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Update: Officer In New Mexico Van Shooting Fired

Last month, video was released which showed a confrontation between  39-year-old mother of five, Orianna Ferrell, of Tennessee, and New Mexico police.  Ferrell was seen being pulled over for speeding by a New Mexico state police officer just north of Santa Fe. The officer’s dash camera...

Melphine Evans Claims She Was Fired as BP Oil Executive Over Dashikis and Braided Hair

Melphine Evans  is suing BP Products North America, her former BP West Coast Products office in La Palma, California and nine individuals for race and gender discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. Evans joined BP in 2001 and worked in several leadership positions and was sent to...

NYC Firefighter Fined For Selfies & Using The “N” Word

Trilain Smith recently received a harsh lesson in social media etiquette.  Smith is a probationary firefighter who graduated from the FDNY Academy but will not be allowed to take part in graduation ceremonies because he  referred to his superiors with the N-word on Facebook and...

Woman Tries To Rent A Family For The Holidays On Craigslist

Coping with the holidays can be stressful, and even more when you don’t have a family to call your own. Jackie Turner, a 26-year-old woman from California, posted a Craigslist ad seeking a family for the holidays. Turner’s life definitely wasn’t picture perfect. She was sexually, emotionally...

Pray The HIV Away, Says Pentecostal Pastors In Africa

There are about 6.3 million people receiving anti-retroviral drugs in hospitals and clinics across eastern and southern Africa for HIV treatment. But there are also preachers prescribing prayers to people instead of recommending HIV drugs. Pentecostal pastors are inviting people who are infected with HIV to...