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High School Senior Suspended For Hugging His Teacher

Sam McNair, 17, is in the middle of his senior year at high school. McNair is a student athlete who plays football and lacrosse. Unfortunately, McNair’s senior year has been cut short because of a hug. Last month, McNair entered his class room and gave...

Loving v. Virginia case cited as legal precedent in interracial lesbian couple’s marriage equality fight

During a road trip heading north from her hometown in Lynchburg, Virginia, Joanne Harris stopped at a friend’s house for a backyard cookout and caught the eyeof a woman named Jessica Duff staring intently at her from the porch. “As soon as I got out of...

Christmas Cookies for Singles

Check out this hilarious video by Akilah Hughes entitled "Christmas Cookies for Singles."

Givenchy Picks Erykah Badu As The Face Of Their New Campaign And Schools Everyone On How To Incorporate Diversity Into Fashion

You can’t embrace diversity if you keep it at arms’ distance. To that end, it’s no wonder that the designers with the most diverse runways and ad campaigns (and inoffensive clothes) are also the one with friends and collaborators across the cultural spectrum.