Tuesday Mar 3rd 2015

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It Only Took The Mormon Church 35 Years To Explain The Past Ban on Black Priests

Thirty-five years ago, Mormon leaders lifted the ban on black priests in the church. But they offered no explanation as to why there was a ban in the first place.  The ban most recently was brought up during Mitt Romney’s run for president and the...

Swiss Introduces Apartheid-Like Restrictions: Asylum Seekers Banned From Public Places & Must Take DNA Tests

Earlier this year, Tina Turner made headlines when she relinquished her U.S citizenship to officially become a Swiss citizen. Turner  did not “formally renounce her U.S. citizenship under 349(a)(5) Immigration and Nationality Act,  but took Swiss citizenship with the intent to lose her U.S. citizenship”. Turner has been...

Open Thread: Do You Fat Talk?

A few weeks ago, I decided to go dress shopping with a girlfriend. We were both in Nordstrom’s dressing room trying on the exact same dress. We’re both what people would probably consider ‘fat’. She’s short, and I’m tall and she’s a 14 and I’m...

White Audience Turns Out To Hear Rand Paul Speak At Detroit’s African-American Outreach Event

The GOP is really trying hard to garner more minority voters. Last week,  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made a visit to Detroit to open the party’s African-American Engagement Office. But unfortunately, they failed.  The audience was mostly comprised of white people. The event was held at the  Grace Bible Chapel,...

R. “Pedo” Kelly Compares Himself & Chris Brown To Jesus

If there was any day that Jesus would decide to roll over in his catacomb, today would be the day.  In an interview with The Guardian, Pedo Kelly took it upon himself to compare the life Jesus led, to the one him and Chris Brown...

Black Girls Rock! Founder Responds To #whitegirlsrock

Beverly Bond founded Black Girls Rock! in 2006 to celebrate, empower and uplift black women of color. It reinforces community service, academic excellence, health and wellness. This fall’s award show honored various women who are dedicating their lives to making a difference, from young girls...