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For The Man In Your Life Jay Z’s Barney Collection Has A Pair Of Leather Boxers With Gold Snowflakes

What man wouldn’t want to own a pair of black leather boxer shorts with gold snowflakes, ninja stars or spurs, or whatever those things are for just a mere $2,590? I seriously can’t imagine the look on man’s face after receiving those. Or how about a...

Are Anorexia Memoirs Irresponsibly Training Women In How To Develop An Eating Disorder?

I'm not down with framing this as a problem -- because if it's a problem, it needs a solution, and what is the solution if not tell other writers of memoirs about eating disorders to be less forthcoming with their stories?

Open Thread: What Do You Do To Stay in Shape?

Have you seen Mary J. Blige lately? She’s looking real good. The 42-year-old R&B singer is flaunting rock-hard abs on the December cover of SHAPE magazine. How does she stay so fit? According to Mary, no alcohol is allowed in her diet. I haven’t had...

10 Year Old Zuriel Oduwole Is Named Ethiopian Airlines’ Global Ambassador

10 -year-old  Zuriel Elise Oduwole, from Nigeria, is already making a name for herself in the business world.  Earlier this year, Zuriel was the youngest person to be interviewed by Forbes in their August 2013 edition of Forbes Africa. Unlike most 10-year-olds, Zuriel spends her...

Reminder: Take Your Amazing Tech Idea To The Next Level With NewME Virtual Accelerator

At the young age of 32-years-old, Angela Benton is already well know in the tech community and Silicon Valley. Benton not only is the founder of BlackWeb20,  but is also the founder of NewME Accelerator. NewMe Accelerator has helped Black tech start-ups earn nearly $8M in funding,...