Group of French Police Officers Under Investigation For Attending ‘N-gga’ Party in Blackface

A group of French police officers are under investigation after images of the officers in blackface hit the web. According to reports, they were attending a private party when someone posted the images to Facebook. Although the user deleted the pictures, screen grabs of the...

Middle School Teacher Reinstated After Suspension For Showing Video About White Actors Wearing Blackface

A Wisconsin Middle School teacher was briefly suspended after showing a video about white actors wearing blackface in history class. Al Barron, a teacher at Monroe Middle School, was suspended while the school district investigated his teaching methods of African American history. The 59-year-old teacher,...

White Girl In Blackface @sareeezyy Responds To Twitter Fiasco

We’re not sure if we’re the only site to receive an email from “Sara”, the white girl who was chased off of Twitter after posing in blackface, but we know we weren’t the only site to post about the fiasco. In an attempt to clear...

White Girls Put On Blackface To Join “Black Twitter”

A 19-year-old girl has deleted her Twitter account after she tweeted a photo in blackface stating she’s now “apart” of “Black Twitter”.  Sara’s account was soon deleted after Twitter users basically pulled off their version of a witch hunt, which included posting personal information about...
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