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Viola Davis and Terrence Howard Shine in “Prisoners” — Will You Go See It?

Viola Davis has spoken candidly about the plight of black actresses in Hollywood and the perennial threat of being typecast. Determined to rise about it, the Essence cover star is diversifying her portfolio with a new film, “Prisoners.” The thriller is markedly different from her previous...

House Votes To Pass The “Let Them Starve” Bill

In a 217-210 vote, the House of Representatives voted to cut $4 billion, or 5%, from the food stamps program, which is currently used by one in seven U.S. citizens.

Misty Copeland To Be Face of Project Plié – Diversity Initiative To Find More Black Ballerinas

Misty Copeland’s ballet career didn’t start out the traditional route. Copeland was discovered way beyond the “normal” ballet priming time. At the age of 13, while at her local Boys & Girls Club, a dance teacher spotted her and pushed her to study. By the...

I Was Fed Up with the Lack of Diversity in the Magazine Industry, So I Started Writing Letters

As a black woman, I’ve had no choice but to become accustomed to the absence of black and brown faces in “mainstream” publications.

How To Unfriend Someone On Facebook With Minimal Drama

This weekend, I got dumped. Facebook friend dumped, that is. And I would not have even noticed that I was short one FB friend had the person not emailed me to explain why he was unfriending me. Justin, as I’ll call him, is an old...