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What’s #BodyConfidenceWeek About?

You may have seen a new hashtag floating around social media this week: #bodyconfidenceweek. Created by British plus-size model and body positive activist Sarah Martindale, it was spawned on the heels of another meme that proudly and stupidly tried to shame fat people. Most of...

Aja Brown’s Tragic Past Won’t Stop Her From Turning Compton Around

When people think of Compton, California, images of violent crime and gang fights come to mind. That ideology isn’t far off and actually hits close to home for the city’s newly elected mayor Aja Brown, whose grandmother was murdered in a “violent home invasion rape...

Rah Digga: Why Cory Booker has let Newark down

Decades after urban riots destroyed whole neighborhoods in the city of Newark, it’s hard to imagine that this place I’ve always called home was once a hotbed of business, trade and the performing arts. Crime is high. Unemployment is in the double digits. For most residents...

An Atheist Appears On Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” & Is Told She’s Not An Atheist

Diana Nyad recently made history with a swim from Cuba to Key West, Fla., this summer, but in an interview with Oprah Winfrey on “Super Soul Sunday”, the topic went from swimming to Nyad’s views on faith and religion.  This is when the interview turned into...

Kenan Thompson, Being A Token and Wanting to Believe You’re Special

Yesterday it came out that Kenan Thompson, a regular player on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, felt the reason why there were no African-American female cast members on the show was because the black woman who have auditioned weren’t good enough. Mind you, Lorne Michaels, the showrunner...