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Lily Allen Responds To The Criticism About Exploiting Black Women In New Music Video

British pop singer, Lily  Allen, is back and causing controversy in the process.  It’s been four years since Allen has released any music, but her new single, “Hard Out Here,” pokes fun at the recent misogyny in pop culture, by parodying the likes of Robin...

7th-Grade Student Knocked Out By Teacher Texas

12-year-old Reginald Wells says he was in the hallway chatting with the assistant teacher and made a joke about the teacher's football team and next thing he knows he was blindsided.

Dear “Allegedly” Racist White Person:

Pick a week that ends in “Saturday,” and you’ll find one that has found some well-known White person who has made a fool of themselves with some sort of racial/racist comment or action. From Paula Deen’s dreams of plantation weddings, to Richie Incognito’s possibly homoerotic playground...

Suburban Terrorism vs Urban Terrorism

Last week a mass shooting occurred at a barbershop in Detroit, but it was barely a blip on the news radar. The shooting took place at Al’s Barbershop, which was known for illegal gambling activity. Spokeswoman Kelly Miner says nine people were shot and two of them...

Autopsy Shows Renisha McBride Was Shot In The Face – Charges Still Not Filed

According to an autopsy report released Tuesday, Renisha McBride, the 19-year-old Detroit woman who friends say was merely seeking help after a car crash, was killed by a gun blast to the face. The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s report also ruled McBride’s death a homicide, but  authorities...

Mother Upset Over Botched Circumcision

It doesn’t happen often, but when a doctor botches a child’s circumcision, it’s heart-breaking. Maggie Rhodes is dealing with that heartbreak right now, after a catastrophic mistake on the operating table. Removal of the foreskin from a child’s penis is rooted in concerns about health,...