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WNBA’s Brittney Griner On Association’s Make-Up Application Class: ‘I Don’t Need That Sh*t’

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Brittney Griner discusses her style and the experience of being a rookie in the WBNA.  At one point, the WNBA star discusses a make-up class offered as part of her WNBA orientation: At the WNBA’s rookie orientation, Griner says she...

Open Thread: If A Woman Wants To Get Married, Why Not Just Propose To The Man?

So you’re ready for marriage. You’ve been in a long term relationship with your boyfriend, but he hasn’t popped the question yet.  All of your girlfriends are flashing their new engagement rings and planning their weddings. Always a bridesmaid, but if you keep on waiting...

Texas Man Arrested Because Of Overdue Library Books

Oh Texas, you slay me. Jory C. Enck, of Copperas Cove, Texas, was arrested on October 23 on an outstanding warrant. A warrant for what you ask?  Allegedly, Enck failed to return a GED study guide he checked out in 2010 to his local library....

There Will Be No Extra Crispy Or Original Recipe At This Church

I haven’t stepped foot into a church in a long time, so I’m not sure what type of food is currently being served at church picnics or baptismals. But from what one pastor is doing at his church, I guess it’s safe to assume there’s...

Open Thread: If You Had To Choose Between Life Or Death

Yesterday I read a heart wrenching story about a hunter from Indiana who fell while hunting for deer over the weekend. The 16 feet fall from a tree paralyzed Tim Bowers from the shoulders down. Doctors also thought he would never breathe on his own...

Online Daters Are More Willing to Date Outside Their Race, Studies Find

Research has shown that people are interested in dating or reaching out to individuals of the same race. But that doesn’t mean they won’t respond to someone who isn’t. A slew of researchers have been analyzing online dating by examining anonymous data provided by dating...