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Twitter Fight Club: Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel

Last night someone must have peed in Kanye West's cornflakes and told him it was breast milk because he decided to let it all hang out on Twitter, once again. By let it all hang out, I mean his keyboard took a beating as he was typing angrily to Jimmy Kimmel.

Fashion Designer Rick Owens Replaced Runway Models With a Step Team

Earlier this week, for Paris Fashion Week, designer Rick Owens literally gave the audience something that they’ll never forget.  During  the last couple of weeks the lack of diversity during New York Fashion week was a heavy topic. But Owens pulled off something that people...

Little Miss Hispanic Delaware loses title over racial complaints

Seven-year-old Jakiyah McKoy was crowned Little Miss Hispanic Delaware two weeks ago but was soon forced to relinquish her title after concerns over her heritage led to an investigation and sparked a backlash. The complaints reportedly came from pageant-goers who believed McKoy — who is black...

“Sandwich Girlfriend” Thinks We Didn’t Get The Joke

Let me start off by responding to those of you who thought I might be taking the New York Post profile about Stephanie Smith’s 300Sandwiches blog too seriously. I have no problem with sandwiches — in fact, Smith’sblondie ice cream thing is making me drool as we speak. I have no...

Sites We Love: Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care-Natural Hair Care For Kids, Adoption & Family Life

I’ve been a fan of Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care since it’s launch in 2010. Rory and her ex-husband adopted Zoe (aka “Boo”) in 2007, and because of her lack of knowledge about black hair care, Rory did her due diligence in learning everything she could. Needless to...