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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Judged My Sister For Becoming A Stripper

When she first told me about how she planned to earn money, I was pissed, in complete disbelief and seriously worried for her safety.

‘RHOBH’ Cast Member Gets Drunk, Racist & Apologizes

Brandi Glanville’s recent comments on this weeks episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” had her doing damage control. During a vacation episode to Palm Springs, Glanville asked Joyce Giraud, 38, to get into the pool. “I can’t swim,” Giraud admitted, while lounging on...

Saturday Night Live Held A Secret Audition For Black Women

In a response to the backlash the show has been receiving, Saturday Night Live quietly held a secret audition specifically for black women. According to the Jasmine Brand, actress Bresha Webb (‘Love That Girl’) was one of the actresses in attendance. Jasmine Brand was able to get the...

Open Thread: Do You Care What People Think Of You?

Oprah Winfrey is turning 60 next month and in honor of her birthday, she threw on her best gold lame dress for her  cover story in O. “I’m alive. Healthy. Strong. I’m turning 60,” Oprah says. “And – please don’t take offense – I no longer...

Homeless Man Launches Eco-Friendly Mobile App

If there’s one app you purchase from the App Store or Google Play, make sure it’s Leo Grand’s app. Late August, Leo Grand, who’s homeless, was approached by a complete stranger who offered him either $100 or two months of coding. 6 months later, Grand...