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Stevie Wonder To Boycott Florida Until Stand Your Ground Law is Abolished

Stevie Wonder is no stranger to boycotts. In the early 1990′s Wonder encouraged a boycott of Arizona until the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was made official. Now, on the heels of the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, he is planning to boycott Florida and other states...

How To Take Action After The George Zimmerman Verdict

Numb. Heartbroken. Infuriated. Helpless. Sick. These emotions and so many more overwhelmed me in the hours following George Zimmerman’s acquittal. Only hours before, I inadvertently saw the Gawker photo of Trayvon Martin’s lifeless body lying on the grass on Facebook. Young, lanky and beautifully brown,...

Southern Trees Bear A Strange Fruit: Why People of Color Aren’t Surprised By The Trayvon Martin Verdict

So the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is in and it’s exactly what I said it would be.

Fashion Critic Robin Givhan to Cover Fashion Week for New York Magazine

New York Magazine is snatching up revered fashion critic Robin Givhan to weigh in on upcoming Spring ’14 New York and Paris Fashion Weeks for The Cut. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journo–who no doubt rocks despite being relieved of her former position at Newsweek–boasts an outstanding résumé...

14 Friends Everyone Has On Facebook

If you’re like us, you’ve had a Facebook profile for years and have somehow accrued hundreds and hundreds of “friends.” Maybe you only see about 20 of them in real life. So what? You feel connected to all of these people’s lives, even if you...