Black Girl, Blonde Wig: How I Found My Beyoncé Blonde

Well, no one can touch Queen Bey's color, but I'm nipping at her Jimmy Choo heels.

Black Women Who Stay Blonde

Not everyone can pull off blonde hair. From honey-tinged to golden butter to platinum, which is the color Nicki Minaj just started rocking (yay or nay, Clutchettes?), there’s a rainbow of hues in the blonde family. Whether you are considering going blonde for a season...

Black and Blonde: How To Get The Color Right

From Etta James to Beyoncé, black blonde bombshells have always had an undeniable allure. Contemporary artists have given blonde dye a run including Keke Palmer, Ciara and Keyshia Cole to name a few. When done right, the look radiates confidence and sex appeal. But it...