charles ramsey

Charles Ramsey Earns Free Burgers for Life

“I’m lovin’ it” … That might be what hero Charles Ramsey is saying today after learning that he won’t have to pay for another burger in the greater Cleveland area for the rest of his life. After mentioning that the unfathomable sight of Amanda Berry...

Demonizing Charles Ramsey: Is This The Norm for Our “Heroes”?

The media has a way of putting people on a pedestal only to tear them down. Sometimes that process spans a career and a lifetime like in the case of Michael Jackson. For Charles Ramsey, the media took only a couple of days to praise...

Charles Ramsey, “The Male Sweet Brown,” Becomes Viral Sensation

A recent trend on the internet emerged where star personalities are borne from eyewitness news interviews. It doesn’t matter how heinous or serious the crime, if the interview subject is (unknowingly) funny and charismatic, they become an overnight internet celebrity. Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown...