Friday May 22nd 2015

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What’s the End Game For Mass School Closures?

Mass school closings have been on the rise as of late, displacing thousands of children in cities such as Oakland, Philadelphia, DC, New York and Chicago. An unfortunate move by the city’s school district, large numbers of schools permanently lock their doors within one year...

When Is A Date Not A Date & Just “Hanging Out”?

You get a text around 7 p.m on a Friday night, asking if you want to  grab a bite to eat. The person on the other end says they’ll pick you up in an hour. You put on your fliest outfit, spray on whatever smells...

NC Cop Who Killed Former FAMU Football Player Will Not Be Indicted On Voluntary Manslaughter

Twenty-four-year old Jonathan Ferrell, a former football player at FAMU, was shot dead last September as he “ran towards” police officer Randall Kerrick in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ferrell, who was in a car accident, had sought help in the early hours of Saturday by knocking...

Bill Cosby’s Creating Another Family Comedy for NBC

It’s not exactly a Cosby Show reboot, but it sounds interesting…. It’s been over 20 years since Cliff, Claire, and their brood turned out the lights on 10 Stigwood Avenue and danced their way off the set of the Cosby Show. But according to Deadline,...

V.O.T.D: Happy by Howard University

Howard University students  made their own version of Pharrell’s “Happy” video, with the help of faculty, staff and the D.C. community.

Mister Cee Says He’s ‘Absolutely Not’ Gay Despite Soliciting Gay Prostitutes in the Past

For the past few years, Mister Cee has been leading a double life. The celebrated DJ known as “The Finisher” proudly plays Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye,” a song about murdering gay people, but has also been busted—three times—for soliciting oral sex from gay prostitutes....