Saturday Jul 4th 2015

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Marvin Gaye’s Family Claims Robin Thicke Stole From More Songs

If you thought “Blurred Lines” was the only song that ruffled the Marvin Gaye estate’s feathers then guess again. The family of the late singer is claiming that the singer stole from two other Gaye songs in addition to the 1977 track “Got to Give It...

French Designer Karl Lagerfeld Sued for ‘Fat Shaming’

A group of French women are not to happy with some recent statements that came out of Karl Lagerfeld’s mouth. Belle, Ronde Sexy et je m’assume, a French organization that represents full-figured women, is suing the outspoken fashion designer, the group told AFP. They are demanding “a...

Girl Talk: When Exes Resurface

Why didn’t any of the guys you dated love you as much as I do?” my boyfriend asked. The question hung in the air like foggy breath steaming up a cold windshield. It’s one of his favorite questions to ask. To him, it’s a mystery...

Attica Locke Wins Largest Award for Black Writers

Attica Locke has just won the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence, one of the biggest literary prizes for African-American writers. The Baton Rouge Area Foundation administers the $10,000 prize, which is named after one of Louisiana’s most prominent writers. Locke received the award...

BBC Chronicles Black Teen Who Saved White Supremacist From Mob

We often celebrate acts of kindness between strangers, but here’s one that’s getting a lot of interest due to who the two strangers were: a black teenager and a suspected white supremacist. It was 1996 and a Ku Klux Klan rally was being held in Ann...

California School Is Latest to “Ban” Twerking

Since Miley Cyrus is the only person who has or will of any import to ever not-really-twerk in the history of not-twerking, it only makes sense that our institutions of learning are trying to keep future Miley “Non-Twerking Properly” Cyruses from happening. How do you stop this...