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Woman Launches Ad Campaign To Find A Husband

Daviece Clement is on a mission. That mission is to find a husband and she’s going about it in the most peculiar way. The 34-year-old, former advertising executive turned hairdresser, lives in Richmond, Virginia and plans on using  billboards, a website, social media and public relations...

Another Black Barney’s Shopper Accused Of Credit Card Fraud

Trayon Christian isn’t the only black shopper in NYC going after the luxury retailer and NYPD. Kayla Phillips, 21 and a nursing student from Canarsie, says she was stopped by four plainclothes cops after using her debit card to purchase a $2,500 orange Céline bag in...

Janelle Monae to Uptown: “I Am Just a Ghetto Black Girl Underneath It All”

Janelle Monae let loose a little more than usual in her latest interview with Uptown Magazine‘s Isoul Harris. The singer, who covers Uptown’s October/November 2013 issue, didn’t spill details on her love life (nor should she) but she opened up about misconceptions about her personality...

13 Sex Moves Women Can Live Without (But Men Seem To Think We Love)

Guys,it’s  time for some real talk. Sometimes when we’re getting down, you do things that you seem to think are totally getting us off, but in reality? Some things you think we love are leaving us lukewarm at best. Sorry to break it to you, but...

Video: TLC’s “Meant To Be”

The song that played at the end of VH1′s “Crazy Sexy Cool: A TLC Movie,” is slated to appear on TLC’s greatest hits album, 20, celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary. The visual that accompanies it is a trip down memory lane with footage of the...