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Bill Cosby Allegedly Betrayed His Daughter to Evade Sex Scandal

According to Page Six, Bill Cosby is even scummier than we could have ever imagined despite all the crazy allegations coming to light. A source divulged disturbing details about the comedian’s ...

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Halle Berry Takes Gabriel Aubry Back To Court For Trying To Make Daughter “White”

Halle Berry and her baby daddy are at it again. After challenging Gabriel Aubry over the compensation he was receiving from her a few weeks ago, she is now claiming ...

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Darren Wilson Escapes Indictment and the Nation is at War

Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown this past August was not indicted for what most of America believes was murder. St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch ...

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Feminist Mikki Kendall Initiates #solidarityisforrapists

Writer and self-affirmed feminist, Mikki Kendall is on a mission to expose the gross negligence of the justice system as it pertains to sex offenders. Her newly minted hastag #solidarityisforrapists ...

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TMZ ‘Crack Mayor’ Marion Barry Headline Inspires Online Petition

TMZ has never been known for their consideration or sensitivity when it comes to their reportage. They have garnered a huge fan base for their ability to be comically offensive ...

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5 Things That Happen When You Go A Month Without A Full-Length Mirror

When you move into a new house and you’re busy and disorganized and don’t live anywhere near a Target, sometimes intriguing social experiments arise out of nowhere. Case in point: I have lived in my new place for a month and still don’t have a...

Open Thread: When It Comes to Dating, Do ‘Fat Girls’ Have A Harder Time?

I’ve been meaning to pose this question ever since I read CeCe Olisa’s honest article, “No, My Boyfriend Isn’t “Settling” For A Plus-Size Girl.” In it, Olisa, who has chronicled the ups and downs of dating as a plus-size girl on her blog, had a...

My Body Is Wildly Undisciplined And I Deny Myself Nearly Everything I Desire

“The Biggest Loser” is just one of the constant commercial reminders of what our bodies are and what they’re expected to be.

Check Out Gabourey Sidibe’s Flawless Shut Down of Her Twitter Critics

Listen, Gabourey Sidibe ain’t got time for nobody’s fat shaming. And we love her for it! The actress’s star has continued to rise since she burst on the scene in Lee Daniels’ controversial 2009 film Precious. After playing the downtrodden teen, Sidibe has captivated audiences...

“She Think She Cute” And?

“Hmph. She think she cute.” Yeah, and? I find that sentiment to be mind-boggling. It’s a phrase (uttered in various ways) which indicates that someone takes umbrage with the fact that some other human being finds herself attractive. This obnoxious phrase, bloated with low-esteem, came...