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Cory Booker Wins US Senate Election In New Jersey

“It is not titles that honor, but people who honor titles.” Thank you New Jersey. I’ll work hard every day to honor your confidence in me. — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) October 17, 2013   Newark Mayor Cory Booker won a special election Wednesday to represent New Jersey...

Survey Finds What We Already Know: TV, Music Videos, Social Media Paint Black Women In A Negative Light

Essence Magazine recently did a survey on the images of black women in media and the results shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who watches cable TV. Essentially, survey respondents found that the negative images seem to rule the airwaves. And the positive ones? They’re scarcely to be...

Pastor Marvin Winans Refuses To Bless Children Of Unwed Mothers In Front Of Congregation

On Sunday, the Perfecting Church, which is ran by Pastor Marvin Winans, will hold a special blessing of its congregation’s children.  Unfortunately one child will not be allowed to participate. Charity Grace’s son, 2-year-old Joshua, is not allowed to participate in the church’s dedication ceremony....

Brooklyn Residents Don’t Want To “Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way” By Naming Street After Biggie Smalls

LeRoy McCarthy wanted to show some Brooklyn love to his favorite rapper by naming a local street corner after Biggie Smalls aka Christopher Wallace.  The street in question is an intersection near Biggie’s childhood home, which is now quite gentrified. McCarthy started an online petition which garnered...

Obama Signs Bill To End Shutdown & Hike Debt Ceiling

What will probably be considered the biggest waste of time and money in the history of the government, the shutdown’s finally over, the debt ceiling issue isn’t an issue for now and the GOP still failed to touch Obamacare. But don’t get too excited. The resolution...