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School Administrators Used Racial Slurs In Text Messages On District-Issue Cell Phones

Two Pennyslavania school officials are in hot water after it was discovered that they exchanged racist text messages on district issued cell phones. Prosecutors learned of the messages during an investigation into the Coatesville Area School District, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told The...

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Reader Cracked By Team Of Hackers

A group of German hackers claimed to have cracked the iPhone fingerprint scanner on Sunday, just two days after Apple launched the technology that it promises will better protect devices from criminals and snoopers seeking access. If the claim is verified, it will be embarrassing for Apple...

Germany Gets Its 1st Black Member Of Parliament

Karamba Diaby, a Senegal-born chemist, has become Germany’s first black federal lawmaker, and a woman of Turkish origin has become the first Muslim elected to Parliament from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party.

Over 30, Single and Shamed

Sometimes I dread reconnecting with friends and colleagues. Once we navigate all the pleasantries – where do you live, what do you do now and how’s your family – the conversation eventually shifts to and dwells on my unmarried status. I wish the conversations were...

Open Thread: Was Kerry Washington Robbed at the Emmys?

I was in a state of shock when they read Claire Danes’ name last night. I was sure this was Kerry Washington’s moment. Washington would’ve been the first black woman to take home the honor for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series. She’s lauded...