Saturday May 23rd 2015

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ColorofChange is Fighting to Bring Net Neutrality Back from the Dead – Literally

Regardless of the venue, the struggle to ensure freedom appears to be never ending. The ColorofChange’s recent communiqué just hipped the public to a major decision made last week that threatens access to the Internet as we’ve come to know it: A federal appeals court...

Memories, Evidence Questioned in George Stinney Hearing

  Supporters of George Stinney argued Tuesday that there wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty in 1944 of killing a 7-year-old and an 11-year-old girl. Back in 1944, Stinney, who was 14-years-old, was convicted of killing 11-year-old Betty Binnicker and 7-year-old Mary Emma Thames in...

Meet The Women’s US Olympic Bobsled Team

This week the United States announced the women’s bobsled team for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which includes two Summer Olympic athletes: hurdler Lolo Jones and sprinter Lauryn Williams. Jones was actually talked Williams into trying out for the team, using a medal as bait. Jones,...

40 Questions Every Woman In A New Relationship Wonders (Admit It)

Ahh, new relationships. We’ve all been there— the birds chirp louder, the sky looks bluer and it feels like life just took a shot of Red Bull. During the first month or two, dates tend to go something like this: He takes you to dinner, heads...

Avonte Oquendo Remains Identified

Late last week, human remains were found along the East River in New York City, and DNA has confirmed the remains are those of Avonte Oquendo. Officials notified the Avonte’s mother early Tuesday afternoon. 14-year-old Avonte was last seen on video leaving his Long Island...

Black Students At University Of Michigan Threaten ‘Physical Action’ If Demands Aren’t Met

A group of black students at the University of Michigan are making sure their voices are being heard. Last fall, the students started  Being Black at University of Michigan (#BBUM) to air their grievances about the university’s lack of diversity and they’re desire for more inclusion.  Yesterday,...