Tuesday May 5th 2015

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KeKe Palmer On Colorism in Hollywood: ‘I Used To Pray To Have Light Skin’

Keke Palmer’s career started at the age of 9. The Illinois native’s breakout role in a stage production of The Lion King, led to her first movie role in Barbershop 2: Back in Business. From that point on, Palmer’s career skyrocketed and she knew acting...

The Big Apple Is Getting Fatter

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to slim down New York City may have backfired. Nanny Bloomberg’s efforts didn’t stop the city’s obesity rate from skyrocketing 25 percent more since he took office. According to Health Department figures, in 2002 only one in five New Yorkers were...

I Can’t Stop Silently Cyber-Stalking The Guy I Cut Out Of My Life Almost A Year Ago

I cut the cord officially again at the first of the year. I de-friended him completely on Facebook, cut ties on Twitter, and calls and emails were down to zero. And yet, nearly ten months after our last conversation, I can’t stop cyber-stalking him.

Open Thread: If He Wanted To Put A Ring On It, Would You Help Split The Costs Or Pay For It?

Years ago when I got engaged, I informed my ex that I really didn’t want an engagement ring because I hardly wore jewelry on my hands. An engagement pair of shoes, an engagement laptop, or even an engagement vacation were my ideas.  But in the...

University Of Texas Conservative Students Hold Affirmative Action Bake Sale

You really can’t expect much from a campus organization that had Senator Rand Paul as a former member.  University of Texas’ chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas recently held a bake sale on campus. Not just any bake sale, but one that charged customer’s...

For Only $2K, You Can Live Like A Homeless Person In Seattle..Because Poverty Tourism Is Fun

Have you ever wondered how would it feel to be homeless? Living life on the streets with only the clothes on your back and if you’re lucky, access to a shelter?  No? Me neither, but Seattle native Mike Momany is hoping that people will shell...