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Akon: “If America Adopted [Polygamy], There Would Be Less Domestic Disputes”

Wondering why the divorce rate is so high in America? Singer Akon has the answer. He told TMZ that Americans can reduce domestic disputes by allowing our men to have multiple wives. His reasoning? Men are “natural breeders,” and “one woman” can’t “satisfy one man’s...

Venezulean Women Are Dying From Butt Injections

The pursuit of a fatter ass is not only leaving women limbless, but also killing them. Over last couple of years, countless stories of women receiving butt injections and implants from bootleggers have brought attention to some women’s pursuit of the perfect butt. Most recently,...

Nelly’s Still Salty Over Spelman’s Protest Of Tip Drill

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr better known as Nelly is still expressing some ill feelings against Spelman College’s boycott of his 2004 bone marrow drive on the campus due to his sexually explicit “Tip Drill” video. The bone marrow...

K-Mart & Sears Join The “Rent-To-Own” Market

No credit? No problem! Sears and K-Mart are now  part of the infamous rent-to-own crowd.  Who wouldn’t want to pay $415 for a t.v. that would normally cost  $300?  Just in time for the holidays too? It’s a win-win situation for those people without credit...

Pastor Who Confessed: There Are Times ‘I Don’t Feel Like God Is Hearing Me’ Commits Suicide

A Macon, Georgia pastor committed suicide last Sunday, as his family waited for him to arrive at church. Rev. Teddy Parker Jr., 42, of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church in Macon, Ga, and father of two, was discovered by his wife in the driveway of...