Friday Jul 31st 2015

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Does Fame Shield Celebrities From Sexual Abuse Accusations?

Woody Allen is a straight up perv, but he’s not the only cat in show biz that’s been accused of sex crimes and “gotten away with it.” Sadly, Michael Jackson’s name comes to mind. Perhaps it’s because of his colossal fame, or the fact that...

Tomorrow Is International Pretty Brown Girl Day

Established during Black History Month in 2012, International Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Day embodies the mission of the Pretty Brown Girl Movement to celebrate the shades of brown all over the world, while inspiring positive self-esteem and confidence. This celebratory day takes place each year...

Court to Control MLK Bible and Nobel Peace Prize

A judge in Georgia this week ordered the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize to be stored in a safe deposit box that only the court will access until litigation over the items between the slain civil rights leader’s children can...

Missing Him Or Missing The Idea Of Him?

Well, I successfully made it through Valentine’s Day without needing Xanax or calling an ex-boyfriend, so I’d say it was a great success. But before I headed out on February 14th for a singles’ feast and game night with some of my favorite ladies, I heard from Officer Handsoming. Shocked...

First Black Miss Israel Admits ‘There Is Racism In Israel’

Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, the nation’s first Black women to be crowned Miss Israel, says her country has a race problem. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Aynaw, who is an Ethiopian Jew, said: “I’m not ashamed to say that there is racism in Israel; it’s a...

The Self-Criticism Makeover: A Cosmetics-Free Beauty Tutorial

Sometimes, it’s good to slather a beauty mask on our minds to rejuvenate our concepts of self-worth; to give our positive emotions a co-wash every now and then to keep them voluminous and abundant.