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Homeless Man Launches Eco-Friendly Mobile App

If there’s one app you purchase from the App Store or Google Play, make sure it’s Leo Grand’s app. Late August, Leo Grand, who’s homeless, was approached by a complete stranger who offered him either $100 or two months of coding. 6 months later, Grand...

Can Reparations for Slavery Ever Be a Reality?

With the latest announcement of plans by the Caribbean Community Reparations Commission, an association of eight Caribbean governments, to move forward in seeking reparations from Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and Sweden for slavery and genocide, the reparations discussion has been reignited, with many wondering if...

White Girlfriend Enters Black Barbershop & Gets Shamed But Does Nothing To Defend Herself

The internet is a buzz this week with a clip from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” hosted by John Quiones. WWYD involves using everyday people to catch their reactions to situations involving actors. Typically, the people used in the segments are helpless or less powerful....

Cash, Cars and Clothes: Accepting Extravagant Gifts From Your Significant Other

I stan for a few writers on Twitter, reading almost everything they publish. So that explains how I ended up clicking links to author, blogger and writer Demetria Lucas‘ relationship advice forum over the weekend knowing I needed to be logging off of Twitter and charging my...

Weaves Are Genderless – What’s Wrong With A Man-Weave Every Now & Then?

I’m not sure why this is considered some sort of phenomenon.  White men have been rocking hair pieces, hair transplants and the like forever. But maybe it’s because black men are now doing it, it seems like something out of the ordinary. Yesterday on Twitter,...