitted To Raping Women

According to authorities in New Orleans, former NFL star Darren Sharper allegedly admitted to raping women along with his acquaintance, Erik Nunez.  Currently, Sharper is being held in  Los Angeles, Calif., on two counts of rape and is accused of raping nine women and drugging 11 in five...

Vanessa Williams on Colorism in Hollywood: ‘It’s Hard to Get Roles No Matter How Fair Your Skin Is’

In a recent interview with the Grio’s Chris Witherspoon to promote the film adaptation of the play, Trip to Bountiful, Vanessa Williams shared her thoughts on what it’s like being a Black actress in Hollywood. On the heels of Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar win, Witherspoon asked...

Crack May Not Be So Wack After All, Neuroscientist Says Everything We’ve Heard About Drugs Is Wrong

We’ve all heard the stories about how the crack epidemic destroyed the Black community, leaving broken homes and drug-addicted babies in its wake. But is it true? Did the influx of crack cocaine and other drugs really ravage our communities, or has everything we’ve been...

Kids Cursing, Twerking & Acting A Fool On Social Media Is Not Cute

Someone named Lil Boosie was released from prison this week.  Apparently he’s a rapper guy, who had a run in with the law and got sent to the pokey for drugs. The internet went crazy celebrating the fact that Boosie, government name Torrence Hatch, was finally free.  Then there...

The New ‘Annie’ Trailer Is Cuteness Overload

I was a little skeptical when I heard “Annie” was getting a face lift. I pretty much thought, “How dare Hollywood screw up yet another movie from my childhood”. I can’t even count how many times I watched “Annie” as a kid. No matter what...

What We’re Watching: “Swirlr” Webisode 1: Meet the Clients – Kurt and Quintana

Last month we told you about “Swirl”, the first interracial dating reality tv show. Well the first episode premiered yesterday on YouTube In Webisode 1 of “Swirlr” we meet Kurt from Central California, who is studying and part-time modelling. Then we meet Quintana, an Atlanta,...