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How Lil Mama Restored My Faith in the TLC Biopic [Trailer]

Many were skeptical when news first broke about the casting for “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.” Lil Mama and Keke Palmer didn’t seem like ideal choices to play T-Boz and Chilli, respectively. People may sing a different tune after watching the trailer below. From her mannerisms...

Trayvon’s Parents React to Juror B29′s He ‘Got Away with Murder’ Comment

As we reported yesterday, JurorB29 of the George Zimmerman trial, who goes by the name of “Maddy”, stated in an interview with Robin Roberts that he “got away with murder”.  The full interview is scheduled to air this morning on “Good Morning America”. “I was...

Can We Still Take West and Smiley Seriously?

From The Grio — Give Professor Cornel West this much: in the pantheon of presidential insults, “global George Zimmerman” really is quite a gem. And if it wasn’t for that blunt reaction to President Barack Obama after his 18-minute valediction to Trayvon Martin, West’s talk-radio partner,...

How I Turned Myself Into A Black Snow White

Little-known fact: The "Con" In Comic Con actually stands for contouring.

40 Things Your Server Really Wants You To Know

Waiting tables is a tough gig. You have to mentally balance the requests and demands of countless customers at once. You have to physically balance plates of steaming hot food. You have to be on your feet for hours at a time with no breaks....

Paula Deen’s ‘Soul Sister’ Speaks Out, and It’s Not Good

As the dust begins to settle around the Paula Deen controversy and the folks at Food Network considering bringing her back to their network “in a year or two, under different circumstances,” one of the celebrity chef's closes associates is speaking out. Dora Charles, one of Deen’s trusted cooks and self-described “soul sister,” shared her story with the New York Times and it paints another damming picture of the once loved chef.