Friday May 22nd 2015

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Sherri Shepherd Apologizes For Controversial Gay Remarks

Last week, Sherri Shepherd came under fire when her comments about gay people during an interview on the Fusion network went viral: “You grow up being a Christian and you grow up believing homosexuality is a sin; you’re going to hell if you’re a homosexual....

Say It Ain’t So, O? Oprah May Stop Appearing On “O” Magazine Covers

Years ago, when Oprah Winfrey launched her O magazine, people thought it was quite egotistical of her to be the only cover model. Every month.  But honestly, if I had Oprah’s money, and could launch a magazine as well, I’d probably do the same thing....

Ladies, Will You Submit to Your Husband?

Candace Cameron recently made waves with the release of her book, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose. In one chapter, Cameron, who played DJ Tanner on the 90s sitcom Full House, said that despite not being a “passive” woman, she decided...

The Soapbox: The Real Problem With Skin Lightening Cosmetics

Whitenicious, a cosmetics line created by California-based, Nigerian-Cameroonian pop star Dencia touts its ability to help customers even out their skin and get rid of discoloration. The product is essentially a skin bleaching cream in a golden jar, sold for $150 a pop– well, at least that is what...

Richard Sherman on Being Criticized in the Media: ‘Thug’ Is the New ‘N-Word’

After Seahawks player Richard Sherman continued to trash talk a rival during his post-game interview, letting his testosterone and adrenaline get the better of him, I knew what would happen next. Some would turn him into a meme, and others would almost certainly call him...

Wisconsin Middle School Segregates Sexes Because ‘Girls Hear Better’ & ‘Boys Are Messy’

The ACLU has asked federal authorities to investigate a middle school in Wisconsin for segregating classes and promoting gender inequality. Somerset Middle School, is a public school, that uses different teaching methods for boys and girls, most of whom are separated into single-sex home rooms, in core...