Monday Jan 26th 2015

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Those United Colors of Benetton Ads Lied: Poll Shows Many Americans Have No Friends Of Another Race

Remember those United Colors of Benetton ads from the 90’s and early 2000’s that showed friends of diverse backgrounds? Those ads were always so kumbaya-we are the world’ish. Well here’s a shocker, a new poll released by Reuters shows that 40 percent of white Americans and about...

ABC Names First ‘Non-White’ Bachelor Who Is Actually Very, Very White

When I saw The Hollywood Reporter’s headline giving ABC props for casting its first non-White Bachelor, I clicked the link to see who broke the dating colorline. But when I saw the accompanying image of Venezuelan heartthrob Juan Pablo Galavis, I thought I was being punked. Non-White? Word?...

Obama To Speak At March On Washington Anniversary Ceremony At Lincoln Memorial

50 years ago, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led 250,000 to the National Mall in Washington, DC in a march for jobs and freedom. It was during this march that King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the memorial. The...

Shemar Moore Doesn’t See Himself as a Black Actor, Says All-Black Casts Alienate Audiences

Well, this is one way to respond to racism in Hollywood. Shemar Moore of “Young and the Restless” fame chooses to see beyond black and white. In an interview with “Shadow and Act,” he addresses casting a non-black actress as the co-star for his film...

In This Week’s Beyoncé News: She Gets A Hair Cut

What’s a week without Beyoncé news? Beyoncé rode a bike. Beyoncé hair gets snagged in a fan. Beyoncé cuts hair *gasp*. Late last night, while most of the world was probably sleeping, well except for Twitter and Instagram, pictures surfaced of Beyoncé’s new ‘do. Gone are the days of...

11 Things You Need To Do While Studying Abroad

If you don’t want to hear a rambling soliloquy of stories that have nothing to do with you, don’t ask me about Australia. Not only will I blabber about about it for hours on end to anyone that asks (or doesn’t), I will try to...