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Alexander McQueen Flagship Store Charged with Discrimination

Barneys isn’t the only retailer that has been accused of practicing discrimination. Alexander McQueen’s flagship store is being sued by a former Hispanic employee who claims she was discriminated against while working in their Meatpacking District location. Moselle Blanco said she was subjected to “a...

Dating Don’ts: 6 Tips For Managing The First Ex Run-In

You’re on your way to your local watering hole one evening and you spot something familiar in the gait, the walk, the hand gestures of a person heading your way on the street. You realize with sudden, sinking dread that it’s your ex who you haven’t seen...

The Two Miracle Beauty Products That Are Saving My Life

Perfect skin eluded me for years until I finally gave up trying to get it.

Illinois is Wrongfully Locking Up Parolees, Lawsuit Claims

Professors at Northwestern University Law School are alleging that the state of Illinois is running an unconstitutional scam to revoke parole for ex-convicts and keep them locked up, the Chicago Tribune reports. With the help of an attorney at Uptown’s People’s Law Center, they have issued three...

Porsha Says She’s Keeping Ex-Husband’s Last Name — Would You?

Every detail of Porsha Stewart’s messy divorce from ex-football star, Kordell Stewart, has been publicized and dissected by the masses. Today on The Wendy Williams show, she revealed that she plans to keep his last name after the papers are signed: “I’m going to keep...

New App Helps Sex Partners Prove They’re STD-Free

Want to show your new partner that your private parts are super clean? You no longer have to make that couple’s visit to the doctor to get results. Now, you can have test results sent directly from the doctor to your smartphone via a new...