Sunday Apr 26th 2015

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Reading: A Love Story

I so enjoyed seeing the online love given to author Zora Neale Hurston on her 123rd birthday the other day.  Google honored her with a Google Doodle, she was a trending topic on Twitter and I saw countless tributes to her in my Facebook and Instagram...

Blurred Lines: Professional vs Personal

“It’s always business, never personal.” That’s what Nino Brown told us in New Jack City, but in real life, the line between professional and personal pursuits is often blurred. Meredith Fineman talked about her frustrations for the Harvard Business Review. “In this new economy of the personal...

Study: Racism May Age Black Men Faster

A new University of Maryland-led study reveals that racism may impact aging at the cellular level. Researchers found signs of accelerated aging in African-American men who reported high levels of racial discrimination and who had internalized anti-Black attitudes. Findings from the study, which is the...

Katie Couric Gets Schooled By Laverne Cox & Carmen Carrera On What Not To Ask Transgendered Women

Here’s a fyi, it’s quite rude to ask a transgender woman about their genitalia. Apparently no one told Katie Couric this, but model Carmen Carrera and actress Lavern Cox didn’t have any problems educating Couric. Carrera and Cox were recent guests on Couric’s talk show...

‘Saturday Night Live’ Adds Two Black Female Writers to the Show

Fresh off the announcement that Sasheer Zamata will become the first Black women to be apart of the cast of SNL since 2007, news broke that the show is also adding two black female writers to its roster.