Tuesday Jan 17th

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Two White Women Launch Clothing Line For White Women Who Are Tired Of Being Stereotyped

If you’re a white woman who didn’t vote for Donald Trump and you’ve been searching for a way to let the public know you were not a part of the white woman posse largely responsible for electing him President. Two of those women, described as...

Queen Latifah Reveals She’s Working On A ‘Living Single’ Revival

Queen Latifah paid a visit to Watch What Happens Live on Thursday and revealed that a reboot of her hit 90’s sitcom Living Single is in the works! “Funny you should ask — we’re actually working on it,” she told host Andy Cohen. “It’s not...

Parents Cut Off Tuition For Teen Because of Black Boyfriend, She Raises $13K on GoFundMe

Allie Dowdle is a college student and is facing some harsh realities about her parents. The Memphis, TN student had to find out the hard way about the extent of her parent’s racism. After letting her parents know her boyfriend was black, they forbade her...

‘Chewing Gum’ Creator Michaela Coel’s Photo Spread For Stylist Magazine Is Everything And More

Award-winning Actress and Playwright Michaela Coel exploded onto the scene when her critically acclaimed UK television show Chewing Gum, became available to the rest of us via Netflix. (The official UK debut took place two years ago). Her stock has been steadily rising ever since....

4-Year-Old Daliyah Marie Arana Has Read Over 1000 Books

Now doesn’t that make you feel so unaccomplished? 4-Year-Old Daliyah’s mother began reading to her in the womb, and by the time she was 2-years-old she was reading to other people. And this week she had the honor of visiting Carla Hayden, the 14th Librarian...

#BlackLadyLibertyMagic: Lady Liberty Depicted as a Black Woman on U.S. Gold Coin

If you’re not normally a coin collector, this coin may just be the one to get your started. The U.S. Mint unveiled its newest Lady Liberty Coin commemorating their 225th anniversary. And Lady Liberty is depicted as being black and with braids. Treasury & Mint...