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Natural Hair’s Love Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women, I want to start off by thanking for you finally embracing me the way you always should have. I had my time in the spotlight decades ago, and ...

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Stay-cations: What They Are and How to Do Them Right

’Tis the season…for overeating and overspending. And in the midst of the chaos, sometimes you just need a break. With the price tag that often accompanies the holidays, sometimes it’s ...

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Why White People Need to Give Up on Discussing the N-Word

It is amusing that in 2014 so much polarizing discussion around race has been bubbling over in spurts as social media rallies, rages and questions as think-pieces and op-ed's are ...

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En Vogue Will Always Be En Vogue

The other night an En Vogue song came on the radio and I was in all my 90's girl feels. I tweeted the following: God. En Vogue was pure perfection. We ...

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Phaedra and Apollo: When Do You Stop Standing By Your Man?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta made its long-awaited return Monday night and no time was wasted when it came to the couple of the moment – Phaedra and Apollo. The ...

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5 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

The road to picture perfect skin can be a complicated quest, filled with constant breakouts, scarring, oily T-zones and skin envy towards those with blemish-free faces. After so long, these ...

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Quvenzhane Wallis Set to Earn $1.5 Million for Annie Re-Make

Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhane Wallis has a tad more in her piggy bank than her fellow 10-year-olds. The Beasts of the Southern Wild star snagged the title role in the upcoming Annie remake and according to TMZ, Wallis is earning a big payday. TMZ reports that Wallis’ contact includes the following: —...

Idris Elba Tweets About Getting Aroused

Our collective husband Idris Elba had Twitter on fire last night when he tweeted a picture of himself smiling while wearing a bowtie. Every new picture of our boo boo gets re-tweeted pretty heavily, but this one was especially viral because he added the following caption: “My...

Iyanla Vanzant’s Advice on Living in the Right Now

Hey Beloveds! * Iyanla Voice * Ms. Iyanla Vanzant is offering up some sparkling, brand new advice to go with that sparkling champagne you had a few days ago.  Vanzant wants you to live in the present.  We all get so easily distracted with the...

University of Arizona’s Assistant Coach Accused of Sexually Harassing Players at Previous Job

University of Arizona women’s basketball team assistant coach Sean LeBeauf still has a job, but a string of sexual harassment allegations from his previous job have now been made public.  Before taking the post in Arizona, LeBeauf was director of athletics and the head coach of the...

Here’s A Resolution: Stop Complaining About People Taking Over Your Gym, And Encourage Them Instead

It’s safe to say that if you’re a human between the ages of 18 to 65 with a Facebook account, your friends’ New Years Resolutions have been popping up on your news feed from the moment the ball dropped. Some hope to cut back on their vino intake,...