Monday Feb 2nd 2015

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Jameis Winton’s Lawyer Says DNA Matches Due To Consensual Sex

  Jameis Winston is a Florida State football player that is currently involved in a rape investigation.  Allegations surfaced last week that the Heisman Trophy prospect was involved in an investigation of a reported sexual assault that occurred in  December 2012. The accuser, who was a...

Trophy Scarves: ‘I Wear White Women For Status & Power’

Nate Hill is a performance artist. And he’s serious about his work. Hill’s art has been making people gasp since his first piece in 2008 that included taxidermy tours of New York City’s Chinatown garbage. On top of that, he’s done even more outrageous things...

Justin Bieber Says His Style is Inspired By “Black Culture”

Justin Bieber’s bad boy behavior has been unfairly linked to black culture. Sharon Osbourne described his antics as “acting black,” and the mainstream media is quick to imply his new friends (rappers like Lil Twist and Lil Za) are influencing his actions. No one seems...

Note to Women: Make Sure You’re Wearing The Correct Foundation

A couple of weeks ago I was trying out some new makeup tricks my sister taught me.  I had her new concealer palette and two new Cover Girl Queen foundations. I was about to do my best imitation of a YouTube makeup star. Well, it didn’t go...

San Jose State Students Charged With Hate Crime Against Black Roommate

Members of the Black Students Union at San Jose State University rallied Thursday on campus to demand answers over the reported tormenting of an African-American freshman that included putting a bike lock around his neck, hanging Nazi symbols around the apartment, referred to him as...

Doctors Warn That Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Will Burn Your Child’s Insides

  Schools in California and New Mexico recently removed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from their cafeterias due to the high fat and salt content. Another school district in Illinois pulled the snacks off their menus as well. In one year, it sold 150,000 bags of the cheesy hot snacks....