Sunday Apr 26th 2015

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Judge Rules Baby Can Keep ‘Messiah’ As First Name

A Tennessee judge reversed a ruling Wednesday ordering a mother to change her 8-month-old's name from "Messiah."

Why I Stopped Wearing A Bra

I finally ditched bras altogether last week, and switched over to thin cotton bralets, with the intention of going entirely support free in the future. Here’s why.

White South African Family Moves to Slums to Experience Poverty, Sparks Controversy

It seems like everyone and their mama wants to walk a mile in poor people’s shoes. From Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich’s commitment to live on $4.50 a day to highlight food insecurity, to Cory Booker’s Food Stamp challenge, many are using their notoriety to draw attention to larger issues. But what about those who are just curious to see what poverty feels like?

Yes, I Have A Black Name..Sort of..But So What?

For the record, my name is pronounced I-esha. The "Y" as an "I". But if you'd like to get specifics about my name, it has several different origins and meanings. In Hindu culture, my name means "fame", but if you take a look at in Hebrew, יש"ע, it means "salvation" and is also an acronym for Judea.

No Hoe No ‘Mo PSA

There's a public service announcement for everything. Let's not forget everyone has an anthem. Patricia Lee is one of them. Let's just say her YouTube video "You Don't Have To Be A Hoe No 'Mo" is quite interesting. And purple. Very purple.

8-Year-Old’s Heartbreaking Letter Asks Santa To Make Kids Stop Bullying His Sister

Children are our future, bro, and sometimes this future seems more grim than others. With the aid of technology, kids are worse dicks to each other now than ever, and it’s a rare unicorn of an individual who makes it out of adolescence in 2013 unscathed....