Oprah Agrees That It’s Time For Racism To Die

Some people may think we live in a post-racial world. The Queen of Talk TV certainly does not. In an interview with BBC about The Butler, Oprah shared her sentiments on racial prejudice: “As long as there are people who can be judged on the color of their...

BBC Chronicles Black Teen Who Saved White Supremacist From Mob

We often celebrate acts of kindness between strangers, but here’s one that’s getting a lot of interest due to who the two strangers were: a black teenager and a suspected white supremacist. It was 1996 and a Ku Klux Klan rally was being held in Ann...

Idris Elba’s ‘Luther’ Finally Being Turned Into A Film

After months of speculation, writer Neil Cross confirmed BBC’s popular crime drama Luther, is finally being adapted for the big screen. The film, which will star Idris Elba in the title role, will be a prequel to the series, which has become a hit on...

Are Black British Actors Being Typecast? BBC Exec. Says ‘Posh Africans’ Don’t Represent Common Folk

Just yesterday I asked one of my British friends, Gabrielle of (dope!) blog I Am the Nu Black, if they were a decade behind us in terms of their penchant for shows and films depicting urban life. Although I’m a fan of the show Top Boy, after...
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