Monday Apr 27th 2015

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Man Posts FB Sign Saying He Cheated To Win His Wife Back

Meet the 21st century version of “The Scarlet Letter.”  Ivan Lewis cheated on his wife and to win her back, she asked that he post a picture on Facebook with the sign: “I cheated on my wife and she was ugly.” The wife, Sonya Gore, said he has...

Why The Most Ridic And Ratchet Little Ditty Makes My Day

P.T.A.F. is too turned up for you. And they thought you knew.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act

October 1st is the day many uninsured Americans have been waiting for.  That’s enrollment day for the Affordable Care Act, or what many refer to as “Obamacare”, the law that makes preventive care more accessible and affordable for some Americans. Many people still have no idea about...

Somalis Should Not Be Smeared in the Wake of Kenya Mall Terrorist Attack

On Saturday September 21, 2013, as we turned on our televisions, glanced at major news outlets and social media sites, we were greeted with shock and grief as Nairobi, Kenya was ravaged by terror, in a shooting at Westgate Mall. We watched, with deep disappointment,...

Open Thread: She Wooed Her Man With Sandwiches, Does Wooing A Man With Food or Sex Work?

I never realized how big of a deal sandwiches are to some men, until a conversation with a group of friends around some drinks. My friend, Tafari Howard, a photographer from Detroit, says that a way to a man’s heart is by making a good...

Burn Notice: Child Burned After E-Cigarette Explodes In Car Charger

A Utah mother will now think twice about smoking e-cigarettes. Kinzie Barlow said an exploding e-cigarette set her son’s car seat on fire, leaving first- and second-degree burns on the 3-year-old’s body. “Seeing your child on fire and hearing them scream ‘Help me!’ is pretty...