Let Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Relationship Be A Lesson On The Importance Of Patience And Timing

Some of everybody has thoughts on Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship these days and, yes, I’m about to add an additional one to the mix — but not on the topic that everyone else has been talking about. While the masses, aka, haters, have been...

There Goes Our Childhood: Kermit & Miss Piggy Are Breaking Up

Fresh off the news that Will & Jada aren’t ending their marriage, another pair is calling it quits. Miss Piggy and her longterm bae Kermit announced they’d ended their relationship after “thoughtful consideration and considerable squabbling.” The pair posted similar statements on Facebook about the split. Here’s what...

Dear Fellas: Stop Hating On Russell Wilson and Ciara & Get Some Business of Your Own

Let the record show that from this moment on men will no longer be able to claim that “females” gossip too much or are too sensitive. Because while I don’t know much about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship—like how long they’ve been together, or how...