Pharrell Williams Points To Michael Brown’s ‘Bullyish Behavior’ as a ‘Problem’

Multi-talented artist, Pharrell Williams is at the top of his game and garnered an enviable level of respectability in the entertainment industry. His accomplishments have at times presented him in ...

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Kelis is Headed to the Cooking Channel with 'Holiday Feast With Kelis' Special

Kelis is an artist who has never been known to charter the predictable territory of her colleagues. The ‘Milkshake’ singer is still touring and doling out her signature beats but ...

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Saturday Night Live Misses the Mark with “Annie” Spoof

Saturday Night Live never seems to be able to get it right when it comes to the realm of Black women. After years of evading the issue of why they ...

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Shonda Rhimes Slayed The Ratings Game This Season

Thursday nights have been regulated to Shondaland and the numbers prove that they are profitably thriving. ABC has a lot to celebrate  – thanks to their affiliation with Shonda Rhimes who ...

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Marlon Wayans Defends His Right to Use the N-Word

Marlon Wayans is taking his right to use the N-word seriously by filing legal docs in defense of an Instagram post that depicts him calling an extra from his film ...

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Queen Latifah Confirmed to Host the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Queen Latifah has landed quite an impressive gig. The daytime talk show host has been invited to host the 21st Annual Nobel Peace Prize concert-taking place in Oslo, Norway. According to ...

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Gabrielle Union Interviews Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil Who Reveal, ‘We’re Black on Purpose’

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union interviewed her bosses Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil for The Hollywood Reporter. In the interview they covered what inspired the show, turning it from a tv movie to a series, and if they write specifically for a Black...

Dear Black People: Stop Rewarding Whites Who Behave Badly With ‘Honorary Blackness’

Justin Bieber’s recent arrest has sparked more than a few jokes about the future of the Beeb’s career. While many of us shook our head at his antics, others apparently used his run-in with the law as further proof that the Canadian musician’s bad boy...

SUPPORT: Dr. Yaba Blay’s (1)ne Drop, Shifting the Lens on Race

Dr. Yaba Blay has been on a mission to uncover what it means to be Black. Is Blackness solely defined by skin color? Cultural ties? Attitude? Conditioning? Through her  (1) Drop Project, and now forthcoming book, (1)ne Drop, Shifting the Lens on Race, Blay “seeks to...

Is It Time to Do Away With The ‘One-Drop’ Rule?

Untangling the one-drop rule in America may be damn near impossible. It is so deeply rooted in our collective history that it would take generations to unravel. Dismantling this system of thought would require many to rethink how we see and define blackness, which for many, especially biracial individuals, is an extremely personal choice. But should we try? Should everyone with a black great-great grandparent or ancestor be forced to identify as black?

Republican Pundit Questions if MSNBC’s Karen Finney is “Black Enough”

Why is our blackness always up for debate? Karen Finney, the former deputy press secretary for Hillary Clinton, was announced as the host of a new show on MSNBC, airing on weekends from 4-5 PM EST. As part of the press rollout for the show,...