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J. Cole and Drake Post Beautiful Apologies for Cole’s Offensive Lyric About Autism

In the era of the fauxpology, it’s refreshing when someone genuinely regrets a wrongdoing. J. Cole offered a thoughtful and sincere apology after getting backlash for a lyric on Drake’s song, “Jodeci Freestyle,” where he spits the following disparaging line about autism: “Go check the...

Dear Rich People With Kickstarter Campaigns..Go Kick Rocks

Crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and countless others have benefited plenty of organizations and people who didn’t have resources to fund their projects or organizational goals.  Crowd funding through Kickstarter has provided tons of inventors the opportunity to manufacturer their new gadgets, without...

Rush Limbaugh: “If Any Race Of People Should Not Have Guilt About Slavery, It’s Caucasians”

Yes, folks, you read right. Rush Limbaugh thinks that it’s about time white people got over this guilty feeling they’ve been having about slavery.  During his recent radio show, Limbaugh gave a history lesson on slavery and race. He told listeners, “If any race of people...

7 Tips For Initiating Sex With Dignity

Let me tell you about a thing that happened to me once: It was 2004. and I was 25 and out to dinner with a guy I’d been casually seeing for a while. I was under the impression that, following our post-dinner drinks, we’d be...

Brown Girl Beauty Inspo: Solange Knowles’s Simple Red Carpet Glamour

Bright orange-red lips and defined eye, Baby Knowles style!

Kelly Rowland “Dirty Laundry” (Dirty Version)

The latest video from Kelly Rowland entitled "Dirty Laundry."