Black Media

The State of Black Media: “Difficult at Best”

Media targeted toward people of color, specifically black Americans, is struggling. Most media consumers recognize the decline, but the Pew Research Center has confirmed it. Three of Pew’s researchers, Emily Guskin, Amy Mitchell and Mark Jurkowitz, examined several print, radio, TV and digital publications aimed...

Stop Fronting: Do You Really Want “Better” TV?

Last week, BET president Debra Lee was surprisingly candid in explaining why her network has yet to make a 100% turnaround in terms of presenting what we typically call ‘positive’ content: “Our audience always says they want this kind of programming, but they don’t show up.” Welp....

Dumb It Down: Black Media’s Perpetuation of the Myth of the Anti-Intellectual Black Reader

I recently met with a fellow writer and friend of mine who has been regularly contributing to a popular site that caters to a black female audience (Not Clutch). When I complimented her on the work I’ve seen so far, especially, in my opinion, in...