Saturday May 23rd 2015

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V.O.T.D: Lianne La Havas “Gone” (Official Video)

Love is not blind, it’s just deaf and it is dumb So how could I fool myself thinking you were the one How sad, how undignified Now I found you out This is my last goodbye – Lianne La Havas

Dear Sandy Rios: You’re Right, ‘Bitter Blacks’ are to Blame for ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Racism, But Not For the Reasons You Think

In today’s WTF news, Conservative radio host, and self-described hater of feminism, Sandy Rios, took a little time to explain why there seems to be an uptick in racism in America. According to Rios, “bitter Blacks” are to blame for the rise in Anglo-Saxon racism...

Prince Is Suing Facebook Users & Bloggers Who Posted Bootleg Live Performances For $22 Million

Sure, Prince has embraced social media by setting up a Twitter account last year, but that doesn’t mean he’s just going to sit back and let people post bootleg versions of his live shows to their Facebook pages or blogs. Over the last several years,...

Knoxville Waitress Receives $1, 075 Tip

Khadijah Muhammad has seemingly dedicated her life to helping and serving others. From waitressing at Cheddars restaurant, making homemade pies, muffins, soup, and delivering it to the homeless on her own, Muhammad receives satisfaction just from knowing she’s helped others. But the last month hasn’t...

Teen Handcuffed For Cutting In Line In School Cafeteria

The school to prison pipeline is an issue all too familiar to students in Wake County, N.C. Normally when a student cuts in a lunch line, you’d expect to hear about them being sent to the back of the line or a visit to the guidance...

The Problem With Black ‘It’ Girls

When it comes to “it” girls, does Hollywood only allow one Black actress to shine at a time?