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Tulane Senior Becomes Youngest Member in the House of Reps

Last week Tulane University senior Jeramey Anderson turned 22 and was sworn into the Mississippi House of Representatives. He became the youngest member of the legislative body. Anderson won the seat after competing in a general election against a candidate backed by the Democratic Party....

Dear Feminists: Just Listen to Beyoncé’s Album, Or Not

By now you’ve heard all about Beyoncé’s record-breaking, self-titled album and what it means to black women, black women feminists, and feminists as a whole. While many have taken to their social media accounts to beat the “Bey is a feminist!” drum (myself included), others...

Navy Names First Woman Four-Star Admiral

President Obama nominated Navy Vice Adm. Michelle Howard for the appointment to the rank of admiral, making her the first woman in Navy history to achieve a fourth star. Howard, 53, was also nominated for the assignment of vice chief of naval operations, which is the...

Open Thread: Are Trust Issues Based On Insecurity?

My grandmother always told me that I had great intuition. Apparently I got it from her. If you believe such things. My intuition has worked out in my favor several times when it came to my career and relationships.  Typically the only time when it...

Meagan Good Responds To Cleavage Criticism

Meagan Good has practically grown up in front of the camera. Outside of being known for her acting skills, Good has always pushed the envelope when it comes to her choice in fashion. Now the wife of a minister, Good says, she still plans on...