Saturday May 23rd 2015

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On Rihanna Showing Us It’s Okay To Be A Female Narcissist

“To be a female narcissist is an act of political defiance comparable to not being humble as a person of color. It’s about preserving your dignity in a world where you’re constantly told you aren’t shit and are expected to act accordingly.” Confused on how...

Sisters of Capitol Hill Driver: She Was ‘Fleeing’ Police Out Of Fear

Miriam Carey, the woman fatally shot after a high-speed car chase in D.C. last weekend, was fearing for her life, says her sisters who are spoke to Matt Lauer on TODAY. “If you hear gun shots, it’s like, ‘I’m afraid. I don’t want to be...

Cool Clip of the Day: Woman Quits Her Job with YouTube Dance Video, Queen Latifah Hires Her!

Caution: If you ever jotted down a few cool ways to quit your job, then this story may just prompt you to make an exit strategy NOW. Marina Shifrin is the woman behind the comedic “I QUIT” Youtube video that caught the attention of millions....

I’m Demanding Better Representation For Black Girl Nerds In Geek Culture

I’m tired of not seeing faces like mine in my comics. I’m sick of the notion that a black female character is a rare treat, a special occasion.

She’s So Ambitious: Emmelie De La Cruz

Emmelie De La Cruz, Founder of The Branding Muse, is the go-to expert for entrepreneurs, college students and young professionals who want to take control of their personal brand.

Warsan Shire Announced As London’s First Young Poet Laureate

The first ever Young Poet Laureate for London has been announced. Warsan Shire, 24, was chosen from a shortlist of six young poets. She will spend the next year creating work that reflects the ever-changing city. The Kenyan-born Somali poet will begin with a residency at the...