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We Love: The Daily Show’s Satirical Stop-and-Frisk Segment with Jessica Williams

Stop-and-frisk supporters like Mayor Bloomberg fail to see the racism and prejudice inherent in the controversial practice. Perhaps, if we applied those same tactics to white men, they’d get the picture. That’s the thinking behind Jessica Williams’ satirical stop-and-frisk segment on “The Daily Show.” Watch...

Cinderonce by Todrick Hall [Video]

What do you get when you mix the classic story of Cinderella with Beyonce and Youtube star Todrick Hall?

Russell Simmons Reveals Plans for Harriet Tubman Series, Says “I Might Have a Sensitivity Chip Missing”

Russell Simmons spoke with The Huffington Post in an attempt to address backlash from the Harriet Tubman sex tape on his All Def Digital channel, and possibly restore his image in the public eye. Instead, he only dug himself into a deeper hole. He apologized...

Unpaid Intern Sues Bad Boy Record Label

Rashida Salaam, 26, of Brownsville, Brooklyn filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday in Manhattan federal court accusing Bad Boy Records of violating minimum-wage laws by not paying interns for work performed.

Macklemore Owns Up To His White Privilege

Rolling Stone recently did a cover story on the West Coast rapper (hey, Seattle is still the West Coast) where he discussed his version of white privilege.