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Photo Shoot Fresh: Jennifer Hudson Becomes Princess Tiana For the Day

Jennifer Hudson played dress up and transformed herself into Princess Tiana from Disney’s fairytale The Princess and the Frog for a shoot with famed photographer Annie Liebovitz. The shoot took place in May and  is apart of the Disney Dream Portraits series. Hudson’s photos channeling...

Rapper Offers $50,000 Scholarship to the Best Twerker

Think you can twerk better than the next chick? Have your YouTube watching of the Twerk Team paid off? Well, you might be able to cash out on the latest dance craze. Juicy J announced on Twitter Wednesday that he plans to give a $50,000...

Soledad O’ Brien Spotlights Education in Next ‘Black of America’ Documentary

The award-winning journalist is hoping to conjure up some serious debate and action with her newest Black in America project titled “Great Expectations”. The documentary will examine the disparities that currently exist within America’s public education system by spotlighting a group of young black boys...

Some Men Are The Best Worst Experts On Women’s Bodies

How much do some men know about our bodies? Not the physical appearance, but the inner workings of them all? I’ll tell you. Not much.

11 Super Secret Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Is Sleeping

I wake up at the butt crack of dawn, even on the weekends because I am some weird robot who has been programmed to rise when the sun does. I want to be able to turn my operating system off until at least 9 a.m....