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It Happened To Me: I Am Thin and Black And I’m Tired of Hearing About It

White women tend to envy my size, whereas black women tend to pity me for it.

Rachel Jeantel Offered Full Scholarship to HBCU of Her Choice

You know those moments where you await a victory after being subjected to endless scrutiny. Well, such a moment came this morning for 19-year-old trial witness, Rachel Jeantel, during her radio appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning show. Following last night’s Piers Morgan interview, the...

Yes We’ll March for Trayvon, Yes We’ll Sign a Petition for Melissa, but What’s Next?

George Zimmerman is fully exonerated in the killing of Trayvon Martin. A tragedy twice over. First in his being killed with a gun shot wound straight to the heart, for simply baring the brunt of being born with black skin; and second, the full acquittal...

Good News: PA Teen Rescues Kidnapped 5 Year-Old Girl

Some people would have you believe all black teenagers are suspicious criminals, but that’s simply untrue. There are plenty of black male teens who demonstrate compassion and character by fighting crime. Two black teenage boys, Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia, stopped a man from abducting...

Will Racism Give “Big Brother” A Ratings Boost?

They're successfully profitting off of racism and it doesn't care about anything else but ratings. Now in its 15th season, Big Brother has shown more than one houseguest making racist comments to other contestants on the show.