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She Said: Love, Money, & Ultimatums

*Another response to this week’s He Said/She Said: “By their fruits ye shall know them” was the first thought that came to mind after reading your dilemma.  She has shown you no evidence whatsoever that she is making strides to clean up her financial life....

American Horror Story: Coven & The Queenie Masturbation Scene

I’ve never felt so uneasy about watching American Horror Story until last night. American Horror Story: Coven managed to hit on all levels of perversion in last night’s episode. There was the incest storyline with Frankenboyfriend/Kyle (Evan Peters) and his mother.  The racial component of...

Obama Appoints First Black Chief Judge of U.S. Federal Claims Court

Although views are currently mixed on how President Barack Obama is handling governmental affairs, one thing that can be lauded is his goals to diversify the White House and bring more people of color into positions of power. Well, just one month after appointed Patricia...

Atlanta Cheerleader Attempts To Break Guinness World Record For Backflips – Guinness Says Back Up

It was all for naught. After attempting to break the Guinness World Record for backflips, 16-year-old Atlanta student Mikayla Clark thought she broke the record after performing 44 back handsprings back to back along her high school track. But the record books haven’t recognized her achievement....

Hey Jay-Z, You’d Probably Be Profiled At Barneys If You Were Just A Regular Shawn Carter From Marcy

Barneys has been catching a lot of flack recently when two major profiling stories hit the news. First there was 19-year-old, Trayon Christian who was arrested after the NYPD accused him of using a fraudulent credit card when he purchased his Ferragamo belt.  After Christian’s story...