Friday Jan 30th 2015

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Rihanna Rocks a Doobie at the 2013 American Music Awards

When Rihanna walked up to the podium at the 2013 American Music Awards, my mouth dropped. The singer attended a glamorous Awards show in a Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble with her hair still in a doobie wrap. The doobie wrap is a technique mostly women...

Crystal Mangum, Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser, Found Guilty In Boyfriend’s Murder

In 2006,  Crystal Mangum falsely claimed Duke lacrosse players gang-raped her at a team party where she was hired as a stripper. The case caught the nation’s attention, as the coach was forced to resign and the university canceled the remainder of the season. After the Duke...

Showing Up For Michelle Obama

When I read Michelle Cottle’s article for Politico Magazine, Leaning Out: How Michelle Obama became a feminist nightmare, I had several thoughts, and subsequently, several angles from which they could be expressed: 1.) Discuss the problematic irony in expecting feminism to manifest from an inherently...

Cop Admits He Ordered Mentally Ill Black Man To Sing, Make Animal Noises

A police officer in a Detroit suburb has been suspended after he reportdely told a mentally ill black man to sing and dance while he recorded the videos. The Grosse Pointe Park police officer has admitted making several videos that sparked public outrage and accusations...

Gay Teen Football Star Stabs Adult Boyfriend To Death

A 27-year-old Bloomfield, Conn. man is dead, and an 18-year-old football star is now behind bars, accused of stabbing him several times. Explosive information details in court documents show the two had been in a relationship in the past. The documents said the suspect was...

How To Shop For Foundation As A Swarthy Lass

Shopping for foundation for the first time is often a hair-rippingly frustrating experience that becomes even moreso if you’re not some shade of pale to medium beige.