Beauty Q&A

Beauty Q & A July 2009: Health and Beauty

1. I have made it half way through the summer in sandals and way to high platforms but now my feet are through. Any tips on keeping my feet looking beautiful with a couple more months of summer left? Summer is a hard season for...

Beauty Q & A June 2009

1. I recently moved to a more humid climate to take a new job. All though my bank account looks better my skin looks worse. It always feels sticky and gross. Any good cleansers you can recommend? Well congratulations on the new job and I...

April 2009 Beauty Q & A: Vacation Beauty

Q: I am traveling for spring break. What are some simple tips to keep my beauty bag light as possible? A: Pack items that take up as little space as possible and give you a lot of bang for your buck. I would limit myself...

March 2009 Beauty Q&A: Need Answers, HAIR You Go!

Q: I have very thin eyelashes and barely their eyebrows is there anything I can do them to make them fuller? You can go the fake route. For the lashes you can learn how to apply false lashes or get lash extensions. For the brows...
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