Saturday Jul 4th 2015

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V.O.T.D: Halloween Treats Gone Wrong

Remember those people giving out apples and oranges on Halloween when you were a kid? That will never be the popular choice amongst kids.  Those apples and oranges have now been replaced with tofu and B12 treats. And kids aren’t having it. Crest and Oral-B...

Jhene Aiko Ft. Childish Gambino “Bed Peace”

Check out the latest video from Jhene Aiko Ft. Childish Gambino entitled "Bed Peace."

bell hooks Leans In On Lean In

Mass media (along with [Sheryl] Sandberg) is telling us that by sheer strength of will and staying power, any woman so inclined can work hard and climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top. Shrewdly, Sandberg acknowledges that not all women desire to...

Kenyans Demand Justice for Teen That Was Raped, Left for Dead

Kenyans are still outraged by the outcome of a terrible situation, CNN reports, that occurred several weeks ago: a teenage girl who was allegedly gang-raped was dumped in a sewage ditch and left for dead. Her alleged attackers’ only punishment? To cut the grass in front...

We’re Living In A Style Blogger World And I Hate Pictures Of Myself

“Let’s do a photo shoot!” The most dreaded five words for a woman like me who lives and breathes fashion, but doesn’t like being in front of the lens.

Don’t Touch That Pregnant Lady’s Belly: Renewed Pennsylvania Law Protects Pregnant Women From Unwanted Belly Rubs

I’ll never understand the fascination people get out of touching a pregnant woman’s belly.  God forbid you turn down someone’s request to touch your belly when you’re pregnant. You’re usually the one to get looked at oddly.  If you’re living in the Keystone State of...