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Condé Nast Discontinuing Internship Program

Media giant Condé Nast has decided to discontinue its internship program starting in 2014. This could have something to do with several lawsuits recently filed by former interns against the media company who claimed they were paid below the minimum wage during internships at W and The...

The NFL Is Lining Its Pockets With Think Pink Dollars

The NFL is currently a huddle of  pink in honor the their Breast Cancer Awareness initiative. Honestly, I’ve always had an issue with the NFL turning pink because they don’t turn blue to raise awareness about prostate cancer, I mean, the NFL is filled with men...

White House National Security Official Gets Fired For Twitter Trolling

In a few years when Jofi Joseph looks back on this event, I’m pretty sure he’ll still be kicking himself in the ass for the actions that led to his firing.  Every last one of Joseph’s security clearances have been snatched away from him after...

Shopping While Black Lawsuit: NYC Teen Says Barneys Accused Him Of Using A Stolen Credit Card

Trayon Christian by all accounts could be considered a fashion forward teenager attempting to emulate the pricey clothing worn by some of his favorite rappers.  Christian is a 19-year-old engineering student at New York City College of Technology and a work study student. All he wanted...

Dating Don’ts: Why You Should Choose To Date

Here’s what’s easy: Sitting in your apartment, doing things that you like to do, justifying this behavior by saying that because it is what you want to do, it is absolutely correct. Rejecting new experiences because they could fail, because you could embarrass yourself or...