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Egg Donations, Hair Sales Grow As Economy Slowly Recovers

For many Americans, the strains of the economic recession are still very real. Even though the economy is on a slow upturn, cash-strapped women are starting to be more creative with the ways that they can earn extra income. More women are looking to sell...

Has ‘Public School’ Become Synonymous With ‘Poor’?

The debate over whether or not public schools provide a fair education for all students despite socioeconomic background is a deep one that we’ll have to save for another day. However, a recent study released by the Southern Education Foundation raised a significant point about the path...

Go See It: ‘Newlyweeds’

Some of my favorite films involve drug addiction. From serious films like “The Panic in Needle Park” and “Requiem for a Dream“, to the not so serious ones like “Half Baked” and “Pineapple Express“. These films are classics when it comes to the duality that can...

New Jersey Teachers Fired After Calling Students ‘Negroes’

Physical education teachers at Mount Olive High School lost their jobs and tenure after they made racial remarks to African-American students last year, reports. Brigitte Geiger, a head field hockey coach, and Sharon Jones, a woman who had taught for 30 years, were charged for...

Why FitSpo Is A Big Racket and (Mostly) Wrong

In the never-ending quest for Pinterest-like inspiration on everything from weddings to natural hair styles, “fitspo” was born and continues to prosper on social media. It’s mainly photos, with the occasional 30-day challenge or fat-shaming quote thrown in, all with an air of assumption that...