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He Tried It: Interviewer Calls Naomi Campbell ‘Angry’ For Speaking Up For Black Models

Last night, Naomi Campbell sat down with Britain’s Channel 4 News to discuss why she’s partnered with Bethann Hardison and Iman to speak out against the fashion industry’s practice of regularly excluding models of color. During the interview, Campbell—who is an absolute legend in the...

Frilationship: Are You In One?

For 7 years, I've been in what I call a Frilationship. Although I thought it was just some random word I made up to get an appropriate title to what we've had, apparently Urban Dictionary describes it as:

New YouTube Series Explores Black Men & Sexuality

Ken The Webseries brings front-and-center the issues of sex, secrets and salvation for a African-American man living in Brooklyn, who has feelings for two very different people.

How to Die Alone with All 15 of Your Cats

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to die alone. Well, technically everyone “dies alone,” but for this article’s sake, “dying alone” means dying without a spouse or significant other at your side. And I believe that if everyone just tries hard enough (or, hell, doesn’t try at all),...

Join Mr. Shut Up and Train’s Free 30-Day Total Fit Challenge

Summer is almost officially over. But now that all the fun in the sun has set, it doesn’t mean it’s time to fall back on your fitness goals. Starting the week of October 7th, celebrity and personal trainer Ray Grayson (Mr. Shut up and Train)...