dream hampton

dream hampton, FWMJ, Nas, and Nas’ Stans: A Powder Keg

Just a few months beyond the Twitter beef that shall remain unnamed, dream hampton finds herself at odds with her mentions again. This time, it’s over allegations that Nas uses ghostwriters. She isn’t the only person making the claim. Lyricist and blogger FWMJ also wrote a lengthy...

It Was All A Dream, Part 2: dream hampton on Black Women’s Role In a Changing World

dream hampton is a writer’s writer. A grown up around-the-way-girl who can talk politics and liberation theory with the same ease as the lyrics to her favorite songs. Last week I shared the first part of our sit-down and still wasn’t even close to sharing...

It Was All a Dream: dream hampton Talks Black Women, Sex, & Hip-Hop

Back in the 90s I would sit in my bedroom listening to music, flipping through magazines, and imaging what my life would be like when I grew up. Back then I’d picture myself living in New York City, mingling with artists and musicians and writing...