The Queen Latifah Show Has Been Canceled

Queen Latifah confirmed on Facebook that her daytime talk show will be not be returning for another season. Production on her show is expected to wrap up by the end ...

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Marlon Wayans Defends His Right to Use the N-Word

Marlon Wayans is taking his right to use the N-word seriously by filing legal docs in defense of an Instagram post that depicts him calling an extra from his film ...

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Rudy Giuliani Says Black People Encourage Cop Killers

'The white police officers wouldn't be there if you weren't killing each other' -  Rudy Giuliani NBC’s Meet the Press Became a battleground as the debate about white police officers targeting ...

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Lemony Snicket Author Says He’s Sorry for Making Racist Jokes

Daniel Handler known for his uber popular book Lemony Snicket, is trying to make amends for the racist joke he offered to the audience at the National Book Awards on ...

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Shanesha Taylor Fights For The Right To Spend Her Money

Arizona mom Shanesha Taylor has dominated the headlines as prosecutors work to bring her to justice for misusing monetary donations she received from public supporters. They claim the single mother ...

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She Got Game: 9-Year-Old Basketball Player Is Already Being Recruited By Univ of Miami

Jaden Newman is probably the only 9-year-old playing varsity high school basketball and is only in the 4th grade. On top of that, she’s already being recruited by a major collegiate program. Don’t let Jaden’s age and size fool you currently  she averages 14.8 points and...

4th Grader’s Hoop Dreams Denied Because She’s A Girl

Jaelyn Bates is only in the 4th grade, but she has huge hope dreams and hopes to play in the NBA. But the Southwest Salsa Slam, a popular basketball tournament in New Mexico, has told her she can’t participate in the tournament because she’s a...

Teen Girls Proves “She Got Game” As Co-captain Of Boys’ Basketball Team

Janya Lilly isn’t your average student athlete. The 13-year-old not only excels academically, but she’s also holding her own on the hardwood.  What separates Janya from her teammates is simple. She’s the only girl on the boys’ basketball team. Janya, a 7th-grader at  Hampstead Hill Academy...

Brittney Griner: Out & Proud

Yesterday I saw two types of sports related articles, both of which included references to athlete's and their sexuality. First there was the Kerry Rhodes "outing" done by his former assistant/alleged lover, Mr. Hollywood.

A Woman in the NBA: Mark Cuban Considers Drafting Brittney Griner

Baylor University’s All-American Brittney Griner may have a future in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told reporters he would consider drafting the 6-foot-8-inch phenom if she’s the best player available for his team. “If she is the best on the...