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Is sexting cheating? Anthony Weiner’s latest scandal begs the question

From The Grio — Is sexting cheating? Anthony Weiner’s latest scandal begs the question. In a digital era that makes explicit flirting easy, the nature of cheating might need to be redefined. Weiner’s behavior has made him this issue’s unwitting poster boy. He left Congress in disgrace after...

Open Thread: Would You Sign An Abortion Contract?

According to reports, NBA baller J.J. Redick and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez had an unusual agreement. The pair apparently sat down with their lawyers to hash out an “abortion contract” that said if Lopez became pregnant she would terminate the pregnancy, provide medical proof to...

4 Reasons It Is So Refreshing To Date A Grown-Ass Man

God, how I love men who plan and anticipate. Hits my G-spot every time.

Situations When It Is Acceptable/Not Acceptable To Write IN ALL CAPS

Everything that I say and write is important. Very important. Sometimes when I am writing and my thoughts are super, extra-important, I write it IN ALL CAPS for extra emphasis. Sure, I know some people read capital letters as “screaming,” i.e. rude. That’s especially true...

CONGRATS: Natasha Eubanks of TheYBF Becomes On-Air Correspondent for ‘The Real’

Who said blogging doesn’t pay? After building one of the most popular destination on the web for celebrity news, Natasha Eubanks can add a new gig to her resume: television personality. The businesswoman behind TheYBF recently announced she will be an on-air correspondent for The...

North Carolina To Pay $10 million To Forced Sterilization Victims

From 1929 to 1974 North Carolina forcibly sterilized thousands of men, women and children without their consent. This practice was a form of eugenics that hoped to improve the gene pool and remove traits such as poverty, promiscuity and alcoholism. On Wednesday, North Carolina lawmakers passed...