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Natural Hair’s Love Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women, I want to start off by thanking for you finally embracing me the way you always should have. I had my time in the spotlight decades ago, and ...

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When Protective Styling Goes Wrong: Explaining Common Issues

There are many benefits to protective styling for naturals. Although the definition varies from person to person the key to a protective style is protecting the hair from over-manipulation, chemical ...

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L'Oreal USA Acquires Carol’s Daughter

After companies affiliated with Carol’s Daughter filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April, Lisa Price and the Carol's Daughter brand is entering into a fresh new chapter and joining ...

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Six Rules for Going Natural

Natural hair is the new black. Once unthinkable for all but the kookiest members of our community, in the last decade, embracing curls, coils and kinks has become, well natural ...

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Top 10 Products For The Ultimate Slip In Natural Hair

Slip or slipperiness of a product (usually a conditioner or leave-in) is crucial to Naturals. We need products that will yield massive amounts of slip so the tangles and knots ...

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Ana Carolina Bastos Soares

Wow: Black Brazilian Woman Claims She Was Barred From School Because of Her “Black Power” Hairstyle

Last month, 19-year-old student Ana Carolina Bastos Soares said she was a victim of racism at her school. As she was attempting to enter the campus at the Unidade Integrada Estado do Pará, Bastos claims the school’s director kept her from attending the first day of classes because...