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Natural Hair’s Love Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women, I want to start off by thanking for you finally embracing me the way you always should have. I had my time in the spotlight decades ago, and ...

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Stay-cations: What They Are and How to Do Them Right

’Tis the season…for overeating and overspending. And in the midst of the chaos, sometimes you just need a break. With the price tag that often accompanies the holidays, sometimes it’s ...

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Why White People Need to Give Up on Discussing the N-Word

It is amusing that in 2014 so much polarizing discussion around race has been bubbling over in spurts as social media rallies, rages and questions as think-pieces and op-ed's are ...

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En Vogue Will Always Be En Vogue

The other night an En Vogue song came on the radio and I was in all my 90's girl feels. I tweeted the following: God. En Vogue was pure perfection. We ...

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Phaedra and Apollo: When Do You Stop Standing By Your Man?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta made its long-awaited return Monday night and no time was wasted when it came to the couple of the moment – Phaedra and Apollo. The ...

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5 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

The road to picture perfect skin can be a complicated quest, filled with constant breakouts, scarring, oily T-zones and skin envy towards those with blemish-free faces. After so long, these ...

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Hollywood Producer Shows His Racist Ways On Facebook

Another day, another racist getting caught because of their social networking use. This time it’s famed X-Men producer, John Palermo who used to be a partner with Hugh Jackman. According to reports, Palermo took to his Facebook page sometime last month and unleashed various remarks. Palermo lashed...

V.O.T.D: Don’t Tweet | No Doubt “Don’t Speak” Parody

Sometimes it’s better to keep things to yourself. Not everything needs to be tweeted or even re-tweeted.  I  actually had to watch this video twice because a) Franchesca’s hair is amazing and b) those eyebrows!  

Happy Columbus Day..Said No Native American..Ever

I always wonder how Native Americans feel about holidays like Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. Because I know if there was a holiday that celebrates the pillage of my people and land, I’d be highly pissed that it was commemorated every year, you know, like the...

She’s So Ambitious: Lameka Weeks- Height Goddess

Lameka Weeks founded Height Goddess because, simply put, she was sick of settling. For years—decades even—clothing brands and manufacturers have largely ignored the plight of the tall woman. Sure, petites and plus size have dedicated sections and even full stores aplenty, but tall women have...

Dating Parents, Beware Of The Person You Bring Around Your Children

  Over the weekend, NFL player, Adrian Peterson disclosed the death of his son, a 2-year-old child, who he just recently learned was his biological child. Ashley Doohen, the child’s mother, left her son under the supervision of her boyfriend, Joseph Patterson. Patterson, 27, who...