Monday Apr 27th 2015

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Ann Coulter Calls Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC’s ‘Token’ African-American

Ann Coulter called Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC’s “token” African-American, in response to the host’s apology to the Romney family.  As reported on Clutch, Harris-Perry came under fire recently for allowing her show’s guest to joke about Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson being the only black person in...

London Court Rules Killing of Unarmed Black Man Was Lawful

After a three-month inquiry, a jury in London found that police acted lawfully when they shot and killed 29-year-old Mark Duggan on August 4, 2011. Duggan’s family called the ruling “perverse” and reacted emotionally to the verdict.

Omaha Police Association Labels Video Of Black Toddler Cursing ‘The Thug Cycle’

The Omaha Police Association is under fire for labeling a video of a black toddler cursing “the thug cycle”. The video, which was posted on the association’s website, was sent to the group by a “concerned” citizen. The video was pulled from someone’s Facebook page,...

Don Lemon: ‘SNL’s’ New Cast Member ‘Must Be Funnier Than She Is Black’

During a recent appearance on Tom Joyner Morning Show , CNN anchor Don Lemon talked about “Saturday Night Live’s” hiring of Sasheer Zamata – the first African-American woman cast member in seven years. “Look for a Beyoncé spoof for sure, something Zamata says she’s good at, and you’ll probably see a...

Were You Feeling BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’?

BET’s new drama Being Mary Jane premiered last night and had social networks ablaze. The show stars Gabrielle Union, Omari Hardwick, Stephen Bishop, Lisa Vidal, and is written and produced by the husband-wife duo Salim and Mara Brock Akil. Last night’s episode, which became the top worldwide trending...

Keeping it Real: Noam Chomsky Says War on Drugs is Nothing but a Race War

One of Raw Story’s latest pieces titled, “Noam Chomsky: The Drug War is the Latest Manifestation of a Centuries-Old Race War”, highlights some poignant remarks made by the 85-year old idol of academia and political activist. Chomsky illustrated how the war on drugs is actually...