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Release Date of the New GED Has Test Takers Scrambling

A new version of the GED will be released next January that will invalidate past scores. This change and the fear of a more challenging exam have pushed more test takers to sign up for the test before the December 31 deadline, AP reports. The new...

Pretty In The Front, Ugly In The Back: Paris Restaurant Hides Aesthetically Challenged Patrons

A fancy schmancy restaurant in Paris is being accused of doing the despicable. A former employee of the Georges is accusing the restaurant of sitting patrons according to aesthetics. Ugly in the back, pretty in the front. “There are beautiful people, you put them here; there...

Super Soaker Creator Wins $72 Million in Lawsuit

Lonnie Johnson, founder of the Super Soaker, has been awarded a nearly $73 million settlement from Hasbro Inc. for unpaid royalties according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. The nuclear engineer, Tuskegee University Ph.D. and former NASA scientist invented the Super Soaker, which was licensed to Larami...

Kandi Speaks On Tension Between Her Mom and Todd: Could You Date Someone Your Parents Disapproved Of?

Everyone seems to have a crazy storyline on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season. Kenya Moore is texting a married man, Porsha Stewart is battling back and forth with her soon-to-be ex husband and Kandi Burruss is prepping to walk down the aisle to Todd...

theGrio and Ebony Magazine Team Up to Update Rachel Jeantel’s Look

Rachel Jeantel loves Manhattan, she told me during her latest trip. After a round of press last summer following her appearance during the George Zimmerman trial, Jeantel returned to New York recently — this time to be photographed for a timely makeover. These glamour shots...

Girl Talk: Some Relationships Deserve Second Chances

So, I’m in love. This isn’t exactly unique — so many others would say the same. Love is an overused word, it’s commonplace, expected even. But to me, it couldn’t be a more novel, beautiful, fascinating thing. For most of my life, I was fiercely independent...