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The French Prove Just How Racist They Can Be After Crowning New Miss France

Earlier this month,  France crowned 19-year-old Flora Coquerel as Miss France. Coquerel,whose mother is from Benin,  beat out 33 other hopefuls. But not everyone in France was excited to see her win. Coquerel’s victory came amid concern over a series of racist incidents in France,...

The New Way to Hide Your Sex Toys

A black female entrepreneur has pushed your underwear drawer, shoebox, and plastic bin out of style. The MUA Box, a pleasure products organizer, is Kickstarter’s first ever adult product campaign. And it all started with Lidia Bonilla, having her personal organizer discover her bright orange...

Journalist Covering R. Kelly Case: “The saddest fact I’ve learned is nobody matters less to our society than young black women.”

Today, a shocking and detailed interview by the Village Voice’s Jessica Hopper with Jim DeRogatis, the journalist who’s covered the R. Kelly sex case for 15 years,  uncovers so much more that went on with the R. Kelly investigation.  The lenghthy article also includes court...

R&B Divas L.A: Chrisette Michele & Leela James Joins Cast

Oh, ratchet neo-soul? This ought to be good! TV One just announced they’re out with the old and in with two new singing divas for R&B Divas L.A.   Chrisette Michelle and Leela James are the show’s newest members, according to a press release from D’Angela Proctor,...

Titles: At What Point Do You Become Someone’s Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)?

At least once a week I notice someone taking their Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship” or from “single” to engaged”.  Then there’s always the “it’s complicated” people.  I’ll never for the life understand that one. Personally, I never bother changing my status...