Saturday Mar 28th 2015

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Do Better: Shekinah Wants To Be White on “Family Hustle”

What is with black women thinking the white man’s ice is colder this week? Sheryl Underwood revealed her burning desire for “beautiful, long, silky” white hair on Sunday and last night’s episode of “Family Hustle” paid homage to all things white. Shekinah, Tameka “Tiny” Harris’...

Another Intern Strikes Back Sues Donna Karan International

Valentino Smith thought he was going to learn the ins and outs of the fashion and marketing world when he took an internship with Donna Karan in 2009. But unfortunately he learned the ins and outs of making coffee and straightening closets.  Smith, who now...

Sheryl Underwood: Who Likes Nappy Hair? We Do

Comedian Sheryl Underwood caught some Twitter fire recently when while on the TV show The Talk. She admonished the idea of supermodel Heidi Klum saving the curly hair of her biracial children after she cut it. Underwood said: “Why would you save Afro hair?” She went...

Anthony Weiner Puts On His Best ‘Jamaican’ Accent During West Indian Day Parade

The last event former sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner should attend is a parade with tons of half-naked women. Half naked women, wining twerking.  You know, because of his past sexting scandals, which at last count was two.  But who knows, after this weekend maybe he’ll wind...

Former Lawyer Pens Washington Post Op-Ed Saying Teachers Shouldn’t Be Jailed For Sex With Students

Betsy Karasik caused a stir over on the Washington Post this weekend.  The former lawyer turned writer penned an op-ed post in response to   Montana Judge Todd Baugh sentencing a 49 year-old schoolteacher,  Stacey Dean Rambold,  to just 30 days in prison for the statutory rape of...

The Soapbox: On “Big Brother,” Racism & Scapegoating

On last night’s episode of “Big Brother,” 22-year-old Aaryn Gries was given the boot by her fellow houseguests and, as is customary, sat down for her live post-show interview with host Julie Chen. Over the past two-and-a-half months, Aryan Aaryn, as she’s jokingly been called...