A Coloring Book For Grownups Celebrating Hair? We Can’t Wait!

It’s no secret, we love Andrea Pippins. We’ve swooned over her colorful, affirming designs for years, and now we’re super excited she’s releasing a coloring book for grownups focusing on natural hair. Aptly titled I Love My Hair, Pippins’ book will feature her original artwork,...

Danny Brown Is Writing A Children’s Book Aimed at Increasing ‘Self-Esteem in Black Girls’

In an interview with Australian radio station, artist Danny Brown revealed that he is gearing up to release a children’s book inspired by Dr. Seuss and his 13-year old daughter. “It’s been taking me forever to finish. It’s really about self-esteem in black girls, I...

Bill Duke Presents The Book Version of Dark Girls

Bill Duke was so wowed by the success of his film Dark Girls that he decided to extend the festivities by producing the book version of his already successful project. The Dark Girls book is a vividly dynamic pictorial that features high-profile women who share...


Toni Morrison, ‘God Help the Child,’ Set to Release in April

Distinguished literary trailblazer, Toni Morrison has authored plethora of gems that have garnered both a Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize. She has also been honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She has pretty much enjoyed the level of success that very few people in...