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Natural Hair’s Love Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women, I want to start off by thanking for you finally embracing me the way you always should have. I had my time in the spotlight decades ago, and ...

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Stay-cations: What They Are and How to Do Them Right

’Tis the season…for overeating and overspending. And in the midst of the chaos, sometimes you just need a break. With the price tag that often accompanies the holidays, sometimes it’s ...

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Why White People Need to Give Up on Discussing the N-Word

It is amusing that in 2014 so much polarizing discussion around race has been bubbling over in spurts as social media rallies, rages and questions as think-pieces and op-ed's are ...

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En Vogue Will Always Be En Vogue

The other night an En Vogue song came on the radio and I was in all my 90's girl feels. I tweeted the following: God. En Vogue was pure perfection. We ...

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Phaedra and Apollo: When Do You Stop Standing By Your Man?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta made its long-awaited return Monday night and no time was wasted when it came to the couple of the moment – Phaedra and Apollo. The ...

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5 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

The road to picture perfect skin can be a complicated quest, filled with constant breakouts, scarring, oily T-zones and skin envy towards those with blemish-free faces. After so long, these ...

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Open Thread: How Do You Stay Sane While Dating?

I’m one of the most open-minded, come-as-you-are, equal opportunity, cautiously optimistic daters I know. So, when a guy told me a little while ago that I was “too hard on a brotha” I couldn’t do anything but laugh.  After all, his comment came right after...

7 Characters I Don’t Want Sasheer Zamata to Play on SNL

When I found out Saturday Night Live finally hired a black female player, I didn’t know whether to say “Congrats, girl!” Or “‘Bout time, SNL!” Or both. Either way, I’ll be watching Jan. 18 for Sasheer Zamata’s mid-season debut. I grew up on those side-splitting...

Evander Holyfield’s Being Gay Ain’t Normal Comments Could Lead To TV Watchdog Investigation

In what probably isn’t the pinnacle of success, former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield is currently a houseguest on UK Celebrity Big Brother and recent comments could have him in hot water. During a conversation with houseguest Luisa Zissman, in which she asks if there were any gay boxers, Holyfield...

White Man Who Slapped Black Baby Receives Prison Sentence

Earlier this year Joe Rickey Hundley, 60,  pleaded guilty to slapping a crying black baby on a plane. Yesterday, Hundley was sentenced to 8 months in federal prison.   Jessica Bennett and her son Jonah, who was 19-months-old at the time, were seated next to Hundley....

Glenn Beck Defends Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘I Don’t Believe She’s A Bad Person’

The world has truly gone topsy-turvy…. While some Right Wing pundits, and CNN, urged MSNBC to fire Melissa Harris-Perry over recent remarks on her weekend show about Mitt Romney’s black adopted grandson, Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck came to her defense. Beck, who has...