Friday May 22nd 2015

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V.O.T.D: Happy by Howard University

Howard University students  made their own version of Pharrell’s “Happy” video, with the help of faculty, staff and the D.C. community.

Mister Cee Says He’s ‘Absolutely Not’ Gay Despite Soliciting Gay Prostitutes in the Past

For the past few years, Mister Cee has been leading a double life. The celebrated DJ known as “The Finisher” proudly plays Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye,” a song about murdering gay people, but has also been busted—three times—for soliciting oral sex from gay prostitutes....

The Curious Case of Imposter Syndrome

Besides slaying everyone on the planet with her phenomenal beauty and style, Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong’o also gives great interviews. The Yale School of Drama graduate talked to StudioSystem News about the audition process for 12 Years of Slave and she brought up something that many people can relate...

Racism With a Twist? Japanese Airline’s Commercial Slammed for Being Offensive to Whites

Well, isn’t this interesting. Japanese carrier Nippon Airlines is coming under fire for a new commercial that have some crying foul. The ad features two English-speaking Japanese men discussing ways to make Nippon Air more competitive internationally. In addition to adding more flights to the...

New Dove Campaign Asks Whether Selfies Define Beauty

Can a selfie define one’s sense of beauty? A film produced by beauty product maker Dove, asks exactly that question.  “Selfie” made it’s debut Monday at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. “Selfie” follows a group of teenage girls from Massachusetts and their mothers who were...

Saying A Black Person Has “Set Us Back 500 Years” Just Isn’t A Good Look

Everyone’s still talking about Richard Sherman. The Sherman think pieces are every where. Sherman’s arrogant. Sherman’s a “thug”. Sherman showed bad sportsmanship. Sherman, Sherman, Sherman. But what people aren’t talking about is a tweet made by Andre Iguodala, of the Golden State Warriors, in reference...