Sunday May 24th 2015

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The Soapbox: The Real Problem With Skin Lightening Cosmetics

Whitenicious, a cosmetics line created by California-based, Nigerian-Cameroonian pop star Dencia touts its ability to help customers even out their skin and get rid of discoloration. The product is essentially a skin bleaching cream in a golden jar, sold for $150 a pop– well, at least that is what...

Richard Sherman on Being Criticized in the Media: ‘Thug’ Is the New ‘N-Word’

After Seahawks player Richard Sherman continued to trash talk a rival during his post-game interview, letting his testosterone and adrenaline get the better of him, I knew what would happen next. Some would turn him into a meme, and others would almost certainly call him...

Wisconsin Middle School Segregates Sexes Because ‘Girls Hear Better’ & ‘Boys Are Messy’

The ACLU has asked federal authorities to investigate a middle school in Wisconsin for segregating classes and promoting gender inequality. Somerset Middle School, is a public school, that uses different teaching methods for boys and girls, most of whom are separated into single-sex home rooms, in core...

Dear Black People: Stop Rewarding Whites Who Behave Badly With ‘Honorary Blackness’

Justin Bieber’s recent arrest has sparked more than a few jokes about the future of the Beeb’s career. While many of us shook our head at his antics, others apparently used his run-in with the law as further proof that the Canadian musician’s bad boy...

Obama Launching New Initiative To Tackle College Sexual Assault Epidemic

President Barack Obama is making  sexual assaults on college campuses a top priority. The White House released a report Wednesday citing lifelong health effects for victims of rape and  saying that “1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted at college but that only 12 percent...

Social Media You vs The Real You

If you scrolled through your Instagram pics right now, would it be a fairly accurate description of your life? If you looked at your Facebook status messages for the past month or so, would it be an accurate reflection of your moods and perspectives on life and...