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Ryan Seacrest Is Developing A Reality Show About White Female Rappers

In 2007, VH1 tried their hands at the rapper reality show with The White Rapper Show presented by Ego Trip magazine. The show had aspiring rappers competing for a $100,000 grand prize. Needless to say, that show was very short-lived. Maybe the second time is a charm? VH1 and media-mogul,...

It’s Too Damn High: A Record Number Of Americans Can’t Afford Their Rent

Every month there are people struggling to pay their rent. Sometimes it’s a choice between what utility bill gets paid, in order just to have keep a roof over their heads. If more than 30% of your income is going towards your rent, housing experts...

In Case You Missed It: Barack Obama’s Powerful Tribute To Nelson Mandela

President Barack Obama delivered a powerful tribute Tuesday morning at the memorial service for the late South African President Nelson Mandela.  The president told the world today that we will never see another man like Nelson Mandela – but called on young people around the globe to...

It Only Took The Mormon Church 35 Years To Explain The Past Ban on Black Priests

Thirty-five years ago, Mormon leaders lifted the ban on black priests in the church. But they offered no explanation as to why there was a ban in the first place.  The ban most recently was brought up during Mitt Romney’s run for president and the...

Swiss Introduces Apartheid-Like Restrictions: Asylum Seekers Banned From Public Places & Must Take DNA Tests

Earlier this year, Tina Turner made headlines when she relinquished her U.S citizenship to officially become a Swiss citizen. Turner  did not “formally renounce her U.S. citizenship under 349(a)(5) Immigration and Nationality Act,  but took Swiss citizenship with the intent to lose her U.S. citizenship”. Turner has been...