Lemony Snicket Author Says He’s Sorry for Making Racist Jokes

Daniel Handler known for his uber popular book Lemony Snicket, is trying to make amends for the racist joke he offered to the audience at the National Book Awards on ...

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Shanesha Taylor Fights For The Right To Spend Her Money

Arizona mom Shanesha Taylor has dominated the headlines as prosecutors work to bring her to justice for misusing monetary donations she received from public supporters. They claim the single mother ...

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Principal Supports Powderpuff Team in Blackface

Nothing good can come from a bunch of white girls with slathered black paint all over their faces. The image evoked all sorts of historical references that make any of ...

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Released Video Exposes Police Dishonesty in the Killing of Michael Brown

A new video released by Daily Kos proves that the Ferguson police were not accurate in their assessment of the distance between Darren Wilson’s SUV and the area where Michael ...

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Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson May Resign

Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager whose death has sparred a climate of unrest in Ferguson, MO. is contemplating leaving Ferguson PD ...

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A Rapper May Receive A Life Sentence Because He Released An Album

Brandon Duncan – who uses Tiny Doo as his stage name is a rapper whose album – No Safety might quite possibly land him in jail for life. The San Diego ...

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UCLA Faculty Wins Bid For Diversity Class Requirement

After a number of failed attempts, the faculty of the UCLA College of Letters and Arts finally got their wish. Future undergraduates will be required to take a diversity class that will encompass a wide array of courses (ethnic, cultural, religious, or gender identity) that...

Study: White People Lack Non-White Friends

I consider myself a bit lucky. I grew up in an area that wasn’t segregated and I had friends from all backgrounds. My best friend since 8th grade is Hispanic, I’m still close to a few of my Portuguese friends, and I periodically vacation with...

Study: Women And Minorities Are Punished For Promoting Women And Minorities At Work

Breaking through the glass ceiling at work can be a difficult task, especially if you’re a minority or even a woman.  Occasionally, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll come across someone in a position of authority, who is also a woman or minority and understands what you’re facing...

Twitter’s Diversity Report Shows No Diversity, Well That Wasn’t Shocking!

After coming under scrutiny, Twitter finally released  their diversity statistics, and they’re what most people already expected.  “Like our peers, we have a lot of work to do,” Janet Van Huysse, its VP of diversity and inclusion, admits on the company blog. But that’s a severe understatement. Twitter, as most...

Blacks Represent 2% of Google’s Workforce, Company Plans to Increase Computer Science Enrollment at HBCUs

In an effort to be more candid on diversity within the company, Google has just revealed that its workforce primarily consists of white men – 70 percent men and 61 percent white to be exact. “Google is not where we want to be when it...