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Pebbles and TLC Gate: Girl Fights Should Only Be For Girls

I once told a woman that she’d better keep it moving or I’d “walk your ass up and down this sidewalk.” And I didn’t mean hand-in-hand or side-by-side, either. I was a 19-year-old college student. When her daughter threatened to punch me in my [expletive]...

Feminists Reimagine Google Search Terms About Themselves

When you think of women what type of words come to mind? For some people it’s some pretty not so nice things. The UN Women Google auto-complete campaign revealed that popular terms related to women were extremely negative. They included phrases such as: “Women shouldn’t have rights”,...

UGA Students & Faculty Hold Silent Protest Over Racist Facebook Posts

Last week two Facebook pages belonging to the  University of Georgia were victims of some pretty racist posts.  The user posted the following message to the UGA Black Affairs Council Facebook: There were also similar posts targeting the LGBT Resource Center and Muslim students. The racist posts...

He Said: Incognito & Martin Are Both Wrong

This week’s “His Side” to last week’s post on the Richie Incognito & Jonathan Martin fiasco: — I’m 6’3” and 305 lbs. Outside of wrestling one semester in high school (hated the unitard) I have never played organized scholastic sports. However, I have played in countless...

6 Bits Of Relationship Wisdom My Married Self Would Like To Tell My Single Self

I feel pretty good about my path toward a forever-partner. I dated a lot of guys, had numerous long- and longish-term relationships and a lot of premarital sex.  I don’t believe that marriage is “the end” of your emotional or sexual growth as a woman, but...

Study: Gender Wage Gap Worse for African-American and Hispanic Women

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) has released a new analysis detailing the significant gap in wages earned by African-American women and Latinas compared to white, non-Hispanic women and men. The November 2013 report, Closing the Wage Gap is Crucial for Women of Color and Their...