Thursday Jul 2nd 2015

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Michael Sam, College Football Star & Top NFL Prospect, Says He’s Gay

Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman from the University of Missouri, revealed to the public on Sunday that he’s gay. If Sam is drafted this May, he’ll be the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL. “I came to tell the world I’m an...

Yes, Some Black Women ARE Angry & We Have Every Right to Be

For the Grio’s new “Single and Fabulous” series journalist Jacque Reid recently spoke with mental health expert Asha Tarry about Black women being unfairly tagged with the Angry Black Woman label and how it affects our relationship with men. During their chat, Reid wondered why...

The Get Rich Wish List: Imagine if YOU Hit The Jackpot

Let’s treat this as a guided meditation, shall we? Imagine that you’ve bought a Powerball ticket offering a jackpot that would place you in financial paradise fo’ life. Imagine you, and only you, won this obscene amount of greenery: How might you react? What may...

I Don’t Know How To Hug

I want to be the type of person who makes other people feel comfortable, but how am I supposed to do that if I can barely hug my boyfriends?

Public Service Announcement: 11 Ways Kissing Is Great For Your Health

Women’s magazines (and probably Snapple Facts) have been touting it for years, but there’s real science behind it: kissing is good for your health. You already know the obvious reasons it makes your life better, but as it turns out, it makes your body a lot better...

Today Is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – Do You Know Your Status?

Did you know today, February 7, is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day? Well, in the immortal words of the poet Biggie Smalls, “If you don’t know, now you know!” National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is an integral part in our community’s fight against the spread...