Queen Latifah Confirmed to Host the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Queen Latifah has landed quite an impressive gig. The daytime talk show host has been invited to host the 21st Annual Nobel Peace Prize concert-taking place in Oslo, Norway. According to ...

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Misty Copeland Gets New Show On Oxygen

Misty Copeland, who recently announced that she will be a featured soloist in the American Ballet Theatre’s production of Swan Lake at the Kennedy Center in D.C. next April, has ...

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Beyoncé’s New Single Might Debut Next Week

The rumor mill is swirling again now that we are fast approaching the Monday release of Beyonce’s box set, appropriately titled Beyoncé Platinum. There is reason to believe that her next ...

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Tracy Morgan Still Not Recovered From Highway Crash Injuries

Actor/Comedian Tracy Morgan is still hampered by the effects of the debilitating injuries he sustained from the horrific highway crash that occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike this past June ...

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Oprah Refused to Pay Hula Hoopers To Perform

Oprah has always been a hustler and this past fall she was on the road again, promoting her “Live the Life You Want Weekend” tour. The production made it rounds ...

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MTV Working on Documentary About White Racism

MTV has always been a force in the world of exploratory TV – they virtually initiated the blueprint with the birth of The Real World, and now they are taking ...

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Azealia Banks

Eminem in Hot Water Over Violent Lyrics: ‘I’ll Punch Lana Del Rey … Like Ray Rice’

Eminem is definitely no stranger to controversy surrounding his choice of words or in this case lyrics. But rappers are not necessarily known for their endearing decorum. They get paid to sprout out the kind of material that elicits strong responses. While immersed in his...

Rescue Me: Snoop, Iggy, T.I. and White Women Having the Luxury of Being Saved

Earlier this week I wrote about Snoop Dogg and his “beef” with white female rapper Iggy Azalea. To quote Drake, things went from zero to a hundred real quick to the point where Snoop was making a video where he called Azalea a b*tch and...

V.O.T.D: Azealia Banks – “Heavy Metal & Reflective”

Dirt bikes and ATVs make up the scenery in Azealia Bank’s newest video for her single “Heavy Metal & Reflective”.  In the video Banks is tied up in a chair in the desert and left for dead as the speedsters ride off into the distance. But...

Azealia Banks: ‘Black Women Are the Strongest… Of Course You Want to Emulate Us’

Iggy Azalea isn’t making many friends among women rappers lately from Nicki Minaj, who seemed to take an undercover jab at Iggy’s writing at the BET Awards to Azealia Banks. Banks recently sat down with i-D magazine to talk about Iggy and the topic of...

T.I. Threatens to ‘End’ Rapper Azealia Banks for Clowning His Wife

Listen people, don’t nobody talk about T.I.’s woman, okay? The Family Hustle star recently went to blows with boxer Floyd Mayweather over his wife, and has repeatedly clapped back on social media at those—famous or not—who’ve had something to say about Tiny. Now, the rapper...