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Join Mr. Shut Up and Train’s Free 30-Day Total Fit Challenge

Summer is almost officially over. But now that all the fun in the sun has set, it doesn’t mean it’s time to fall back on your fitness goals. Starting the week of October 7th, celebrity and personal trainer Ray Grayson (Mr. Shut up and Train)...

Is There Ever Any Reason To Lie About Your Age?

I turned a year older last month, but to me age is just a number. The day before my birthday I happened to venture out to Gamestop with my son. I was pretty much in my typical casual Saturday attire: make-up free, basketball shorts, a white-tee and flip flops.

Bill Cosby Has A Message For “No-Groes”

Don Lemon is on a mission. This time he has everyone’s favorite TV dad, Bill Cosby at his side.  Lemon and Cosby want African-Americans to handle their business, their kids and education. Cosby also labeled those people who get upset when the ills of the...

Kids Kicked Out Of School Because Of HIV Concerns

Three siblings may no longer attend classes in the Pea Ridge Public School District. The Arkansas school system says that they won’t be allowed back until they provide documentation showing they are not HIV positive.

The Thing About Rich People Living On Food Stamps For A Week

Panera Bread founder and CEO Ron Shaich decided that he would live life on the hunger edge and participate in the Hunger Action Month Food Stamp Challenge.  Shaich is eating on $4.50 a day, the average daily benefit per person provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program...