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Robin Thicke Says Wife Paula Patton Didn’t Take Him to Prom Because He Was White

In everyone’s defense they were all teenagers, it was 20 years ago and it was a different time, aka “the 90s.” (We once told a white male classmate he was cute during the 90s and he never spoke to us again! Yes, the 90s were...

Jay-Z Debuts “Picasso Baby” on HBO But Is It Art?

But is it art? That’s the age old question about these sort of things. Here’s Jay-Z, art and Beyonce lover, rapping for his “performance art movie” called “Picasso Baby.” It features the titular Jay in a white room in an art gallery rapping while various...

Job Opening: Anybody Want to Be Mayor of Detroit?

Sixteen, yes, a whopping 16 people are all vying for the top job of a broke, struggling city. I knew the economy and black unemployment was bad in some places, but bad enough that you’re willing to take on the current city-wide Greek tragedy that...

Happy 52nd Birthday, President Obama

America’s 44th president turned 52 this past Sunday. President Barack Obama spent “part of the day at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland after playing golf yesterday with friends from his Hawaii and Chicago days.” He also received birthday well wishes from his wife,...

19 Stupid Lies We’ve Told Dudes We’ve Dated

Okay, so sometimes we fib a little bit when we’re dating a guy. Not about the big stuff — like our name or what we do for a living. It’s not that we mean to be dishonest, it’s just that our politeness, insecurity or desire...