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Video: TLC’s “Meant To Be”

The song that played at the end of VH1′s “Crazy Sexy Cool: A TLC Movie,” is slated to appear on TLC’s greatest hits album, 20, celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary. The visual that accompanies it is a trip down memory lane with footage of the...

Breast Cancer Awareness: Zuriworks hosts the Big Chop to Stop Cancer on Oct. 24 with celeb stylist Johnny Wright

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when African-American women should ponder this disease. As has been widely reported, African-American women are most likely to die from the illness. Cancer survivor Dr. Andrene Taylor founded ZuriWorks in 2012 to target black women for prevention. Zuriworks uses hair care-themed events and spa-like settings to draw women of...

Show Me Your Papers: Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Contestants Must Prove They’re Latino

In September, seven-year-old Jakiyah McKoy was crowned Little Miss Hispanic Delaware but was soon forced to relinquish her title after concerns over her heritage led to an investigation and sparked a backlash. In response to the uproar over the rescinding of McKoy’s crown, the pageant released...

Experts Say 20-Somethings Are Drinking Lots of Cheap Wine

When Lil’ Wayne rapped in 2009 that he “don’t buy the bar ‘cause it don’t sell white wine,” he was speaking a generational truth, new figures from the wine industry prove. Experts interviewed by Fox Business said millennials consume a big chunk of the nation’s...

V.O.T.D: She’s The Next Tap Dance Kid & She Knows It

Whose child is this? She’s not only adorable but a show stopper!